In the age of social media, peculiar trends emerge, and one that has recently captured the collective fascination is the moon phases TikTok trend. This viral sensation revolves around individuals comparing the moon phase on the day they were born with that of their peers, particularly their romantic partners. The ensuing discussions delve into explanations and speculations, weaving tales of soulmates and Twin Flames bound by cosmic synchronicity. It begs the question: does this celestial alignment hold the key to recognizing one’s true love?

What are the rules governing this lunar matchmaking? Can the phases of the moon truly offer an efficient compass in matters of the heart? This phenomenon has sparked a surge of curiosity, prompting introspection into the enigmatic forces that might guide our connections with others. As this celestial dance continues to captivate hearts and minds, it leaves us pondering the profound mysteries that lie within the celestial spheres, and whether they may illuminate the path to a love that transcends the ordinary.

What are Twin Flames?

Twin Flames are the manifestation of the desire to have an eternal companion other than God. They were created by the Divine to have an absolute and complete companionship with each other. Soulmates come and go but Twin Flames are eternal and they mirror God’s love for you the clearest. 

Your Twin Flame is your teacher/student, best friend, perfect partner and ultimate lover. Together, you fully express your One consciousness. You know you have a Twin Flame in your heart because the desire is there. 

Twin Flames feel like the most loving, most wonderful partner you’ve ever known. They are easy and comfortable to be around, and someone you can be your total self with.

Do moon phases affect your Twin Flame and you?

Moon phases definitely can affect emotions but in a very marginal way. People tend to associate or even blame the astrological events for their situation.

Mercury retrograde, Eclipses and gateways cannot actually affect your communication that much nor can it keep you separate from your one true love. All of these events enhance the emotions, upsets and upheaval at a given time and can help you heal because you are more attuned to them. In itself, an astrological event isn’t the bringer of your Union or a confirmation or revelation of your Twin Flame.

THE TRUTH: no one or nothing can come between you and your relationship with your Twin Flame. Being in Union with your Twin Flame is a choice not a predetermined destiny written in the stars that you either have or don’t. Twin Flame love is eternal and unbreakable. Nothing can come between you and your Twin Flame except you. Being with your Twin Flame is a choice and once the choice is made it’s time to do the inner work. Your Twin Flame is designed to be with you and grow with you eternally.

They are your ultimate lover. No one else can compare to your Twin Flame and no other lover will do. Union is inevitable. You will come into Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame. How can we be sure? Because you already are. You are One with your Twin Flame. The only reason this isn’t your current experience is because there are blocks to love that need to be healed. You can heal these blocks using the Mirror Exercise and give yourself all the love you need right now.

What phase of the moon is Twin Flames?

The world would be a complicated place if you had to calibrate around the moon phase today to decide your life path. 

Yes, Twin Flames are intricate, beautiful, spiritual but they’re also everywhere. This isn’t some rare connection that only a certain chosen few get to experience. Everyone is a Twin Flame, and here’s how you can find yours.

Signs you have met your true Twin Flame

Your Twin Flame will feel familiar to you and it may feel as if you’ve been friends for many lifetimes. They will share the same vision and desire the same things for their life as you do. Your lifestyle choices and core values easily align. Your Twin Flame will adore you at the core above all others and will always love you. They will always genuinely enjoy your company.

If you feel into your heart you know who your Twin Flame is and it is safe to allow them to be revealed to you on this journey.

Create a love list

This is another way help you reveal your true Twin Flame. A love list describes your heart’s deepest desires and helps you focus your energy. Your love list will contain what you desire in a partner and your relationship. 

It’s important to get very clear on your desired experience as this helps you manifest it. You can write as much as you want and need to. Also, keep in mind that you’re not asking for too much and your Twin Flame shares your core values.

twin flame moon phase

To create your love list you must first come into your heart and feelings.It’s important to create from a place of peace. Get clear on your core values. What’s most important to you? Do you value loyalty, commitment, or play? You know your Twin Flame by your core values not passions or interests or appearance. 

Also, keep in mind that you and your Twin Flame will grow into the values on your love lists. Even if you’re Twin Flame doesn’t perfectly embody every aspect on your list now it’s something that can be grown into. Remember, your Union is always growing and going deeper together.

True Compatibility

Twin Flames are bigger than life, souls are bigger than life. It’s important not to get caught up in numerology or astrological “compatibility” to choose or reveal your person.

The truth is, nothing and no one but you can reveal your true Twin Flame. No psychic, compatibility chart or calculator is designed to reveal this for you.Twin Flames are about spiritual self-discovery. You reveal their identity through a journey with the Divine, and with the person you believe is your Twin Flame, by getting to know them better, and getting clear on your core values, your true spiritual compatibility.

A natal chart or astrological event is a tool given to you to help you work through your current vibration. Twin Flame calculators, astrology and numerology are fun, but do not use them if you know they are going to make you feel discouraged from what is rightfully yours.

Be discerning about the information you consume and you’ll be reunited with your Twin Flame in no time!

twin flame moon phase

Can Twin Flames have the same moon phase?

Is moon phase Twin Flame compatibility important? Are Twin Flames born under the same moon phase? Sure, you can share the same moon phase but this doesn’t define who your Twin Flame is.  It doesn’t matter if you have the same moon phase that has nothing to do with your compatibility with your Twin Flame.

Twin Flame astrology can help you navigate your growth and your Twin Flame Union, you just have to use it to see how you two are compatible, not whether you two are compatible.

