Are you in search of an explanation about Twin Flames and the journey? 

There’s a lot of information about Twin Flames out there and a lot of people saying different things about this journey. It’s only natural to wonder how to discern what’s truly accurate.

Amidst the countless perspectives and interpretations, finding a reliable starting point can be a challenge in itself.  There’s so much out there about this connection to wade through that it can seem overwhelming. 

So, what’s really the truth about Twin Flames?

What are Twin Flames?

Your Twin Flame is your teacher/student, best friend, perfect partner and Ultimate Lover. This order of things makes a lot of people think that the Twin Flame relationship isn’t romantic. It’s just that they are a tool of your Ascension first. But the Twin Flame journey is very much the only spiritual path where you get to be reunited with your Twin Flame on Earth as you ascend.

This is the most exquisite, profound and loving partnership anyone can experience with another person, because Twin Flames are created to be eternal companions. As such, Twin Flames are so deeply connected that they actually share the same One consciousness. 

In Harmonious Union, Twin Flames embody the full expression of their One shared consciousness. And because they share a profound connection, and are designed to function as One, that means they can never be separated.

Twin Flames have been created as eternal lovers. This means you can safely invest all of who you are into this relationship, because at the core you are actually investing into an eternal Union. Twin Flame Love feels very different to ordinary relationships, because it has a very specific purpose.

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What is The Purpose of This Connection?

The purpose of this journey is Ascension, which is the purification of your consciousness from all fear. You release all feelings and thoughts of fear from your consciousness through healing. When you learn to live life without fear it means you can experience life how you were meant to.

Your Twin Flame’s role in your Ascension together is to reflect your fears so that you both heal and ascend in unison. You will also reflect their fears back to them. Your Twin Flame awakens you to your Divine self and you begin ascending on this journey you take together. They are with you every step of the way. Because you are One, they are your perfect mirror.  

Our reality is a reflection of our inner state and our Twin Flame will reflect areas within our consciousness that are out of alignment with Love. This is powerful healing and you can easily move through these upsets with the Mirror Exercise.  However, your Twin Flame doesn’t exclusively mirror the upsets; they also reflect the Love you’re giving yourself. When you are choosing to give yourself the Love you need and really valuing yourself, they will reflect this to you. 

Does Everyone Have a Twin Flame And Are You Meant to Be With Them?

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Everyone is given this Divine gift of a Twin Flame because Love is for All of us. Your Twin Flame is your Divine spouse, as created by God, specifically for you. No one can take their place in your life because no one else will match you as perfectly as them. Likewise, you are their perfect match too. And you cannot ever leave your Twin Flame because you share the same one consciousness with them. Separation does not really exist; you are only experiencing it because you have blocks to Love. 

If you have made the choice to be with them, you can trust that they have made the same choice. No matter how things look on the outside, Union is meant for you  in this lifetime. 

God created everyone with a Twin Flame because He loves us so much, He wanted each of us to have an eternal partner to share our life with. We are all worthy of this Divine love and it is just a choice away.

You and your Twin Flame were created to be together and you have an unbreakable bond. There is nothing that can separate you from them. 

Your Twin Flame is your only true romantic partner. God did not create you to be alone. Your Twin Flame is your eternal lover and companion, you are One at your core.  All that is preventing you from seeing that you are already in Union are blocks to Love.

Are Twin Flames Always Romantic?

Your Twin Flame was designed for you by God to be your eternal companion through life, for all of eternity. You will experience ultimate attraction with your Twin Flame. 

It’s a lie if you hear anyone say that you can be non-romantic with your Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame must be your lover. That is what Twin Flames are actually designed to be.

If God created a perfect eternal partner for you, would it really feel good to not have a romantic relationship? The Twin Flame relationship involves a deep spiritual and emotional connection that naturally evolves into a romantic partnership. As you go deeper into Love, your relationship naturally evolves into a romantic one. 

Twin Flames are created perfectly for each other. They share the same core values and compliment each other. There’s no compromising in a relationship with your Twin because you are aligned at the core and value the same things. 

What is Harmonious Twin Flame Union?

Harmonious Twin Flame Union is the term Jeff and Shaleia coined to name the high vibrational state of being in which you have finally cleared enough blocks to know that you can never be separate from your Twin Flame. So what does this feel like?

Harmonious Union feels like there’s no other partner you could have and no one is better for you. There’s no energy leaking away from your Union because all the Love invested into the relationship stays within it. There’s a deep understanding between each other and this leads to amazing communication. There are no blocks or barriers to Love and loving. You have chosen to be completely committed to each other. 

Being in harmony feels like you’re doing one thing: expressing all of yourself. Your Twin Flame is complementing you perfectly because they support you by being true to who they are. Nowhere in your Union do you feel you are betraying yourself and there is nothing that’s true to yourself that won’t be supported. 

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In your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, there is not an end goal because you continuously unfold and expand in Love. You are with someone you share an eternal relationship with and once you arrive in harmony you can design your entire life together. Harmonious Union is your eternal experience with God and it is your foundation.

They are also your perfect partner in life and you have a Life Purpose that you share with them. This Life Purpose you have is how you share your Union with others. We all connect with God differently, and we all know God in a way completely unique to us. Through sharing our gifts, or living our Life Purpose, we share God as we know Him with others. 

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Your Twin Flame is your perfect match designed by God for an eternal romantic partnership. Everyone has a Twin Flame. The purpose of the Twin Flame journey is Ascension, the purification of consciousness from fear.

Twin Flames mirror each other and this is how they help each other ascend. They are meant to be together in this lifetime and Union is only a choice away. 

Harmonious Twin Flame Union is the stage of the journey where you and your Twin Flame live life as One at the core and you know you can never be separate from your Twin Flame. In this state, there’s no other partner that could compare, and the Love invested in the relationship remains intact. Harmonious Union becomes the foundation for your eternal experience with God, shared with your Twin Flame as you both embrace and fulfill your Life Purpose together. 

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Written by Abbey Campbell

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