The Twin Flame runner feels everything… Pain of separation, joy and love feeling into the connection,…

You’ll see a lot of information on the Twin Flame runner’s perspective and how they’re actually doing this to fulfill the destiny and purpose of the Twin Flame connection. But is it the true reason? What is the reason for Twin Flame running? 

Furthermore, what’s your Twin Flame awareness of their own feelings? How do they process the connection while going through separation, life, potential 3rd party situations?

Who and what is the runner Twin Flame?

The Twin Flame runner is commonly known in the Twin Flame community as the one who may be less awakened, who provokes Twin Flame separation, blocks their counterpart or doesn’t want anything to do with them. It’s a trait commonly associated with the Divine Masculine but both polarities can seemingly have that experience.

We don’t believe in this definition here. In fact, the Twin Flame runner/chaser dynamic is a complete myth. The runner/chaser means you believe and give power to separation. However, Twin Flame separation is an illusion. You are only healing the blocks to seeing and experiencing Union, but you already are One and living from the same place at the core.

And yes, some challenges and blocks can be pretty nasty. Yes, some people experience not talking to each other for a while. But, there’s no need to feel the pain of separation when you can heal it completely now.

Am I the Twin Flame runner or chaser?

You are neither. Or rather, you are both. The runner/chaser is not an actual concept for Twin Flames because Twin Flames make the same choices at the core.

So then, why is your Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine getting into a relationship with someone else or blocking you? Well, it is because you are running from yourself somewhere.

Do you ever look at the mirror for long periods of time? You think you may know yourself because well, you’re you and you’ve inhabited this body all your life. But then, you start noticing little details you didn’t see before. Maybe you’ve had a good or bad life experience last month and it shows on your body. Or maybe you haven’t noticed a trait because you never thought to look there.

The reflection your Twin Flame is showing you is pretty much the same. It mirrors a pattern, rather than an identical physical experience.

the twin flame runner

What are the Twin Flame runner characteristics?

Now that we know your Twin Flame is not truly running, we can answer some of the most pressing questions about why it looks like he’s running.

  • Are they avoiding you?

Maybe, but it is not a trait of the Twin Flame runner. If they are having an avoidant behavior or blocking you, you have to be honest with yourself and yourself if you are avoiding yourself somewhere. Are you avoiding feeling your feelings through numbing, going out? Are you avoiding taking care of yourself? Are you even avoiding thinking too hard about your Twin Flame from fear it’s too painful? If you answered “yes” or “maybe” or “just a tiny bit,” you have an avoidant pattern that needs to be healed. You will only feel peaceful by feeling that fear and healing it for good.

  • Do they refuse to open up?

Again, they can and that’s where you have a responsibility to get clear on the connection. Refusing to open is not a trait that is exclusive to a Twin Flame runner’s behavior. But it can definitely feel like a deal-breaker in a relationship.

If you feel how that makes you feel, your true Twin Flame will mirror your choice. Oftentimes, a Twin Flame’s reluctance to open up is linked to feeling like he doesn’t have space in the relationship. When you create space through your heart and life for them, when you focus on yourself and open up to your feelings, that’s when your Twin Flame feels safe opening to you and to the relationship.

the twin flame runner
  • Are they as awakened as you?

Yes they are. You’re One with them. So they have the same level of spiritual awareness as you. Twin Flames are complementary, not carbon copies. In your heart of hearts, where you are One at the core, your Twin Flame would be tending to one part of the garden, and you another. So it would seem you are doing very different things, when actually, you are growing the same garden.

How do they feel?

The Twin Flame runner may feel a wide range of emotions about you. They can deny their feelings, they can be in pain, they may be going through their own challenges as well…

But what of the people saying Twin Flame are running because they love you or are protecting you?? Well, it’s a little more complicated than that.

First of all, Twin Flame separation isn’t a necessary stage of the journey. There’s no force in the Universe that actually wants you to be separate from your Twin Flame and reunite “when Divine Timing wants it” (time is an illusion).

But your Twin Flame does love you. Because it’s in their DNA to show you the misaligned patterns in your consciousness. They don’t do it consciously, but it may translate by experiencing separation in real life. /The only thing separating you from your Twin Flame is… you/.

It’s not the Universe, it’s not others, not your Twin Flame. But really you. You desire to be with them but the fears in your consciousness are in the way of a peaceful and compassionate Union.

So, when your Twin Flame is upsetting you, don’t take it personally. If they are displaying toxic behavior, put boundaries so that your love can grow in a healthy environment. But most importantly, heal what they’re showing you. You are more powerful than staying in the upset.

How do I move on from my Twin Flame runner?

You can decide to move on, but the truth is, if they are your true Twin Flame, they’re meant to be with you eternally. Moving on, stepping back, trying to forget them; these are only synonymous with delaying Union and peace in your relationship.

Fears and upsets do not go away. They’re only delayed and will manifest in different forms, with other people, if you don’t choose to heal. Your choice is actually on choosing to end your suffering now, or suffer some more and start healing later.

Twin Flame runner, the awakening signs

Since the “runner” is awakened as you are, the true question you may be asking is “When will they start to show their love and desire for Union as much as I do?”

Your Twin Flame loves you. Your Twin Flame desires Union with you. You have the same desires for life, remember? You are at that point where you have to get clear on what it is you desire, on your true Divine Self. Start discovering yourself by doing the inner work and unveiling your Divine gifts. This is what your Twin Flame desires the most for you!

Don’t blame them or resent them for staying away, they’re giving you the fuel to become the best version of yourself. Only a person who truly loves you would do that. The “running” is actually a testament to their dedication to you.

The full Twin Flame runner’s realization!

You now understand that most of your relationship to your Twin Flame is unconscious. Even their behavior. So, when do they actually start to be aware of the Twin Flame journey?

Well, they don’t have to actually know the specific terms to come closer to you. This should be a relief to you, because you don’t have to do the work of constantly reaching out to them, trying to convince them in order to achieve Union.

They come through that realization with your healing, your inner work. That means you do 100% of the work (but they actually feel like they’re doing 100% of the work too, just in a different way).

When you remove the beliefs of Twin Flame separation (like the runner/chaser dynamic) the journey becomes much more easy. Removing stress and worry is actually a big part of the journey. You are magnetic to your Twin Flame in a state of peace, of feeling good. So, why not start now?

the twin flame runner

Written by Yoreen Marcin

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