When we think about Twin Flames, we often refer to them as “intense,” “instant connections,” “perfect matches” or “catalysts.” To choose to be with our Twin Flame is take on the Ascension path.

Twin Flames trigger our spiritual awakening and so these words are definitely some of the most common terms you see on the Internet.

In our hearts, we know there is someone made for us. There is something deep and precious about having a romantic partner for eternity

There’s a deep feeling of fulfillment about being vulnerable, intimate and committed to one special person.

The deeper truth that we all seek in that special person is Oneness. Twin Flames are created as One, and they are meant to be together. There is something deeply sacred about being One at the core. 

But what does it mean to have a Twin Flame? Why were we created together? Can we choose not to be with them?

We Always Choose Them, Even When We Think We Don’t

Twin Flames are created as One, but we may wonder why we’re not with them? Why do we go through other relationships, through soulmates?

Well, it is all about choice. We have complete free will over our choices, because that is how we are created as souls.

However, even when we are free to choose our romantic partners, there is, within all of us, this deep desire for the perfect lover and perfect romance. Having a committed romantic relationship and marriage is always one of the most important decisions in one’s personal life.

lgbtq twin flames choose to hold hands

We may not consciously be aware of it but we are always looking for our perfect person, whoever we’re in a relationship with. So in truth, we’re always choosing our Twin Flames.

Because we’re One, and separation doesn’t exist, romantic experiences are shared with our Ultimate Lover, no matter how it looks from the outside. That’s why when we romance ourselves, our Twin Flame feels it and is attracted to us. 

Choosing our Twin Flame is easy and natural. It honors the Divinity in each of us. That choice attracts all the joy and positive experiences the Divine has to offer us.

As soon as we make that choice, as soon as the desire for perfect romance blossoms in our heart, our Twin Flame journey begins. When we think back to the months and weeks before we met our Twin Flame, wasn’t there a choice to attract only the best, most complete and satisfying partner in our lives?

We want to have a Perfect Romantic Partner

Who wouldn’t like to have a partner that is perfect for them? Luckily, that is exactly what Twin Flames are.

Whatever our Twin Flame loves to do in a romantic relationship matches exactly what we desire in a romantic relationship. They’re a perfect match on every level, and share all our core life values and desires. 

They love us without any expectations. They love us just as we are, our authentic self is the most attractive to them. 

A life built with a Twin Flame completely fulfills all our deepest desires. 

You don’t have to work hard on harmonizing your desires like soulmates would. You both already want the same thing.

And it always feels natural to build a life of dreams together since we are created to be that way. 

Twin Flame relationships are the easiest and most desirable relationships in the Universe, and they last forever. How perfect!

twin flame on a wood bridge on the lake

Life Keeps On Getting Better With A Twin Flame

Twin Flames who are on the healing journey, and even after Union, are constantly growing and evolving together. That is why the connection of Twin Flames feels intense and why a Twin Flame is labeled as a “catalyst” to unconditional love.

Many would describe their relationship with their Twin Flame as the beginning of their spiritual awakening. And it is because Twin Flames are an Ascension path. 

Twin Flames are mirroring our love to ourselves and also unhealed wounds. The One consciousness and unconditional love of the Union intensifies anything that is going on within us and our relationship with ourselves. And that’s how Twin Flames learn from each other about love.

The intense connection, triggerings or even telepathic experiences all happen because of the love and Union energy between Twin Flames. It is a love that is unconditional. All of those experiences are natural experiences of Oneness. All of those experiences help align our consciousness to Love.

When we realize healing is part of the journey and makes us feel better, our lives can be transformed. We are already experiencing unconditional Love, already in Union, already ascending.


You choose Twin Flame love because you too are worthy of that Divine Love. Because choosing your Twin Flame is choosing yourself and love at the core of your being.

You too are worthy of that Divine Twin Flame love. Healing through all your blocks and moving through all the obstacles to get into Union will only bring you more genuine joy and bring you closer to your dreams. It feels good to have that commitment to yourself.

In truth, this Divine Love between you and your Twin Flame is already within you. All you need to do is just to clear out the blocks and claim it. Learn more about Twin Flames and how to heal blocks with ease here: Free Twin Flame Introductory Courses.

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