Divine Feminines, you may know firsthand what it feels like to be in love with a Twin Flame who is in a third-party karmic relationship. Are you feeling heartbroken and confused to see them so in love with someone else, while you’re left feeling like you don’t even exist? But the question is, is the Divine Masculine truly happy in that relationship? In this blog, we’ll share insights from the Divine Masculine’s perspective and explain why it’s all just an illusion.

The Illusion of Happiness

Have you ever been in a relationship, or have you seen somebody that was in a relationship with a person that they didn’t really love? Did you stay together with someone even though it was obvious you were not happy?

the Divine Masculine ignores you because they love you

You may have been in a relationship where everything seemed perfect at first, but eventually, you started to feel more and more exhausted and depressed? Did you only stay together because you were afraid of making a mistake and regretting it later. Or perhaps you convinced yourself that all was well, and you chose to only focus on the good moments.

This is a very common phenomenon, and many people experience it for a long time before even considering a break-up with their partner. But how does this happen? Why does Love seem to vanish? Was it even Love to begin with?

When you begin a relationship, it tends to be great at first, but eventually, the high falls away. When you see that your life’s visions, values, and desires don’t align with each other, you realize this is not “your person” and it’s not meant to last forever.

It is okay to feel this way. It’s okay to desire to have your complete happiness and your dreams completely fulfilled. But the key is to seek to have them fulfilled within yourself first, and that’s exactly what is going to be reflected by your Twin Flame too. Once he realises that happiness and fulfilment isn’t outside of himself anymore but within himself, the 3rd party situation will also change.

The Reality of Twin Flame Happiness

Twin Flames are created for each other by God. You can never end the relationship with your Twin Flame because you are One. They are your one True Love. You’re meant to be together and you are perfectly created for each other and you will align in every aspect of your life.

Love with your Twin Flame will grow and expand for all eternity. When you ask God for a feather, he gives you wings. And that’s what we are here for.

There is the pattern or lesson that the Divine Masculine is moving through in a third-party karmic relationship. They’re experiencing challenges and difficulties on the inside. They are learning what real love is, and that the illusion of happiness can never be truly fulfilling.

The Divine Masculine Perspective

So is the Divine Masculine really happy with that other partner? Or is that third-party karmic relationship an illusion?

The Divine Feminine, Carmen, student of the Teachings of Union, asked her Twin Flame what he was moving through while he had another partner. After hearing his experiences and healing her own blocks, she came to the conclusion that both sides are experiencing the exact same patterns.

Reason #1 for the third-party karmic relationship – Safety

At first the Divine Masculine may have felt safe in the third-party karmic relationship, feeling that there is no risk really in staying together:

“Wow!” In the early stages of the relationship, “Everything seems so amazing.”

Maybe they had been friends for many years and maybe they have a home together and they stay together because it’s about comfort and safety. It’s about the known.

In truth, Carmen’s Divine Masculine was never truly happy in the third-party relationship; it was all just an illusion. He was not with his one True Love, his Twin Flame, and he knew it.

twin flames Charles and Oceana kissing

#2 Reason for the third-party karmic relationship – Fear

Carmen realized her Divine Masculine was experiencing fear, so he chose to be in a third-party karmic relationship. It is really important to understand that these feelings might be hidden really deep down within, and he won’t fully recognize this. In the Teachings of Union, we call this type of amnesia, numbing out to feelings. It’s really a safety mechanism, a way of coping with deep emotional pain.

So, if you tell your Divine Masculine: “Hey, there is a video you should watch about Twin Flames and karmic partners” to try to wake him up to the truth, it won’t change anything. He will have to change within first. Only then will he understand how he truly feels about this partner.

The Teachings of Union show us that this healing journey is 90% inner work and only 10% outer actions. You really do have to heal the pattern within yourself before you will see any changes on the outside. The very best way you can do this is with the Mirror Exercise, a healing tool refined by Jeff and Shaleia Divine, to help Twin Flames to end the experience of separation.

#3 Reason for the third-party karmic relationship – Too good to be true

the Divine Masculine ignores you because they love you

The next reason that Carmen’s Divine Masculine helped her to recognize, was more fear. Now let’s go deeper into the fear because fear is a very, very big topic of what you have to heal here and what you will need to move through.

Your Divine Masculine knows the ups and downs of the third-party karmic relationship. He knows this karmic partner and he knows there is no risk in this relationship, or in his life, because it’s such an ordinary, and boring, relationship that he’s in. So there is nothing to lose really.

And he knows how much he loves you because he can feel the love in his heart where you are One. You are both aware of that love and he certainly is too. But he’s afraid to admit that because maybe deep down he thinks and believes that this love is too good to be true.

#4 Reason for the third-party karmic relationship – Not good enough

The final reason Carmen’s Twin Flame showed her, is not believing he was good enough for her. Your Divine Masculine might believe he is not good enough for you too. Maybe he believes he can’t give you what you desire and so he thinks: “Yeah, I’m not good enough. So I’ll stay with this person who makes me feel, at least a little bit, that I’m good enough.”

He is afraid of taking a risk and leaving that other person for you, and to be with you, because it doesn’t feel safe enough or stable enough right now to be with you. Maybe he is also afraid of being left alone, or of being abandoned. Maybe he has been hurt before in a fight or break up where he experienced abandonment and aloneness. That would feel so painful, so he would rather choose right now, the comfort that he knows.

