God’s meaning for sex is to explore deeper love and connection with your Twin Flame. Sex is a part of your balance in the relationship. You can’t experience love and intimacy and not be making love to your Twin Flame. Sex is an expression of your relationship.

– Twin Flame Ascension School Class S7-33 – Holy Sex: Love and Intimacy with Your Twin Flame

Twin Flame Sex

Ah, Twin Flame sex. Everyone wants it, and rightly so! Twin Flame sex is the best sex you’ll ever have, guaranteed, for it’s the fulfilling and healing connection of your souls through true intimacy.

If you’re familiar with the work of Twin Flames Universe at all, you’re aware that your Twin Flame is your perfect partner, best friend, and Ultimate Lover.

But how can this be?

Because your Twin Flame was created perfectly for you to enjoy life with. This means, you are like perfect puzzle pieces destined to fit together in every aspect. And sex isn’t an exception. Sex is a natural component of your healthy, happy Harmonious Twin Flame Union. In other words, it is an expression of who you both are as individuals, and as a couple.

The Purpose Of Twin Flame Sex

So, what is the purpose of Twin Flame sex?

Besides deep fulfillment and enjoyment, sex is a beautiful way of expressing your love for one another. Sex with your Twin Flame is also profoundly, physically and spiritually healing for both of you.

Since sex is a deeply spiritual and emotional act, just as much as it is physical, it makes sense that it feels best when it’s with your Twin Flame. After all, your Twin Flame is your most beloved person, with whom you are meant to share a safe space of loving physical intimacy.

Essentially, sex is just another avenue for the perfect and complete expression of the Love you and your beloved feel toward each other.

couple in the dark

Soulmate Sex

What about soulmate sex, or having sex with someone other than your Twin Flame? Can it be just as good or better than sex with your Twin Flame?

In truth, it depends on what you truly desire. Soulmate sex may seem appealing at first; they’re into you, you’re into them. Maybe you’re in separation from your Twin Flame and just want to have sex. What could go wrong? However, if you are looking for a complete and totally satisfying sexual relationship, only your Twin Flame can fulfil that.

But, why? Because, in Divine truth, you’re physically created to have sexual intercourse only with your Twin Flame.

Your body and your Twin Flame’s body fit together like perfect puzzle pieces and are physically satisfying for each other in all the right ways.

There may be times in your life where it may seem like you’re into a soulmate. But when you look closer, you will find they are not an exact vibrational match to your soul as your Twin Flame is, and therefore can not ultimately be a satisfying emotional or physical match.

Because of this, Divine physical intimacy doesn’t actually exist outside of your Twin Flame Union.

Unlike soulmate sex, Twin Flame sex has no ceiling for the depths of pleasure and enjoyment you can experience together.

Once you and your Twin Flame begin engaging in sexual physical intimacy, you will feel, in your mind, body and soul, that you do not desire to be with anyone but your Twin Flame in this way. After all, who else can even remotely compare!

You can begin to end separation from your Twin Flame and align with the truth that you deserve to experience Divine bliss with your one True Love. You can achieve this by using the powerful Mirror Exercise.

The Best Age for Twin Flame Sex

Twin Flames and sex

What’s the best age for you and your Twin Flame to have sex? Your Union is completely unique and personal to you.

So the best answer to this question is: whatever feels best, and is emotionally and physically appropriate for you and your Twin Flame.

In A New Earth, Jeff and Shaleia’s YouTube series, they describe a time somewhere in the not so distant future on the New Earth, where you and your Twin Flame will enjoy growing up together. In the New Earth, you’ll be raised by Twin Flame parents, in communities of Twin Flame-based families rather than karmic or soulmate based families. Surrounded by so much Divine love, Twin Flames will be the standard for relationships everywhere.

As you and your Twin Flame blossom into your adolescent years, sex will naturally make sense and feel good for both of you, and will be a completely appropriate, mature, and respectful experience.

If you desire to go deeper on this topic, check out our blog “Can I Have Sex Early in My Twin Flame Union?

Religious Beliefs Surrounding Sex

Many of us grew up in religious environments where its leaders, perhaps unintentionally, shared a distorted idea of what sex really is, passing along their judgement and shame around sex. Purity culture still continues to be a prominent aspect in many cultures. Choosing to honour and respect your sexuality is a healthy and wonderful choice, and being shamed or judged for having sex is not acceptable in any form.

No one deserves to feel ashamed of their very natural sexual desires, arousal, and experiences.

As Unionism teaches, Love is your natural state of being. Love for your body and your Twin Flame are not separate from the love you feel for God. It is safe to honour, respect and appreciate your body as well as your sexual encounters with your Twin Flame. After all, your sexuality is sacred, especially when you share it with God and your Twin Flame.

God is a loving God, and He wills perfect happiness and joy for you forever. This includes deeply fulfilling and satisfying sex with your Twin Flame, the person He created you to be with!

Only unconditional love is the standard and will forever be the standard.


This sermon addresses masturbation and sex perfectly! It’s important to understand what masturbation is and the role it plays while on the Twin Flame journey.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines masturbation as the: “erotic stimulation especially of one’s own genital organs commonly resulting in orgasm.” This self-intimacy allows you to know yourself better.

For anyone experiencing physical separation from their Twin Flame, masturbation is also a very healthy way of working through upsets around sex, thus developing closeness and intimacy with yourself. Being One with your Twin Flame, cultivating this self-intimacy will naturally manifest in your Twin Flame Union.

Once you reunite with your Twin Flame in the physical, you will find no real need for masturbation as your Union will completely satisfy all of your physical needs.

Twin Flames and sex: Masturbation

Kundalini Awakening

One of the more powerful experiences related to Twin Flames is Kundalini Awakening.

