Have you ever had a spiritual awakening?

Was it just one split second of bliss, or maybe it lasted a few hours or days?

Perhaps it was a person that triggered your awakening, or an event that changed you forever…

One thing’s for certain, you’ll never be the same again.

If you feel you’ve had a spiritual awakening, you most definitely deserve to receive support to help you process everything.

Can you go back to the way life was before? And, mostly importantly, why would you want to? Let us show you what’s really going on.

Why does spiritual awakening happen?

A spiritual awakening happens when you make a new choice in your heart. It happens when you open up to a new way of living and loving. Very often because you have hit a breaking point within yourself.

We call this breaking point “contrast” or an experience of suffering which is bad enough that you choose for it to stop. When you’ve had enough of “suffering,” you will choose Love.

Some examples of contrast are:

  • Emotional suffering such as loss, heartbreak, loneliness, depression, mental health issues and suicidal thoughts.*
  • Physical illness of any kind where you feel weak, unable to participate in activities that bring you joy, or pain and discomfort.

*If you are having suicidal thoughts, we recommend for you to contact your Doctor or a Mental Health Professional without delay. Claim the support you need.

Note: If you have experienced trauma and are ready for a simple, scientific, and ultra-effective way to heal and resolve trauma in your mind, then we recommend that you take a look at the Mind Alignment Process.

Some examples of other circumstances that can bring on an awakening:

  • Dedicated spiritual practices intended to open your chakras to Divine Love such as kriya yoga, kundalini yoga, chanting and prayer.
  • Falling in love, where your heart opens up to the Divine in your beloved.
  • A dark night of the soul where you are faced with your fears needing to be released.

However, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need contrast or bad things to happen to you in order to make the choice to love yourself. You can make the choice to love at any moment.

Choosing Love makes perfect sense. When you choose real Love, you begin the path of awakening.

yoga as a tool for spiritual awakening

What does spiritual awakening feel like?

Experiencing a spiritual awakening is different for everyone. But it’s safe to say that it will totally transform you in every way.

In essence, a spiritual awakening is a feeling within your heart. It’s your heart connecting to the Divine that is already within you, there in your heart. This is the place where you are always One with Love.

You may experience a spiritual awakening in the following ways:

  • A heart opening in the heart chakra where you feel light, love, openness and freedom from fear.
  • A feeling in your heart of connection to the Divine which feels safe, comforting, secure and unconditionally loving.
  • A state of bliss or energy felt physically throughout the body.
  • A vision or third eye connection with the Divine through meditation or prayer.
  • A dark night of the soul where you experience your fears coming to the surface to be released. We call this process upheaval.
light of spiritual awakening

It is worth noting that drugs can also bring on a temporary ecstatic experience.

But these experiences are artificially induced and impossible to maintain.

There is always a price you will pay to have a “high” rather than to build and earn that connection within yourself, so we do not recommend this path.

Many psychotic experiences may also feel like a connection with Divinity, but again as stated above, a temporary connection to a “high” feeling cannot be sustained and will always lead to a corresponding “low” feeling.

Healing is the way to experience a stable connection with Love.

What do Twin Flames have to do with spiritual awakening?

When you have a spiritual awakening, you connect with the Divine through your sincere choice to do so. It is very important to build a firm foundation for your spiritual awakening so that you can enjoy a sustainable and peaceful experience of growth.

Meeting your Twin Flame very often triggers a heart-recognition of your beloved which can catapult you into your spiritual awakening.

Lastly, recognition of your Twin Flame means you have called True Love into your life. You have chosen to be with all of yourself. There is a healing journey ahead of you. You have met your companion for your Ascension. You take this journey together.

Ascension is the purification of your shared consciousness.

What does a spiritual awakening actually mean?

So life now looks the same, but feels very different. You’re different. 

Your spiritual awakening gives you a new perspective on everything. It’s like looking at life through new eyes. And maybe you’ve even experienced a feeling of love, ecstasy or bliss that you’ve never had before. 

Once you taste the sweetness of real love, you will never be able to accept less.

So why are you having this extraordinary experience? Let’s explore more.

moon phases

Well, the truth is, spiritual awakening isn’t “extraordinary” at all! In fact, you’ve simply glimpsed the truth of Life Itself. Love is real and has always been there waiting for you to become aware of it.

Now, you might ask yourself “Well why wasn’t I aware of all this before?”

Waking Up

This is why the term “awakening” is used to describe this new level of awareness. Because we literally “wake up” to reality. 

Once you recognize you’ve woken up, you also recognize this means you have been sleeping this whole time without realizing. You’ve been existing on a kind of automatic pilot, so to speak. Going about your life based on your life’s early programming without questioning, or without believing, you can actually have more.

