On the Twin Flame journey are you experiencing the silent treatment because your Twin Flame blocks you or ghosts you? Let’s discover the solution together.

Your Twin Flame is the perfect mirror of your inner world. Your Twin Flame blocked you, then mirror that you have blocked yourself. Are you puzzled about how you may have blocked yourself?

The answer is where are you numbed out to your innermost feelings? Where do you avoid connecting to your inner child? Are you abandoning yourself instead of loving and supporting? You can change everything. It’s possible to have them unblock you, but how?

What is the Twin Flame concept?

Twin Flames share the same soul blueprint. They are comparable to the yin-yang symbol: whole unto themselves, but complementary and connected in every way. You do not merge with your Twin Flame because you are already One at the core, as you were created together by the Divine. This means that your Twin Flame is your greatest teacher, your best friend, your perfect partner, and your Ultimate Lover. Yes, you are meant to be romantic and have sex with your Twin Flame. They are your One True Love, your true Divine romantic partner for eternity.

The Twin Flame Mirror effect?

Twin Flames share the same soul blueprint or soul essence. And so, your Twin Flame is always mirroring back to you the state of your shared consciousness. When you are thriving, loving yourself, and enjoying your life purpose work, you experience that joy reflected in you through your Twin Flame. When you are struggling to love yourself or heal your upsets, your Twin Flame also reflects this to you.

They are always showing you what to heal within yourself, so that you can experience deeper levels of Love in your Union, instead of separation. When you heal your upsets the same mirror effect you receive from your Twin Flame. For example, In the past, if you were neglected your emotional needs were. Now you are taking care of your emotional needs. Now you can experience your Twin Flame emotionally available to you. In this way, you can receive Twin Flame mirror effects all along your Twin Flame journey by loving yourself.

What is Twin Flame ghosting or blocking?

Ghosting in a Twin Flame context involves one partner abruptly ceasing all forms of communication – calls, texts, emails, and even social media interactions. You may be unblocked but they don’t reply to your calls or messages. Blocking is actively preventing the other person from making contact through various means, like blocking their phone number or social media profiles.

As your Divine mirror, your Twin Flame may mirror you where you are not in communication with yourself. If you are experiencing a block or upsetting feeling around communication with your Twin Flame, It reflects you not fully receiving the communication from your own body or your own needs. The same inner consciousness your Twin Flame mirrors you by ghosting or blocking you.

As a reminder, you or your Twin Flame can not block Twin Flame energy. As both of your hearts are eternally connected with an unbreakable etheric cord by the Divine. Wherever you are at any point you want, you can feel your Twin Flame energy in your heart.

Can you ruin a Twin Flame connection?

You are living in a supportive Universe. It always represents your spiritual lessons in front of you to learn and grow. In this process, your Twin Flame and all other people help you to reflect those upsets, which you need to learn and grow. It’s okay if you have not learned a complete lesson or learned a partial lesson the first time around. You can not ruin your Twin Flame connection. The universe will always give you more chances, no matter how much they ignore or block you. It perfectly throws the same lesson in front of you again until you learn it completely. 

You have an eternal connection with your Twin Flame and God or say Universe. You never ruin your Twin Flame connection. Your journey is unique and perfectly moving as it is supposed to be in a compassionate way to teach you your lessons or heal all your upsets.

Why am I rejecting or abandoning my Twin Flame?

You and your Twin Flame are One. The actual question you can ask here is why and where are you rejecting or abandoning yourself. But in Divine Truth, your Twin Flame could never abandon you, because they are you.

If the Universe created abandonment, then it would be real, but it’s an illusion. When you don’t want to be with yourself, you abandon yourself and thus open yourself up to the experience of being abandoned or rejected by others or by Twin Flame. This is how mirroring works.

When you choose to stop abandoning or rejecting yourself and start listening to yourself and loving yourself where you need to, you cease self-abandonment and develop self-trust, love, and confidence.

As a result, your Twin Flame will change, because in claiming yourself, you claim ALL of you, which naturally includes your Twin Flame. After all, they are you too.

How does a Twin Flame stop running?

Again you and your Twin Flame are one consciousness. He is reflecting the truth to heal where you are running from yourself. In this, you stop the cycle of codependency and rejection within yourself. You will see the same result outside in the physical world. Your Twin Flame will reflect by stopping running from you. 

The solution is to focus back on your inner self now. This requires a healthy dose of contemplation, self-realization, and responsibility, but we know and trust you can do this. In this Mirror Exercise, Jeff and Shaleia can help you.

If two people are making different choices, then there is a possibility that they are not Twin Flames. A “Twin Flame runner” and “Twin Flame chaser” situation can only happen with a person who is not your Twin Flame. How can you tell? If you do the Mirror Exercise, your true Twin Flame will stop running from you when you stop running. Anyone else will continue running away.

The solution is self-love: what is self-love & how to do it? 

Self-love means accepting yourself unconditionally regardless of all past mistakes. Allowing yourself to feel your all feelings pleasant or unpleasant and process them gently with compassion. Loving yourself unconditionally without judging by accepting your present self as it is. Self-love is about all the actions that support all needs for physical, psychological, and spiritual. It’s a fundamental concept that involves various aspects of our well-being. It’s not ignoring nor blocking your connection to self.

Overall, self-love is about having a high regard for your well-being and happiness. It’s taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others, not settling for less than you deserve, and making your happiness a priority.

How does your inner work change outer reality?

We all are living in a “Yes” Universe. It means what we believe and have energetically within us the same experiences we attract. Like attracts like the law of the Universe always works. As you vibrate at a certain frequency you accordingly manifest everything in your life. When you purify your consciousness and heal your upsets energetically you change your vibration. You increase your vibration. Accordingly, as per your high vibration, you receive results in the physical world from your Twin Flame and others.  

Most importantly what you give that you receive again is the law of karma. It means the whole Universe is inside you. What you will give to yourself and others energetically or through actions and choices, then you will receive the same manifest from the Universe. The solution is to change the inner world and the process of doing the inner world is called inner work. You can start today with the easiest way called the Teachings of Union or the Mirror Exercise.

The inner work result in Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame.

On the Twin Flame journey, knowing and practicing the eight major keys to achieving Harmonious Union can help you accelerate your Twin Flame journey and progress. To attain Harmonious Twin Flame Union, we have to build a deep spiritual foundation. That foundation is built on 8 keys, 8 fundamentals that Jeff and Shaleia have identified in Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover. As you build this foundation brick by brick, mastering these 8 keys will help you navigate the healing journey and will bring Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Having a secure foundation gives you a feeling of permanence in your Union. It means you have all the ingredients to heal any upset with ease and to grow in love without limits. The 8 keys are your essential foundation.

  1. Honesty
  2. Trust
  3. Commitment
  4. Persistence
  5. Compassion
  6. Unconditional Love
  7. Forgiveness
  8. Respect

Inner work is easy as loving yourself is easy. The more you go through your inner healing cycles, the more you experience your natural state of being with your Twin Flame.

This natural state of being is a Harmonious Union. Harmonious Union is soul Union. It is the permanent marriage of two into One. You will have attained Harmonious Union physically when you have first reached the vibration within. It’s a beautiful reward you receive from the Divine through your inner work. Embrace it, and you’ll never have to worry about Twin Flame blocking or ignoring you ever again.

Twin Flame blocks

Written by Komal Aravind

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