The Twin Flame Heart Pull … Why am I feeling this intense attraction?

The Twin Flame pull is a unique sensation of love deep in your heart. It can appear as anything between the tiniest tickle of a whisper to a full blown blossoming of bliss. This is no ordinary experience. It’s a sacred call from the Divine that leads you towards your One True Love. The heart pull acts as a guide, steering you towards your Twin Flame with undeniable emotional intensity and uncanny synchronicities.

To understand Twin Flames consider Aristotle’s contemplation of Love:

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

This ancient awareness describes the magnetic connection and strong pull towards one another when Twin Flames recognize each other. The Twin Flame heart pull isn’t just a fleeting feeling. It is a persistent pull directing you to your ultimate partner in love and spiritual growth.

When experiencing this pull you’ll often notice increased synchronicities and divine interventions, indicating the universe is orchestrating your reunion. This heart pull serves as a beacon, accompanied by emotions encompassing everything from joy to longing.

Understanding the Twin Flame heart pull means surrendering into a sacred sensation of love. Here, souls recognize each other and seek to live out their true profound Union together. It’s a journey of self-discovery, growth, and opening up to a love that is both destined and divine.

Disclaimer: Listen to your doctor!

Anytime you experience physical pain and tightness in your heart or chest be sure to consult with the appropriate licensed medical professionals. The body is a temple that must be deeply cared for from the physical, medical, and spiritual perspectives.

what does it feel like to be with you twin flame

You’re not crazy, Twin Flames are real

You’re not crazy, the Twin Flame connection is real and everyone has a Twin Flame. Use this pull and your feelings to guide towards Twin Flame reunion.

You do have a Twin Flame, and you’re One at the core. It’s natural to feel it in your heart. What you’re feeling is valid, and you’re not alone.

The Twin Flame heart pull is a compass, guiding you towards unconditional love and Union. It’s a journey of discovering the one spiritual connection that always grows and evolves.

Let’s get really honest: do Twin Flames actually push and pull?

You have all the power to ditch the merry-go-round if you are experiencing a push-pull situation with your Twin Flame. And I don’t mean by ditching your Twin Flame. 

In truth, your Twin Flame serves as your mirror. They reflect your innermost feelings about yourself. If you find yourself experiencing upsets or a push-pull dynamic with your Twin Flame, it’s time for introspection. The Twin Flame heart pull in such cases suggests an inner conflict of control and resistance born from fearing the love you deeply desire.

Let’s be honest: experiencing the Twin Flame heart pull is not always a straight path towards bliss. This journey can sometimes feel like moving both forward and backwards, but you are always going deeper together. Your Twin Flame is designed to help you ascend into a life of deeper love.  And your Twin Flame will trigger you into deepening your self-love and in turn going deeper into love together.  

The solution lies in the Mirror Exercise. This practice guides you to explore your feelings about giving and receiving true, unconditional love. The Twin Flame heart pull is an invitation to move through these emotions your Twin Flame brings up in you. By learning to love yourself more, you open the door to experiencing more love with your Twin Flame.

Every time you choose to feel, heal, and go deeper into love, anything that isn’t in alignment with that love comes to the surface to be released. This dynamic may feel like an accordion, moving closer, then farther away. In reality, you and your Twin Flame are deepening your love together.

Why is my heart pulling: Symptoms of the Twin Flame heart

Navigating the path of love can result in unexplainable sensations, especially when you have a Twin Flame heart pull. This magnetic force frequently comes with a variety of symptoms and experiences.


There is more to having a Twin Flame connection than just attraction. Common symptoms include a sense of familiarity, an unexplainable bond, and synchronistic events that align your paths. Emotional intensity, frequent thoughts of the other person, and a desire for closeness are all characteristics of the Twin Flame heart pull. Additionally, you might feel waves of bliss and pleasure. And even sensations like tingles, butterflies, and goosebumps all over your body.

What does a heart pull feel like

The Twin Flame heart pull can sometimes be a very real and intense feeling. It can feel like love expanding through the center of your being or an irresistible passion pulling you towards someone special. The heart pull is unmistakable, from fleeting whispers in your chest to overwhelming waves of emotion and desire. Recognize what arises when you experience these very intimate sensations, as they will guide you to deeper healing.

What does the heart chakra pull feel like

Associated with love and connection, the heart chakra is essential to the Twin Flame path. A heart chakra pull can cause you to feel warm, tingly, or as though your chest is expanding.

Pay attention to what is happening in your journey when you experience the heart pull. Exploring your feelings about what is happening at the time can guide you into your next step of healing.

what does it feel like to be with you twin flame

What does it mean when your heart feels a pull on its Twin Flame?

When your heart feels a pull on its Twin Flame, it’s indicative of your profound spiritual connection. When you follow this call and love yourself through all that arises, then you absolutely will end up living in Union with your Twin Flame.

The sensations associated with this connection may change and evolve along the journey. These shifts serve as lessons, teaching you about the eternal and ever-evolving nature of love. By feeling this pull, you are learning to love your Twin Flame with a love that is both timeless and continually evolving with you both together.

Why does my heart feel tight or hurt during this process?

The journey of a Twin Flame heart pull is one of transformation. But it does not have to be painful. Understanding the nuances of this journey can turn moments of heartache and longing into profound opportunities for healing and growth.

Experiencing heartache, sadness, or longing during the Twin Flame journey can be indicators of places within your consciousness that still subscribe to the illusion of separation from your Twin Flame. The pain need not be a constant companion on this journey. When feelings of longing or sadness arise, it’s an opportunity to shower yourself with love.

Twin Flame healing can be so simple. By giving yourself the tenderness, attention, devotion, respect, and care you desire, the feelings of tightness and heartache can transform into love expanding. As you embrace these emotions, all that is not love is released, making way for the return of love in its purest form.

The journey of Twin Flame reunion is a path of self-love and healing. By acknowledging and addressing the feelings of tightness and heartache as they arise, you allow love to expand, bringing you closer to Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame.

Tips for navigating the Twin Flame heart pull

Navigating the path of the Twin Flame heart pull can be challenging, yet deeply rewarding. Understanding how to traverse this journey is key to progressing towards union with your Twin Flame. Here are some tips to help you navigate this transformative experience.

Trust the process

The Twin Flame heart pull is a sign of the spiritual journey towards union. Trusting the process and embracing the journey is essential. Remember, everything unfolds in divine order. 

Focus on self-love

Self-love is foundational in the Twin Flame journey. By nurturing yourself, you mirror the love you desire and expedite the process of Union.

Embrace healing

Healing personal wounds and embracing personal growth are vital. This transformative process enhances the journey towards your Twin Flame. You are never alone in this journey, and all of the support you need is here for you.

Recognize the signs

Pay attention to synchronicities and signs as they guide you through the Twin Flame heart pull towards union. Trust yourself and honor your experiences.

Follow the love in your heart to your Twin Flame 

It’s important to follow where your heart is guiding you. As you learn to listen and learn to trust Love and trust yourself, then you will feel more confident and powerful. This empowers you to express your true divine authentic self, which your Twin Flame always finds very attractive and magnetic.

Remember, this journey is not just about finding your ultimate lover but also about personal growth, partnership, and spiritual awakening. Allow yourself to receive love and trust every step brings you closer and deeper into Love with your Twin Flame.

what does it feel like to be with you twin flame

Written by Jenny Langley

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