You have released expectations and are patiently waiting for Twin Flame to awaken and show up for you. Well, there is still one important thing that can prevent you from having your Union: projection. We tell you more about this topic in this blog!

When you begin the Twin Flame journey you may not be aware of what you will need to heal and this is totally fine. None of us do! 

Most of our blocks to Love are not in our conscious awareness. Taking that first step forward to go deeper into love is what will help you find that first piece to heal. What you do when you find that piece is what will determine the success of your journey.

What Do I Need To Move Forward On The Twin Flame Journey?

All Twin Flames will need to take the Twin Flame journey. The journey is necessary because it is a period of time where you will learn how to love yourself fully and raise your vibration. For Union to occur and to thrive, you must have this foundation in place. 

There is one essential quality that all students of the Twin Flame journey will need to possess if they are to be successful; and that’s humility

Remember how you will not necessarily be aware of all the blocks you will have to heal on the journey? Well, humility allows you to take responsibility for your own feelings. It allows you to see that you are not your upsetting feelings. You are only ever Divine. From that place, you have all the power to transform your reality.

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If we cannot take responsibility for how we feel, we will project those uncomfortable feelings onto others and take on the stance of ‘victimhood.’ If we believe we are a victim, then we have chosen to believe in a world where we are powerless and helpless and, therefore, must remain in a place of suffering. 

Nothing could actually be further from the truth.

If you favor suffering over Love, then your Union will remain elusive until you make a new choice. Your choice is powerful

So, how can we apply this awareness to the Twin Flame journey?

How can we make a new choice of love?

Whatever interaction, or lack of interaction, you have with your Twin Flame, it is showing you something. 

And your feelings are the way you can connect with what is being communicated. 

With every communication, or lack of communication, there is a feeling that will arise in your heart. There may be many good feelings but the not so good feelings show you there is a block to be healed.

It’s only when you take responsibility for what you are feeling that you can make progress with your healing. 

Your Twin Flame will faithfully reflect to you your own blocks to Love which are shown to you through the feelings themselves. That is their job.

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Why does it feel so difficult?

One of the ways you can make the journey feel so hard, is when you do not take responsibility for how you feel and try to project your feelings onto another or make them responsible for how you feel.

woman hiding from the mirror of Union

The only reason you’re unhappy, confused, and have problems in your relationship with your Twin Flame is because you’re projecting your upset onto them. Blaming others for how you feel and for your problems is what will ultimately prevent your Union from manifesting.

This is a very necessary spiritual lesson to learn because when you start taking responsibility for how you feel about everything in your reality, then you can heal and move in the direction of your desires.

Your healing journey is meant to be easy and even fun. Only resistance to it makes it feel so difficult.

Important Note: You do not need to take responsibility for the actions of others, only take responsibility for your feelings about them, or your experiences.

What is projection?

Projection is one of the biggest obstacles to healing on any level. The other big one is not taking responsibility for your life. If you’re blaming other people or circumstances for your unhappiness, you’re not going to feel much relief and the journey will feel difficult.

To understand projection we can look at the definition given to us by modern Psychology experts. 

Projection is defined in Psychology Today as:

Projection is the process of displacing one’s feelings onto a different person, animal, or object. The term is most commonly used to describe defensive projection—attributing one’s own unacceptable urges to another. For example, if someone continuously bullies and ridicules a peer about his insecurities, the bully might be projecting his own struggle with self-esteem onto the other person.

Projection is a form of defense. It occurs exactly when you want to disown what you are feeling and instead opt to believe that others are responsible for the emotions and behaviors you are experiencing. Or that they are the ones displaying the behavior you are disowning.

You can’t heal if you don’t take responsibility. Healing stops when you give up, blame others and stop taking action. Blaming others stops you getting the help that you need. Projection reveals the truth about your actions and motivations.

Projection only occurs when you feel very uncomfortable feelings that you do not want to own as yours. Projection then allows you to place some distance between you and the discomfort in an attempt to move it away from you. 

But what you resist persists. Avoidance is never the way forward.

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What is an example of projection?

Projection is disowning a part of you experiencing emotional pain, instead of allowing yourself to heal and dissolve the pain. Without healing, you maintain the painful feeling within yourself and create a distortion of your perception of life itself. 

This means you no longer see things as they really are. 

To find out if you have ever projected your feelings onto your Twin Flame or another person, check the examples below:

Example 1:

Your experience: Your Twin Flame says they don’t want a relationship with you.

Projection: If you have a painful belief about love which causes you to feel a lot of rejection, you project those feelings onto your Twin Flame believing they are intentionally causing you hurt and pain. You become the victim of the scenario and hold onto blame.

Result: You keep the pain within yourself and do not allow your relationship to heal, deepen in intimacy and move forward. 

Result after healing: When you heal the pattern using the Mirror Exercise, you release the painful feeling from your consciousness. This returns you to a state of peace and alignment with love. You are released from blame. Love can re-enter your relationship. And your Twin Flame no longer plays out a scenario where they appear to be rejecting you.

Example 2: 

Your experience: Your mother tries to control your life and tell you what to do.

Projection: You feel very angry at being told what to do and project your feelings of being controlled onto your mother. 

Result: You experience discomfort, your relationship with your mother does not improve and you feel like the victim of the situation.

woman healed from her upsets

Result after healing: Healing reveals the truth, that this situation is simply reflecting to you a place within yourself where you have been controlling yourself and stopping yourself from following your heart. After healing the pattern, your relationship with your mother can change. Either you will reveal a new level of relationship or the relationship will fall away if it was not truly loving.

The underlying truth is that your Twin Flame and others are simply showing you places within yourself where you have blocks to Divine love. Often these blocks were formed early in life as a child. Having compassion for yourself as you heal is of utmost importance. 

Your Twin Flame will always be your direct and most Divine mirror of your consciousness. Without them showing you your upsets, you would not be aware of what you need to heal.

You can heal these patterns very easily by taking responsibility for your feelings and applying the Mirror Exercise

When you  blame others for your own unhappiness or failure, rather than taking responsibility for your feelings, you prevent healing from occurring. And Peace and Union will remain elusive.

In Conclusion

The Twin Flame journey will bring you many experiences and feelings to work through. Each one of these is designed to help you discover the blocks you will need to heal.

Honoring your Twin Flame’s role as your guru will help you to see that they are helping you when they trigger your deepest fears.

If you choose humility and take responsibility for your feelings, you can heal them and dissolve away the pain.

union happening now

Projection is a common defense mechanism, used to avoid dealing with your own feelings and thoughts instead projecting them onto others – seeing in them what you dislike or fear most about yourself. When you recognize that this is happening, and take responsibility for it, then true healing can begin.

Not taking responsibility for how your Twin Flame makes you feel is what is actually stopping the manifestation of your Union now. Projection is one of the biggest challenges that you face during your spiritual journey because it prevents your spiritual evolution which is essential in order to heal yourself and have your Twin Flame Union.

Learning to humbly heal your upsets with the support of a Certified Ascension Coach is the recommended way to help yourself achieve all of your deepest desires. 

The path of Ascension is a great challenge, but one filled with eternally lasting delights. Discover our free Twin Flames Introductory Ascension Course for more information.

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