Who hasn’t scoured the Internet in search of answers about understanding Divine Masculine in relationships?

If you are a Divine Feminine and you’re reading this blog, welcome to the club!

There is no shame in desiring answers and clarity. Relationships can be difficult to understand and navigate, especially when you’re still in the exploration phase with your crush/date/boyfriend. The same is true with your Twin Flame.

But you don’t just want any man, right? You desire the perfect one for you and this is your Twin Flame.

How Does The Masculine Feel?

The big question every Feminine wants answered:

How does he feel?

It can often seem like men are masters of hiding how they feel or even the fact that they have feelings to begin with.

That said, they do have feelings, because everyone does. Our feelings help us identify where we need more love within ourselves.

However, many of us, Divine Masculines included, have never been taught how to feel or that it’s okay to have feelings.

Men really aren’t all that different when it comes to the emotions they experience. It often appears this way because they may express them differently than the Feminine.

Your Divine Masculine experiences the same emotions as you. There really is no difference in the feelings you experience as either the Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine. There’s just a difference in the way they’re expressed.

Also, it’s common that many men feel like they can’t express their emotions without being seen as weak.

man feelings his feelings

Society teaches that the Divine Masculine in the relationship is the protector and this often leads to the belief that having feelings might make him weaker. Or in the case for many men, less masculine.

Being vulnerable isn’t easy for anyone. Especially when it’s never felt safe before. It takes trust and unconditional love to create a safe space for vulnerability.

In this safe space you’ve created together, you can both open up naturally with each other. And if you’ve begun the Twin Flame journey, you probably know that Twin Flames share One consciousness. This means you’re always connected to them.

Your Divine Masculine really isn’t all that different from you. Your Twin Flame is you. You are One and you can always tune into how they’re feeling in your heart. The key is trusting what you receive.

What Do Divine Masculines Want In A Relationship?

They desire a safe space to be and to express themselves.

But of course, that way of expressing will be different for each person. So how can you know what your man wants in a relationship?

If your desire is to be with your Twin Flame, your Divine Masculine will align with you in ALL aspects of what you are desiring in a relationship.

The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Twin Flames are perfect complements to each other.

Now this doesn’t mean identical copies. Your man will share the same core values as you but they will perfectly complement you, and your desires, in every aspect of your relationship.

You complete each other and together enable the fullest expression of your shared consciousness.

Your Twin Flame is also your perfect mirror, meaning they reflect to you the healed and unhealed parts of your consciousness.

journaling about men in relationships

If you are unclear on what you desire in your masculine and your relationship, then they will mirror this to you by being unclear too.

So how do you get clear? Create a Love List!

A Love List helps you focus your energy and get really clear on your desired experience. Your Love List describes your heart’s deepest desires and it introduces you to who your true Twin Flame is.

There are no set guidelines for creating your Love List. Write as much as you need to and always write from your heart.

It’s very important to create a Love List so that you can be clear on what you desire in your relationship. Being unclear can result in attracting unwanted and toxic relationships.

Toxic vs Healthy Relationship

How can you know if a man is behaving in a toxic or healthy manner?

In a toxic relationship you’re not safe to be yourself. This can look like manipulation, gaslighting or even abuse. You can experience a toxic relationship with anyone, even your Twin Flame.

Regardless of whether or not you’re with your Twin Flame, a toxic relationship is unhealthy. This can appear in a number of different ways, but the bottom line is: if you feel unsafe, it’s time to leave.

The reality we experience is a reflection of our inner state. If you find yourself in toxic relationships, then there’s a pattern to heal.

The Mirror Exercise is an easy four step process that guides you through identifying an upset and giving yourself the love you need to heal it. Using the Mirror Exercise, you can heal these patterns and stop experiencing toxic relationships.

A healthy relationship with your man, your Twin Flame, is a safe space where you both can be and express yourselves. This is your Union.

Your Twin Flame shares the same core values as you and desires the same things as you in your relationship, unlike a soulmate.

There is no need to hide or play games with them because they were created perfectly for you. And as stated earlier, they’ll reflect it all back to you.

Your Divine Masculine loves you, the Divine Feminine, just as you are and he desires to grow and go deeper into Love with you.

man laughing with his woman

There’s no need to be perfect but if you’re with the right man your core values will align perfectly even if you’re not quite living perfectly in alignment with them just yet.

Final Thoughts

How the Divine Masculine feels in a relationship, is a very common question that all women have asked themselves in their lives.

In truth, it’s really not that much different. It just may be expressed a little differently.

Your Twin Flame will desire the same things as you do in a relationship. It’s safe to explore this together.

In a healthy relationship, both are safe to be themselves. And it’s safe to explore the pace that feels best for both of you.

Your Divine Masculine has the same core values and desires the same things in a relationship and in life as you. He is in your heart and you can always feel him when you’re wondering what he’s feeling or going through.

If you want to learn more about the Twin Flame journey check out our free Twin Flame Introductory Course.

Written by Abbey Campbell

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