A spiritual awakening happens when you make a new choice. When you decide to open your heart fully. When you refuse to live trapped in a life that feels limited and without passion and purpose.

You are the co-creator of your reality. When the time comes to go deeper and to embrace more Love, your spiritual awakening happens.

Going Home To Love

The Divine, or God, or Love is calling you home.

Choosing to stop living life according to the programming of family or society, leaves you open and receptive to living life in a Divine way.

Living Divinely means living life where Love is your focus. Loving yourself, healing, releasing fear, sharing this love with your brothers and sisters here on Earth and eventually your Ascension.

A Divine life is one where you don’t have to compromise your heart. You get to have everything you desire because that’s how you were actually created to be.

Therefore, your spiritual awakening is your opportunity to evolve and to grow and expand deeper into what it means to have a fully loving life for yourself.

So buckle up and we’ll set off together on this journey. After all, where else is there you’d rather go?

the ascension path

What happens after my spiritual awakening?

Well that depends on the choices you make. You can choose to go deeper and explore this spiritual experience or not. It’s up to you.

Will you change if you move forward on this journey? Yes, you will.

Will all the changes that happen as you align with Divine Love make you feel happier and more fulfilled? Yes, they will.

Were you created to have a perfect life filled with Love together with your perfect partner? Yes, you were.

So, answer the question: what does your heart desire? Follow that feeling and you’ll be following your own Divine compass.

Living your life authentically is light and easy. Living the purpose you were designed for feels natural and deeply satisfying. Having your beloved Twin Flame at your side throughout your Ascension to heal with and love, is heavenly.

Your spiritual awakening is a Divine gift. What will you choose to do with it?

Ascension – The ultimate purpose of spiritual awakening and Twin Flame Union

spiritual awakening in the universe

Returning to Home to Source.

If spiritual awakening is waking up to the truth that Only Love is Real and you are meant to be living a life of perfect Love, then how do you get to that goal?

This journey is called Ascension, the term which describes the raising of your vibration.

When you raise your vibration, you are releasing dense energy which is caused by fear.

We are taught by Jeff and Shaleia in Twin Flame Ascension School that:

“The Ascension is: All upsets have been dissolved, all separation is dissolved within your consciousness. And the result is full Ascension and perfect Union with your Twin Flame and with God.”

– Jeff and Shaleia, Twin Flame Ascension School – W7:29

Through their own journey of healing, Jeff and Shaleia have developed and refined a healing tool called the Mirror Exercise to help you find all the places in your consciousness that hold onto fear. Not only will you locate these feelings, but you will also heal them completely, thereby aligning yourself to Love. 

What you hold in your vibration is what you will attract in your life. Most of what you hold there is subconscious; you’re not aware of it. This is why we can attract experiences that are not very loving. So using the Mirror Exercise is vital to your progress.

Ascension is a journey because healing is a process that you take step-by-step. The first step is to choose Love and to choose to heal.

Your Twin Flame enters your life to encourage you to take that journey. More than likely, when they appear, you experience the feeling of immense Love and then a fear is triggered. This is totally normal. Nothing has gone wrong.

How do I deal with all the fear?

Take responsibility for what the Divine mirror is showing you via your Twin Flame.

This is where the Mirror Exercise comes in. To progress, you will need to heal that feeling that was triggered in you. When you heal the bad feeling, your Twin Flame will then help you find the next fear to be released. 

You see, it’s a partnership. Both of you heal together in this process.

twin flames spitiually awake together

Harmonious Union and then finally Ascension together with the Divine and each other is the ultimate goal. Ascension is the state of consciousness where you no longer experience fear and separation from Love.

Isn’t that what your heart is longing for?

There’s no going back

“God has a way for you. You are not in control of the How. You are in control to choose to do so, or not.”

– Jeff and Shaleia, Twin Flame Ascension School W7:36

Your spiritual awakening is a Divine gift. What will you choose to do with it?

Are you ready to take up the challenge? How important is it for you to follow your heart? And will you follow the journey as it is laid out?

Luckily you don’t have to work out what to do on this journey. Our spiritual teachers Jeff and Shaleia have already walked the path ahead of us and have graciously shared the Teachings of Union with us so that we can have the same Divine, peaceful and abundant life with our beloved Twin Flames that they have.

You would like to know more about Ascension and bringing Heaven to Earth? Jeff and Shaleia have founded the Church of Union where you can learn all about the impact of Unionism and Twin Flames in the world, through their eye-opening New Earth Series.

We desire your success as much as you do for your perfect life of Love with your beloved Twin Flame. Claim your support with the free Twin Flame Intro Course, you deserve to have it.

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