All over the Internet, we see Twin Flame calculators popping up, as Twin Flames are becoming more mainstream. And it’s normal, people are desiring to find their one True Love. In the era of dating apps, we tend to have difficulty knowing for sure if someone is the right fit for us or not.

So in the midst of it all, we turn to many different resources to help us understand our compatibility. Are Twin Flames made to be together? Am I meant to be with mine? Are they even my true Twin Flame?

We answer all of your questions in this blog, and reveal to you the best Twin Flame calculator there is (you may be surprised)!

Twin Flame calculators: a mix of numerology and astrology

For people who love to know more about natal charts, you’re probably familiar with the compatibility chart; the one that joins two natal charts together to look at the compatibility of people in relationships.

For Twin Flame calculators, numerology looks at the life path and spiritual meaning based on the person’s birth date. On the other hand, astrology examines the positions of the planets and stars for both people and the meaning behind each placement, to determine how they impact one person and the Union. Twin Flame calculators sometimes also use the names of both people.

Is this overview of your charts and life path enough for you to determine a Twin Flame connection?

The limitations and true purpose of Twin Flame calculators

The reason why Twin Flame calculators are so popular right now is because of the desire to identify your true Twin Flame, to be 100% sure of your choice of a partner.

But the truth is, nothing and no one but you can reveal your true Twin Flame. No psychic, compatibility chart or calculator is designed to reveal this for you.

Twin Flames are about spiritual self-discovery. You reveal their identity through a journey with the Divine, and with the person you believe is your Twin Flame, by getting to know them better, and getting clear on your core values, your true spiritual compatibility.

And don’t worry if you are not in contact with them at the moment. Because most of the journey is an inner one. Your Twin Flame guides you to more self-love after all.

Twin Flame calculators are to be used with caution. By the way, many couples in Harmonious Twin Flame Union right now are said to be completely incompatible in terms of romantic relationship!

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What is the true purpose of calculators then?

Well, they are tools for healing. A natal chart or a life path number is a tool given to you at the beginning of this lifetime to help you work through your current vibration. Since Twin Flames are eternal, they transcend this life’s challenges. This means that what should be taken into account is the healing of blocks to communication, intimacy and romance.

And this is not an incentive to believing you’re not meant to be with them in this lifetime either! Remove all thoughts of separation from your consciousness. Nothing can keep you from being with your Twin Flame, even in this lifetime. Every block is only a lesson to move through.

The true Twin Flame calculator is… you

Yep, you are your own Twin Flame calculator. You are that powerful. Let me explain. Finding your Twin Flame is first and foremost an internal and spiritual process.

In order to find them, you have the help of your internal compass. You know, the one that tells you, through your feelings, that there’s something to explore with this person, even when the psychic said you weren’t meant to be together? Yes, this part of you, listen to it, it is the one guiding you into Twin Flame Union.

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And there are also a lot of resources that can help you reveal a true Twin Flame through Divine logic too. Jeff and Shaleia’s book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, takes you through the signs of a real Twin Flame and the signs of a false Twin Flame.

Jeff and Shaleia also go through the Twin Flame Love List, in their Dreams Coming True E-Course, a tool designed to help you recognize your perfect lover through your own personal set of core values.

What are the best tools to use?

On the spiritual path, it is really important to rely on your Divine guidance, and to use resources that align you with the consciousness of Union. Twin Flame calculators are fun, but do not use them if you know they are going to make you feel discouraged from what is rightfully yours.

Be discerning about the information you consume and you’ll be reunited with your Twin Flame in no time!

If you find this challenging and would like further clarity, sign up for our free Twin Flame Introductory Course and get clear on what this journey is truly about, and how to get to Union fast.

Written by Yoreen Marcin