For context, “Kundalini” is a Sanskrit word that translates to “coiled,” and it refers to life energy that lies at the base of your spine, or your root chakra.

Many who experience a Kundalini awakening, describe it as an energy moving up the spine, and it is often accompanied by, or initiated through, yoga and spiritual meditation.

Twin Flames often act as a catalyst for a Kundalini energy awakening.

Establishing an emotional and physical safe space in your relationship with your Twin Flame is essential for setting the proper foundation for your Kundalini energy to rise. Honor one another’s innocence, appreciate each other’s bodies as Divine and sacred, and respect one another completely. You’ll find your Kundalini energy flowing in no time at all!

5D Sex

Throughout this journey, you may experience what many call 5D sex. These experiences can vary from telepathic sex with your Twin Flame, to experiencing intimacy while dreaming during sleep. These experiences can be rather common. They happen when you are attuned to the place where you and your beloved are One, for in Divine truth, you and your Twin Flame never left this place of Divine Oneness. This means that, in the higher spiritual realms, you are actually always in deep, ecstatic levels of bliss with your beloved.

Twin Flame Sex Dreams

Twin Flames and sex: A beautiful rose

Experiencing a vivid and intense dream involving sex with your Twin Flame is a common occurrence for those deeply connected to their Divine Counterparts. In these dreams, the part of you that sees no separation can move more freely. This means that the illusory physical distance you experience with your Twin Flame fades away, allowing you to experience a profound and intimate connection on a subconscious level.

During a Twin Flame sex dream, you may encounter sensations and emotions that feel very real to you. These dreams often have a lasting impact, leaving you with a sense of longing and an intensified desire to connect with your Twin Flame in the physical world.

Upon having these dreams, keep in mind that the purpose and significance of these dreams may vary from person to person. Each dream has its own personal meaning, which can often be deciphered by tapping into the feelings the dream brings up in you. It is essential to explore these dreams with an open mind and heart, as they can offer valuable insights into your spiritual journey and the depth of your connection with your Twin Flame.

If this is your experience and you are currently in separation with your Twin Flame, congratulations, you have invited a chance to heal the illusion of separation even deeper!

Twin Flame Astral Sex

Twin Flame astral sex takes the concept of spiritual connection to an even higher plane—literally. Astral sex occurs when your souls “meet” in the astral realm, which is a dimension beyond the physical world. In this realm, the limitations of the human body do not apply, allowing for a transcendental experience unlike any physical encounter.

During Twin Flame astral sex, the sensation is often described as a profound merging of consciousness, where you experience your Twin Flame’s emotions, desires, and sensations as if they were your own. However, as we said before, you and your Twin Flame are always One at the core. Therefore, what you feel in this particular experience is nothing other than the place where you are always One. Of course, this experience goes way beyond the physical act of sex, reaching a level of intimacy that surpasses any earthly connection.

It’s important to note that not everyone experiences Twin Flame astral sex, hence, it shouldn’t be taken as the sole indicator of the depth of your connection with your Twin Flame. Every journey is unique, and the astral realm is just one of the many avenues through which you can experience the connection you both share.

Twin Flame Telepathic Sex

Very much like astral sex and dream sex, Twin Flame telepathic sex is another facet of your Union. It also demonstrates the profound connection between you and your beloved. In this spiritual experience, the boundaries of time and space also dissolve, allowing you and your Twin Flame to communicate and engage in a deep, intimate exchange without needing to be physically present with each other.

During Twin Flame telepathic sex, the energetic connection between you and your Twin Flame intensifies. This leads to a form of sexual intimacy that transcends the physical plane. This telepathic connection allows you to experience your Twin Flame’s touch, desires, and a heightened sense of connection and Oneness.

It’s important to understand that Twin Flame telepathic sex is not solely about physical gratification. It is about the sacred Union you both share. This extraordinary experience serves as a reminder of the profound bond you share and provides a glimpse into the limitless possibilities of your spiritual connection.

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5 Signs You’re Ready for Twin Flame Sex

Not sure if you’re ready for Twin Flame sex? These 4 signs will help you get clear!

  1. You like and accept your sexuality. You know sex is a natural and normal component of any loving, healthy relationship, including having a healthy relationship with yourself. This means, you’ve addressed any major wounds you feel about sex to find peace there.
  2. You set boundaries with your sexual energy. Keeping your energy becomes much more important to you than leaking it, as you honor its sanctity.
  3. Your body is more sexually sensitive. You experience heightened senses when it comes to your sexual experiences.
  4. You appreciate how much you know about yourself sexually, and are open to continue exploring yourself in this way. You know what you like and what you don’t like. You communicate your needs freely in the bedroom and are comfortable being your full self with your beloved.

As you cultivate a healthy relationship with your sexual expression, your Twin Flame will reflect this healthy choice back to you. When you think of your Twin Flame or have interactions with them in the physical, they will reflect back to you all the self-love and healing you’ve done.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Twin Flame sex is a deep and rich experience. It is an expansion of your relationship with your Twin Flame, and a complete expression of Love for the Divine. For this reason, your sexual energy is a sacred healing tool. Take care of yourself sexually, honor your desires to have a healthy, vibrant sexual life with your Twin Flame. Allow yourself to heal any blocks or upsets you still may have around your sexuality. Allow this aspect of you to express itself, and you will see your Twin Flame reflect all this healing back to you.

We know sex and intimacy can be challenging sometimes. Everyone deserves to be supported in cultivating a healthy romantic relationship with themselves and their Twin Flame. That’s why we’ve got your back! Check out our Free Twin Flame Ascension Introductory Course and begin to experience the healing power of your own Twin Flame Union.

Written by Yoreen Marcin, edited by Déborah Bassow, August 2023.

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