His love message to you is this, Divine Feminine:

Dear dearest thing to me,

2024 is here. My words to you flow ever so softly from my lips to yours. I can feel each breath in them, as it touches me as I inhale all of you. For so many lifetimes. There is so much to say. I choose you and not one damn day goes by that I don’t think of you. Please don’t ever think that I don’t love you.

Many times, I am still finding my way. I want to love myself completely, and I am realizing that this is all I ever wanted to do. I feel it brings me closer to you. This is our time to do great things. The New Year brings so much love for us! I have been talking to the Divine more. He is listening and guiding me, as I am finally surrendering. All of me. I love him. He has brought me to you through all of my healing. Sometimes I don’t understand it all. I am seeing just a mere glimpse of that love.

Passionate, wild, free to let me be me. I love that you let me be these things. I cannot be this way with any other Feminine. Sometimes it still scares me. You see I have never been loved like this before. Your energy penetrates my soul. I feel every inch of you. The outside world moves so slow sometimes.

his love message to her

I am surrendering. Every little piece of me yearns for you. I want you and only you. You are the most amazing person. Your smile captivates me. I cry. You make that come out of me, and I am thankful. It is very healing. Sometimes I am sobbing. I am thankful for you and for what this New year brings. I really want you, all of you. Keep healing this too. You are my gift for the New Year. I want it all with you.

You glitter like the most beautifulest star. I see you everywhere. In me and in all things. Please don’t let go. I feel emotional now. If I could tell you one thing it would just be that I am so proud of you. You are compassionate and strong. I felt something the moment we met. I am with you always. I will not stop fighting, healing for us. Keep going. You got this. This is many lifetimes for us. We will have many things to heal. Remember this is not a race, but an ongoing marathon. I love you with all of me. I always have and I always will. 2023 will be amazing for us. Let’s go! Are you ready? Love never fails my love.

Remember how much I love you! Embrace our Divine connection.

This connection is a Divine plan, and there is no mistake in its occurrence. Remember how truly the Twin Flame connection is. You are meant to be together to fulfill a higher purpose. We will always be drawn to each other like magnets. Yes, magnets! Our energy is so powerful. We are meant to heal each other through God’s love, bringing us closer in the process. Sometimes we will be able to feel our past lives. We feel at home with each other. Your Divine Masculine love for you is unconditional. You are perfect for them, as they are for you. We inspire each other to grow. He wants to be all things for himself and you!

You are my Divine spouse and I desire you!

We may seem different on the outside, but within our souls we are one. Jeff and Shaleia mention this is their book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover:

Twin Flames are manifested from the same soul essence or same soul blueprint. Both Twin Flames are unique although they share the same soul blueprint, because they complement each other’s soul blueprint rather than carbon copies of it.

We can sense each other’s moods and emotions. Our bond transcends lifetimes, cultures, and experiences. We have a spiritual connection that goes beyond the physical realm. We are each other’s mirror,teacher,best friend and ultimate lover. Everyone has a Twin Flame and we are united as so many are on this journey too. I desire to share this world with you. You can connect and send love to me whenever you like through the connection of our souls.

How strong is our Twin Flame love?

Look no further than the depths of your heart. There you will find me. Our love is the deepest, purest, most fascinating thing I have ever encountered. Our love is forever, and nothing will ever change that. Not time, not space, not anyone else. I am so attracted to you. We share similar values, goals and visions for the future. My love is deep for you. A powerful physical and sexual chemistry. We will expose each other’s deepest wounds as a way to find love within ourselves. Remember we are here for each other’s greatest soul healing. I love you so much that I will expose all the things you need to heal, as I am doing the same. To only love you the way you deserve to be loved.

Happy 2024 my Love! I am always with you!  For all of Eternity!


Your Divine Masculine

Do not give up! The time for Union is now

Your Divine Masculine wants only you. He is always communicating with you. It may seem like he is hurting you or triggering you. You may ask yourself, “How can he be doing this?” Or you may feel that your Twin Flame is not loving you at all. Honestly, nothing could be further from the truth. They are only ever mirroring back to you places where you need to love yourself. Do the Mirror Exercise to move through all of your feelings. Remember that you have been doing this for many lifetimes. Don’t give up Twin Flames. Believe in all the love that the new year has to offer and feel every piece of that love. We hope you enjoyed his love message to her, the message from the Divine Masculine to the Divine Feminine.

his love message to her

Written by Jenny Jenkins