The Divine Feminine Perspective

Twin Flames are One at the core, so if one Twin Flame is experiencing a fearful pattern, then the other Twin Flame is too. They may experience this pattern in different ways, or in different areas of their lives.

Through the Teachings of Union, Carmen, as the Divine Feminine, was able to identify where she was experiencing the other side of the coin of this particular pattern; through a false Twin Flame experience. 

Carmen shares her experience:

“And this is what I experienced as well. It was so challenging for me to be in a relationship where my partner is not interested in growing, is not reflecting my healing and is not desiring the same as I do in life.”

When you are with someone who does not share the same passion, who does not have the same drive and who simply is not meant for you can be really really hard. Carmen recognized that when she started a new relationship she always had doubts. She always had the underlying feeling that something was not quite right. But she had trusted that the person was there to teach her something.

In truth, that experience is not uncommon on the Twin Flame. Many people can have the experience of a false Twin Flame, because it’s a fast-track to Union with your true Twin Flame.

take care of yourself and the Divine Masculine stops ignoring you

What’s the purpose of a false Twin Flame?

Carmen knew she had to go all-in to find out whether this person was really meant for her or not. And in the end she always felt so grateful to find out what this person had been teaching her.

In fact, all the beautiful lessons and experiences that you share with any previous partner are actually just a reflection of what you will have with your true Twin Flame and the things you desire to share with them. Many Twin Flames are now healing through this pattern to transcend the third-party karmic situation forever. And you can do this too. We know it looks challenging right now, but you will be really grateful when you move through this one.

What happens as you heal the pattern

If you haven’t yet transcended the pattern, then there is still more to heal. But don’t blame yourself, don’t blame your Divine Masculine and don’t blame the situation. It’s just a mirror and you just have to move through it one step at a time and you will get there, we promise.

the Divine Masculine ignores you because they love you

So, the Divine Masculine is moving through all these lessons, and it’s not easy. He is experiencing stagnation, which is basically like death. But he is meant to thrive and have a happy life with his perfect partner, living his Life Purpose, and being fulfilled in every aspect of his life.

He might have been afraid of being alone with his feelings, but as you heal with the Mirror Exercise, he can shift into a new level of awareness because you are healing as One. He can open up to new insights and awareness. Your man knows that deep down this person is not meant for him. But he has to learn something here first.

He has to move through the pattern by healing and you have to move through it too. That’s how you partner together. You share One consciousness and that means you both have two sides of the same coin here.

You have to move through what is presenting right now and the feelings you’re having about it. Whatever it brings up for you about him being with another partner. And your Divine Masculine has to move through his experience of fear and dissatisfaction being with a partner that is not meant for him.

Do I have to wait for my Twin Flame to heal?

And don’t worry! You don’t have to wait for him to change and to heal and to come to this awareness. Just come to this awareness within yourself through healing. You just heal everything that this situation brings up to heal. Just see it as an opportunity to heal.

And as soon as you really accept that and just take it as an opportunity to heal and be motivated by it, and you refuse to believe in this third party karmic situation to be true, then you can really heal it and claim your Union with your true Twin Flame for yourself.

You will see big changes in your reality. And you can be certain you will come together eventually with your true Twin Flame and heal this one forever. All the fears mentioned here are fears that you have within yourself, believe it or not.

They are within you. And you can ask yourself: “What is my man receiving from this other partner? Is it for comfort? Or for the illusion of love? Even for the assurance that he is good enough?”

It could be many things for example, safety, protection, nurture, and care. These are things you have to heal for yourself. Learn how to give them to yourself within, by using the Mirror Exercise.

But, one thing is for sure. Your Twin Flame loves you above all others. And your Divine Masculine is loving you right now and showing you where he hasn’t been taught to love himself yet.

And maybe you haven’t either.

twin flames Charles and Oceana kissing

Eventually, the third-party karmic relationships will come to an end once the pattern is healed completely. So take this opportunity for yourself to really heal and see this lesson as a mirror and nothing more, and it will dissolve like dust.

We know you can do it.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the Divine Masculine is not truly happy in a third-party karmic relationship. It’s all just an illusion, and eventually, the high will fall away. They’re moving through challenges and difficulties on the inside, and it’s not fulfilling. But with his Twin Flame, he will find they are perfectly created for each other, and they will align in every aspect of their lives.

If you’re in a similar situation, know that the third-party karmic situation is not meant to last forever. Trust in the process and know that everything happens to show you exactly what feelings need to be healed. It may be challenging, but it’s all part of the journey. If you keep growing and expanding in your life, one day soon, you’ll be reunited with your Twin Flame.

Keep the faith and go forward with making your dreams come true by healing any blocks to them.

from divine masculine ignoring you to unconditional love

If you need more help, please claim your support. Carmen received help to come to these healing insights and realizations with the help of her Ascension Coach and the Teachings of Union. A great starting point, is to check out the free Introductory Ascension Course where you will learn more about Twin Flames dynamics and the path of Ascension.

Transcribed from “The Divine Masculine Is NOT HAPPY With That Partner

Edited by Julia Martin-Woodbridge