What you want to do instead is really look closely at your own Union and ask, “How does this work together? How is this supposed to fit?” When you understand that God intelligently designed the two of you, and your astrological compatibility was also intelligently designed, you can find the strengths in your natal charts. Study them to see how they complement each other, such as through your Life Purpose for example. Ask yourself not how your charts look, but how they make you feel.

A lot of you want to have a clear “Yes!” or “No” sign post for your Twin Flame when it comes to astrology. But the truth is that this, like many other external signs, is not a substitute for your heart’s own guidance. You have to learn to keep letting your heart lead you forward. A lot of people are attached to Twin Flame astrology because they want to grab onto some form of external validation. This type of action is controlling, and control just does not bring you into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

The lesson here is that you can certainly enjoy Twin Flame astrology and use it to help you understand how your Union works, but you mustn’t become attached to it. Learn to let go and just trust the Mirror Exercise to clear the blocks to your Union. Know that this trust and surrender is the true pathway to your ascension with your beloved Twin Flame.

Is it true that soulmates have matching moon phases?

Soulmate or Twin Flame? Which one do you truly desire? 

Your Twin Flame is not only your Ultimate Lover, they are also your teacher, best friend and perfect partner. Your perfect person who aligns with you in every way, they love you to your core. As well as being your eternal life partner and lover. 

Twin Flames are so deeply connected that they actually share the same One consciousness. However, Twin Flames are still two complete and complementary individuals unto themselves. When united, they can embody the full expression of their One shared consciousness. And because they share a profound connection, and can function as One, that means they can never be separated. 

Now you can understand why meeting your divine counterpart can have such a huge impact: you are literally meeting all of yourself! This means you can safely invest all of who you are into this relationship, because at the core you are actually investing in an eternal one. You are investing in the relationship you have with yourself first, and that relationship never ends.

This Ascension journey is not about being alone but walking hand-in-hand with your Twin Flame, supporting and loving each other through all challenges, and sharing a Love that transcends all boundaries. Your Twin Flame is your eternal partner, and together, you can create a profound and meaningful life that radiates Love to the world around you.

A soulmate is someone you find comfortable and whom you can get along with.They can be a friend, a relative, your child or a romantic partner.Soulmates get along well with each other. They tend to meet up in several lifetimes, or for as long as they wish to. However, soulmates will inevitably outgrow each other over time. Especially in a romantic relationship, because they weren’t created to be eternal lovers.

As you heal your blocks to unconditional love, this too will definitely lead to you growing further away from a soulmate, because you will no longer resonate with them at your core. This happens because soulmates are not a perfect match to each other.They are not designed to be eternal romantic partners, unlike your Twin Flame. Soulmates do not share all of the same core values as you do with your divine partner. You will always have to make compromises in your relationship with a soulmate. However, this does not happen with your One True Love.

Do you want your One true love for eternity or someone who’s compatible for a short time?

What is a Twin Flame zodiac?

Do you worry that your Union isn’t written in the stars because you and who you believe to be your Twin Flame don’t appear to be astrologically compatible? 

Your zodiac sign doesn’t make or break your Union. It’s a tool to help you heal but it doesn’t determine the fate of your Union or whether or not someone is your Twin Flame. When it comes to Twin Flames, astrology can provide some insights on how you function as individuals, and how this will impact your Union.

It is important to note that while astrology can provide valuable guidance, Twin Flame connections transcend conventional astrological compatibility.

twin flame moon phase

Twin Flames are not bound by zodiac signs or planetary configurations. Your connection with your Twin Flame is eternal, not limited to this lifetime. Therefore, it is essential to approach astrology as a tool for self-reflection, understanding and healing rather than a rigid blueprint for the Twin Flame journey.

How does the full moon affect Twin Flames?

Even though the full moon is a very energizing and powerful event, the moon doesn’t wield the power to dictate your emotions. Oftentimes you’ll hear people use the full moon as a reason they’re feeling a certain way. 

However, the full moon doesn’t affect Twin Flames unless you choose to allow it to. A full moon isn’t the cause of upsets in your Union or a lack of communication but it can amplify what you’re already feeling. The phase the moon is in doesn’t actually make you feel a certain way as nothing outside of you can make you feel something. The feelings are already within you, the upsets are already within you. 

It’s important to take responsibility for your feelings and move through them using the Mirror Exercise.

You have the power

In the cosmic dance of stars and planets, it’s crucial to remember that no astrological event wields the power to thwart the Union of Twin Flames. While moon phases can serve as supportive tools for healing, they don’t hold sway over your destiny, emotions or experiences. The truth of your connection lies within the depths of your heart, a knowing that transcends any celestial alignment.

Astrology may offer insights, but it can never definitively identify your Twin Flame or dictate the course of your togetherness. The path to Union is uniquely yours to navigate, a journey guided by your own intuition, growth, and love. Embrace the autonomy you possess in claiming this extraordinary connection. Trust in the unbreakable bond of you and your Twin Flame, for it is a force beyond the reach of stars.

As you move forward on this  journey, remember that the universe, with all its cosmic wonders, bows to the power of love. Seize this truth and let it illuminate your path, as you step boldly towards the Union that is rightfully yours. Embrace the infinite possibilities that await, knowing that your Twin Flame journey is a testament to the boundless potential of love’s enduring magic.

There is a clear way forward on your Twin Flame journey and it is yours to claim.

twin flame moon phase

Written by Abbey Campbell

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