A new wave of energy is manifesting this 1111 portal season. Twin Flames are coming into Union.

Between November 10th and November 12th, with a peak on November 11th (or 11/11), high energies are circulating all around us. This is the season of the Twin Flame reunions and intense events.

But what is the 1111 portal event about? How does it affect Twin Flames? What are the spiritual energies present during November 11?

First of all, is the 1111 portal even a portal at all? Yes, it is. A portal is a period of time when energies are amplified. Something already present in the Universe is multiplied and more people are aware of it. Usually portals are associated with numerology. We have the Lion’s Gate (12/12) and many other numbers throughout the year (such as 4/4).

What does 11:11 portal mean for Twin Flames?

And 1111 has always been associated with Twin Flames. It is the ultimate Twin Flame number.

Why? Because this number represents Oneness. The number 11 means that 1+1= Oneness for Twin Flames. You are always One at the core, but exist in two bodies, made of the same soul blueprint.

If you see 11 repeated twice or more, it is a sign that the Universe is asking you to pay attention to the Twin Flame journey.

Funnily enough 11/11/2023 equals the number 11 in numerology. It means the energies this year are even more potent, in order to help Twin Flames reunite. This is the magic of the 1111 portal manifestation.

So what do you do spiritually during this period? Well, this period is meant to teach you about the true significance of the Twin Flame journey and the true meaning of 1111.

The Twin Flame relationship and 1111?

Many would think that 1111 means manifestation of Twin Flame Union in the 5D. While this is partly true, reunion doesn’t necessarily happen on this date.

This is because reunion can’t happen all on its own. You need to choose it and actively pursue it (spiritually, not physically). This is not a call to chase your Twin Flame. Reunion happens when you start the healing journey for the both of you. Because you are the person that has been called to the spiritual journey, you are in charge while your Twin Flame focuses on other things. Think of it as if you were both tending to different part of the same garden.

The portal only amplifies the energy already present. This means that if you were healing before, you are going to experience more growth from your healing during this time. However, if you weren’t healing, you are only going to manifest more of the Twin Flame lessons you are moving through.

Sometimes, Twin Flame lessons can seem a bit confusing. They bring up a lot of pain and things we never thought about before. This is because Twin Flames bring are meant to bring up our innermost upsets to the surface. You might not even be conscious about the patterns within you. The Twin Flame journey requires you to be very humble and accept that this is what your reality is showing you at this time.

All of your reality is a mirror, your Twin Flame being the most accurate one of all. Having bad feelings or being mirrored complicated situations doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. Twin Flames don’t mirror the outer reality, they help you see how you’ve felt inside all along.

What does the angel number 11 mean in Twin Flame separation?

Are you experiencing non-commitment with your Twin Flame? Where is it that you may not be committing to yourself or betraying yourself? The feeling can be small but it still needs to be healed. Your Twin Flame will continue to show this to you until you are complete with the lesson.

Twin Flames are meant to show you where you need to heal the illusions of separation. They also show you who you are, because they are your Divine mirror. Don’t be too disappointed if 1111 wasn’t what you thought it would be at first. The reality on the other side of the healing is going to be even better.

You are meant to be together with your Twin Flame

Know that your Twin Flame is meant to be your romantic partner for all of eternity. You have plenty of 1111 portals to live with them afterwards. The healing you’re doing now is never lost. Not only do you have the ability to be with your Twin Flame in this lifetime, you are healing these upsets within you once and for all. No matter the lifetime afterward, no matter the situation, you will grow closer to your Twin Flame one Mirror Exercise at a time, until there is no separation anymore.

One day, in another life, you will grow up as neighbors, never to be separated again. This is what we call Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

What this means is that once you heal, you will never have to worry about certain upsets again. Upsets do not end with this life, as our souls are bigger than our physical envelopes. So, the sooner you take care of it sooner you will experience Heaven on Earth with your Twin Flame.

1111 portal

Does 1111 signify awakening for your Twin Flame?

Yes, in a sense. 1111 is the time of awakening for all Twin Flames. But, you have to know that your Twin Flame is already as awakened as you are because you are One at the core.

And when you see 1111, or any number in a repetitive manner, you are only getting personal messages from the Universe. These messages may differ from person to person. Each number also has a different and unique meaning.

Think about the emotions you feel when you see 1111. Are you feeling good? Are you feeling loved? Are you feeling upset? These feelings guide you to the deeper meaning of the number for you.

From the personal message you get, you can then apply healing (if there’s a need for it). Allow repeated numbers to help you see your next step on the spiritual journey.

Whatever happens, know that you are meant to be with your Twin Flame. Everyone has a Twin Flame. Your natural state of love is Twin Flame Union. While the 1111 portal seems a little bit intense, it is only guiding you to the deeper truth: Harmonious Twin Flame Union for eternity.

If you see Twin Flame signs in your reality, it means you are called to be with your Twin Flame right now. You would not be able to see Twin Flame signs if you weren’t ready.

So, whatever obstacles you are experiencing (3rd party, no contact), you can overcome easily with the right tools. These tools are your ultimate support on this journey. It may not be easy at times. But by studying the truth of Twin Flames, you ensure that you are ready to face any challenges that come your way.

From the 1111 portal to Twin Flame Union

The Twin Flame journey is truly a journey meant to show you your inner strength. It shows you that you can save yourself and have a life of your dreams. When you do that, you become loved from the inside and super attractive to your Twin Flame. This is what it means to take the spiritual journey. Follow the Ascension path your Twin Flame has laid out for you. It will lead you to a life of eternal romance.

1111 portal

Written by Yoreen Marcin

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