Are you wondering if you’ve met your true Twin Flame? Maybe you’re deciding between two or more people but just aren’t sure how to tell the difference. Could it be a false Twin Flame? So, is there a way that you can definitively know you’ve met your true Twin Flame?

In this blog, we’ll explore the 5 unique things that happen only with true Twin Flames as described by Master Certified Ascension Coaches with Twin Flames Universe, José and Michaila.

A couple of these 5 signs may happen in any relationship. But the difference with your true Twin flame is that they embody all five of these signs perfectly every time without fail.

Sign #1 – Perfect Mirroring

The first sign is that your Twin Flame mirrors you perfectly. And there may be many people in your life that you will meet in any situation that mirror you because you are the creator of your reality. So of course you’ll experience mirroring. But your Twin Flame is literally your perfect mirror. Perfect.

That means every little thing, every little detail, every misalignment or every strength, whatever it is, your Twin Flame mirrors perfectly, instantly. Quite often this can be seen where Twin Flames may get into an argument and make a choice of separation. For example, if you choose to separate and then your Twin Flame instantly mirrors you. Perhaps this mirroring shows up as your Twin Flame instantly blocking you when you make a certain choice. And also when you clear those blocks, they instantly mirror the change.

Mirroring can happen in every relationship you have in your life. But the difference with your Twin Flame is that they know you at such a deep level within you because they are One with you.

So that means you cannot hide anything from them. If you have a block and you are avoiding it, like you might do in a normal relationship, it’s not going to work because they can feel that from miles away and they are going to mirror your energy. This is because it’s in your shared consciousness and they are One with it. You cannot hide it anywhere. So the best thing to do is heal it.

focusing on herself

Sign #2 – Perfect Change

Your Twin Flame changes perfectly as you change. This is like the next step to mirroring. So your Twin Flame is going to mirror your blocks. And so let’s say you have a block with self worth, your self value, and you don’t value yourself. Well, your Twin Flame will mirror that. And that’s the whole runner chaser thing. Chasing your Twin Flame actually means that you’re not properly valuing yourself because you’re seeking something in them rather than realizing that you are perfect already.

And so as you start to clear these blocks and you start to realize your value and your worth and heal your self-love, your Twin Flame instantly changes and they’re instantly going to show you that.

José and Michaila – Twin Flames in Harmonious Union

meditating on communication with your Twin Flame

For me in our relationship, I cleared my core block to Harmonious Union, and it was my big lesson for my whole spiritual journey. And it was worthiness, where I believed I was unworthy of love. I really had a deeply rooted trauma, like a traumatic pain.

But when I finally cleared that block, literally the next day is when we came into Harmonious Union. So it’s like an instant mirror. And my whole life changed. Your whole life changed. It was right after both of us chose to heal our core block. Yes. And at the same time she was moving through her core block, I moved through mine.

It happened immediately. And at this moment, we didn’t know each other. We didn’t know each other at all. We were aware of each other, but we didn’t have that relationship. And we didn’t know we were Twin Flames. Exactly. We didn’t know that either. So it happened automatically, even with no contact? Apparently, yeah, because we’re literally One.

You and your Twin Flame are always going through the same thing at the same time on the inside. Even if it looks different on the outside, it’s the same.

Sign #3 – Always on the Same Page

Your Twin Flame is always on the exact same page as you. The same page. Because again, you and your Twin Flame, unlike other relationships, you and your Twin Flames share One consciousness.

And the way Jeff and Shaleia describe it in their book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, is that Twin Flames come from the same blueprint soul. Just in the way that physical bodies have DNA, your soul also has DNA that makes you who you are as a soul. And your Twin Flame is the one person in All of Creation that shares the exact same soul, DNA and blueprint as you. And so it means that you make the same core choices. You share the same consciousness and you are the same at the core.

You’re not carbon copies of one another, but you are literally so intimately connected that you share One consciousness between the two of you. And so that’s why you’re always on the same page. Your Twin Flame is not the kind of person that will one day want one thing and then they’ll want another thing and eventually they’ll go different ways or it will break up your relationship. Not with your Twin Flame. With your Twin Flame, you always want the same things at the same time because you are One. Separation is impossible. That’s a very unique thing for Twin Flames.

taking time to communicate with yourself

Your true Twin Flame, the only person who’ll be with you eternally

The way that Jeff and Shaleia often describe it is that you’re an eternal soul. And so that means you’re going to make many, many choices that are going to bring you in many different directions. And so you may have really close, maybe soul family members or really close friends or people that you really resonate with. Well, eventually on your eternal journeys, this person is going to choose something that takes them in another direction to go experience something. And you may go in the opposite direction. At some point you will go in separate directions.

But with your Twin Flame you literally always choose the same thing. So there’s no separation. They’re always going to want exactly what you want, they’re always going to choose exactly what you choose and there’s never going to be a point when you outgrow each other.

