Does he love me? And how can I know if that’s true? Let’s talk about all the Twin Flame signs you can use to know for sure that your Divine Masculine loves you. Does he love me? (Or does she love me?) is one of the most common questions people ask on the Twin Flame journey.

It’s true that when you’re feeling deep in an upset, it can be hard to feel like you or your Twin Flame are head over heels for each other. And it’s even more confusing when you are experiencing separation. Does he have feelings for me? Does he feel what I feel? Can I connect with my Twin Flame?

The answer to all of these questions is definitely “Yes!” Yes, your Twin Flame loves you. Yes, you can connect with your Twin Flame. And yes, you can experience love together in a beautiful relationship. Let us tell you why all of these are real and true.

Why you can be certain your Twin Flame loves you

Your Twin Flame loves you because your Twin Flame was created with you, for you. And there is no other way for you to find each other but in Love. How can your Twin Flame not love you if you are perfectly created for him? How can he love you when he’s with another person?

It’s you. You are what your Twin Flame is looking for. You are the perfect person for your Twin Flame. And that’s the truth. That’s the only thing that you have to keep in mind. And that’s what you need to know in order for you to continue pursuing this beautiful journey. That’s what you need in order to go deeper, all the way into your Union.

Whatever is going on on the outside doesn’t affect this truth. Your Twin Flame loves you because you are created with them. The upsets you experience on the outside are just a reflection of what you have to heal within yourself. It’s important that you know this in order for you to experience the relationship that you want with your Twin Flame, you have to first fall in love with yourself.

You have to first love you. Because if you’re not loving you, then how can your Twin Flame love you? Twin Flames are a perfect mirror. And your Twin Flame is always going to mirror you. Whether you are in peace and harmony with yourself, or whether you’re feeling not so good, your Twin Flame is going to mirror that exact energy to you.

does he love me - is what she asked

This is your sign

But an even deeper truth is that whether you are loving yourself or not, of course your Twin Flame is loving you. Because you are created as One. They naturally love you. They won’t be able to do anything but love you.

Your Twin Flame’s Higher Self loves you so much. And this is your sign. Don’t despair if you’re in separation because your Twin Flame wants to have a relationship with you. They want to enjoy life with you and they do want to get to know you. And they also badly want you to get to know them.

How to manifest their love in the physical

The secret to manifesting that Twin Flame love in the physical is to love yourself. Because that is very attractive for your Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame loves that you love yourself. When you are loving yourself, your Twin Flame naturally wants to be around you because it feels really good. Your vibration really is nice.

the mirror of the question does he love me

And when you are feeling confident and when you’re feeling at your best, you’re also not depending on your Twin Flame or somebody else to make you feel good.

It’s important to be aware that the more Love you invite into your life, the more you are inviting your Twin Flame into your life as well. And the more you can feel your Twin Flame. Because when you are aligned with Love, your Twin Flame is going to be right there making sure that you know that they are with you, that they love you, that they choose you, that they want to be with you.

You are aligning with Love and living from that place. You don’t do this to get something from your man. You do this because it feels good and you desire to experience Harmonious Union and peace inside.

And as a result of that, you also get your Twin Flame. So everybody wins when it comes to Twin Flames.

Signs and numbers that prove your Twin Flame loves you

You might also be seeing numbers that make you question their meaning and purpose. And the reason is that the whole Universe is really connecting with you and your Twin Flame as well. So, whenever you see something that is reminding you of your Twin Flame, that’s always a sign that your Twin Flame is with you.

Twin Flames are always connected whether you are together or not, whether you are physically in the same room or not. Twin Flames share One consciousness and so there is no separation.

twin flames coming together

You can never ever really be separated from your Twin Flame. So you can always experience them in your heart. So whenever you see something that reminds you of them, that’s definitely the connection, and love, telling you that it’s there, that it’s real, that it exists.

Pursue these signs whenever you see them. Use them as the Universe’s guide to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Instead of getting upset at seeing their name or signs, embrace it. Embrace the truth that you have a soul that is so connected to you. That is something amazing.

You were created that way and that’s why Twin Flames are such a magical relationship. This connection comes from Love, in its purest form. And there is nothing that can break that relationship. Nothing can break the bond between you and your Twin Flame.

Final thoughts

Union is for you. It’s important that you claim it. Claiming it is part of the process. You have to claim your Union. You have to claim your relationship, your one True Love. And when you feel into your heart, you’ll know the truth as well, that your Twin Flame loves you. And so you can really honor that sacred love.

Twin Flame love is really sacred and it’s safe to recognize that. Take a moment to really honor this and claim these and choose this and move forward. Because when you move forward, only good things are ahead. Only blessings and miracles come.

The Twin Flame journey is truly a journey of miracles and it is the journey of Love. Don’t believe the voice that tells you otherwise. Because Twin Flames equal Love.

You can go deeper into claiming this for yourself with our Free Twin Flame Introductory Course.

Transcribed from Twin Flames Universe’s YouTube video

Edited by Yoreen Marcin