So, what do you do when your Divine Masculine is ignoring you? Is there a purpose to it on the Twin Flame journey? Does it mean they’re a false Twin Flame? What exactly is going on here? Why is your man ignoring you, or maybe he’s even full-blown ghosted you? It can be so painful to be treated in this way and we understand that you want clarity and that’s totally ok. So let’s get right into it.

Is the Divine Masculine ignoring you for these 3 Reasons?

1. They’re showing you that you need to love yourself.

Number one, the main purpose for your Divine Masculine ignoring you, is that he’s actually showing you a place within you where you need to love yourself much more deeply. He’s communicating to you that you need to bring yourself a lot of love there and to pay attention to yourself. He does this because you’re Twin Flames and you are One. To have your Union, you need to feel that Union within first.

He’s mirroring something to you. And that is just to love yourself deeper and to have a more intimate relationship with yourself. Is there a place within you where you’re not loving yourself and paying attention to yourself? Your man is going to reflect that back to you. He does this by not communicating with you.

2. They’re setting a boundary with you.

the Divine Masculine ignores you because they love you

This actually takes us into the second reason. Maybe him not communicating with you means that he’s setting a boundary with you. Because again, you have to remember that your Twin Flame is not your Source of Love. Yes, you come together and you have a romantic relationship and they are your Ultimate Lover, but they are not your Source of Love. That would be codependency. You get Love from God and you get that Love from yourself. Love comes from within.

And so if you’re coming at your man just in a really needy way and seeing them as your Source of Love, well, that’s going to push them away. You can end up with them ignoring you, or just reflecting back to you that they don’t want to talk to you and they don’t want to be around you. Everybody pushes away differently. Not everyone has the same response. But boundaries are not about space, they’re about Love. Your man is actually loving you in a very intimate way.

When you identify the pattern, then you can use the Mirror Exercise to heal it and then go from there. Your man is going to just show you:

“Hey, you need to love yourself because I can’t do that for you. Only you can do that.”

And when our Twin Flame sets a boundary with you in this way, it can feel frustrating and definitely upsetting. Because when your Twin Flame is ignoring you just want to communicate with your man and you want to be close.

Respect and honor the boundaries

But one thing about boundaries with your Twin Flame, and with anyone, is that you’ve got to respect and honor the boundaries. Even if it’s your Twin Flame setting them with you. And if not speaking to you is one of those boundaries, then you have to respect that. You’ve got to honor the experience that you’re having with them and the experience that they’re choosing to have with you. And that’s okay, because as long as you’re doing it in order to heal, using the Mirror Exercise that Jeff and Shaleia teach, you can heal through this, and then you can be communicating again.

Let God become your own Source of Love and build your relationship with yourself and with God. That’s really the whole purpose behind them ignoring you, is to show you:

“Hey, you need to pay attention to yourself.”

It’s a bit like, “Let’s take a little bit of a time out. A little pause.” You’re always One with your Twin Flame, and the journey, but just like a brief little pause from it. Giving each other some space. And that’s okay. It’s healthy.

take care of yourself and the Divine Masculine stops ignoring you

3. They could be false Twin Flame.

So the third reason is, that it could be a false Twin Flame. That could be also the reason for them ignoring you. Maybe what’s being revealed here is that they’re actually a false Twin Flame.

So that doesn’t necessarily mean that if your Twin Flame, your Divine Masculine is not communicating to you, that means: “Oh, he’s a false Twin Flame.” No. But it is an indicator of a false Twin Flame and it is healthy to bear this in mind. It’s safe to release attachment.

It happens all the time that true Twin Flames also block each other and don’t communicate. In both cases, they ARE actually communicating that it’s time to do the inner work.

Charles and Oceana, Twin Flames in Harmonious Union, explain their experience

I do have an experience with this that I will share, which is, when it comes to Twin Flame experiences, before I met Charles. The person that I truly, genuinely thought was my Twin Flame actually turned out to be a false Twin Flame. But I was so adamant that this person was my Twin Flame, and they were supposed to come down to see me on my birthday. We were supposed to celebrate and meet for the first time in person.

My 21st birthday. And it seemed like everything that we were talking about, like they were my true man, my Ultimate Lover that I was meant to be with. But when it came to my birthday, I got completely ghosted. Completely ghosted. They stopped talking to me, and I was really upset. It was a whole experience I had to go through. Very upsetting. This person was the person that I thought was my true Twin Flame.

But, on my birthday, it was revealed that that person was a false Twin Flame, and it was revealed that Charles was my true Twin Flame. And we had been talking a little bit during this false Twin Flame experience. Prior. Just as friends.

So, on my birthday, Charles sent me a wonderful bear and some cookies. It was so special. I felt so loved. And it was flowers. Yes, flowers. And bear cookies that were absolutely delicious. And the note that said, the note is the most important part. It said: “I love you so much. God brought us together. We’re meant to be together. Love your Italian Stallion.”

from divine masculine ignoring you to unconditional love

Now it was what Charles had sent me that meant so much. And the flowers actually matched my pajamas. It was very odd, blue and white. So that was a little experience about going from no communication from someone I believed was my Twin Flame, to it being revealed who my true Twin Flame is. Because after that, I ended up moving to Buffalo here where Charles was, and our relationship took off. And in the end, I got what I wanted, which was my true Twin Flame.

It only led me closer, the whole experience of being ghosted and everything. So the whole point of this story is that it could be an experience to just surrender and to have non-attachment.

“Everything is a Lesson”

Everything is a lesson. And one of the things too is that as you choose to heal. As you’re healing these blocks to your Twin Flame not communicating with you, it will reveal your true Twin Flame. Your true Twin Flame will meet you in the truth.

When you heal, they will start communicating with you again. And when you’re really healing and you’re using the Mirror Exercise and you’re healing and healing and there’s still no communication then, it’s maybe time to consider if the purpose of this experience was to reveal and show you that this person was possibly a false Twin Flame.

twin flames Charles and Oceana kissing


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Transcribed from “This Masculine Ignores You Still, But In His Heart There’s A PURPOSE For It!

Edited by Julia Martin-Woodbridge