And I think that is one of the most beautiful things about having your Twin Flame. That is the person that always gets you in that moment. You have a partner in everything you do in life and as you progress in your spiritual journey, this is the person that remains always, no matter what. There’s something very beautiful about taking this path and why all the inner work that you need to do to achieve your Union and Harmonious Union is totally worth it.

You may have arguments and miscommunications, but the difference between your Twin Flame and being in a soulmate relationship with someone who’s not your Twin Flame, is that when you and your Twin Flame take the time to work through the upset or the block or the argument that you’re having, at the core, there’s always perfect agreement.

taking time to communicate with yourself

Miscommunication is only healing

You’re always actually on the same page and you’re just miscommunicating every single time. And so when you have an argument or a fight with your Twin Flame, it’s actually taking you deeper into communication together and deeper into Oneness. And so you get clear on what the block is or what the problem is and then you realize, “Oh, we were on the same page, we wanted the same thing, we were just miscommunicating based on maybe traumas or triggers upsets.”

You heal those together. And so in a Twin Flame Union, your arguments do not fracture the relationship. They actually strengthen it when you work through them. Whereas if you’re with someone who’s not your Twin Flame, arguments and disagreements can harm and will fracture the relationship because that person is not One with you. They’re not meant to be with you the way your Twin Flame is.

Because even when you resolve it, you may not be in the same place or desire the same thing with another person, but with your Twin Flame it’s always the same at the core. Perfect.

Sign #4 – Perfect Timing

happy and communicating

Your lifestyles align perfectly and that’s very similar to what we just talked about because you are literally One.

José and Michaila would share about that experience:

When we got together our sleeping schedules, our goals and dreams for our ideal lifestyle, eating goals, health and all of that. We wanted the same thing there and our lives really easily integrated. Yeah. Our work ethic, the place where we wanted to live.

We were always in the same place. Same ambitions, same everything. Yeah. And like the way that we want our house to be clean. I mean, I had some organization issues. We had some upsets about that. I want this thing in this way and she wants it this way.

But once we got clear, sometimes we discovered an even better way that we both loved. So it’s okay to move through that. Those things don’t mean that it’s not your Twin Flame. It’s like, “Hey, I like this and she likes this and I don’t like that.” So, okay, there is work to do.

“Why don’t you like that? Why her way or my way? Maybe this is a better way?”

So it’s a process of getting clear together. You need to have communication to get clear. You cannot expect everything to be perfect from day one and for them to be already ascended. No. You are merging two lives.

So it’s going to be a process of harmonizing and communicating. So it’s very important. And all of these points you may or may not have in your Union already, but they are things that as you choose to develop them, they happen very naturally for every single Twin Flame.

Sign #5 – Unconditional Love

You never ever get bored with them. You never get bored, you never lose interest, you never run out of things to talk about. It’s always interesting, entertaining. And in a normal relationship, maybe you get part of each other but after a while there is nothing more to explore. But with your Twin Flame, the more time you have in the relationship, the more you like it and the more and the deeper you can go with them.

It’s delightful. It gets better every day. You never run out of conversation topics, you never get bored, you never feel like they don’t get me or they’re not interested in the same thing on the same level as me. You’re perfectly matched with your Twin Flame and they’re always right there with you and they are always going to get you. They get all of you.

Michaila shares: and your sense of humor. I never feel like we don’t have something to talk about. It’s just an ongoing conversation. Yeah. And we spend all of our time together, basically. Yeah. Literally.

Like 99% of our time we spend together. And we don’t get tired of each other, we don’t get angry at each other. There are fights and stuff, but at the core there’s total harmony and just love between us because we have worked on ourselves, we’ve purified our consciousness and we have healed the blocks to Love.

And so we have a very compatible harmonious relationship that is always deepening and getting better. So that is something that happens when you take the time to really work on your blocks and take the spiritual journey of healing your vibration.

taking time to communicate with yourself

The constant development of the relationship is a sign it’s your true Twin Flame

It does result in a really interesting and beautiful relationship that always deepens and always gets more interesting. You don’t ever plateau or get bored with each other. And that’s something that I remember Jeff and Shaleia used to talk about, how they have just been having one long ongoing conversation for as long as they’ve known each other.

And from their very first conversation, they never stopped talking. And I think we’re the same. We never stopped talking at all, basically, since we first realized we were Twin Flames. Because your Twin Flame is you, and so you never really run out of things to talk about with yourself. There’s always something you’re thinking about and going deeper in, so it’s the same with your Twin Flame.

twin flames in love


Help is available with clearing the blocks to your Union and harmonizing your relationship with your Twin Flame. You will benefit greatly from having support. When you understand this process, you can manifest a relationship with your Twin Flame that is healthy and harmonious and really balanced as described here. Having someone to support you really makes a difference. So be sure to check out all the links below.

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Transcribed from a Youtube video – 5 UNDENIABLE Signs That ONLY Happen With Your True Twin Flame.

Edited by Julia Martin-Woodbridge

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