This topic touches the core of your connection. It’s the undeniable truth that your Divine Masculine knows deep within that your story together is far from over. In this blog, we’ll explore the reasons behind why he might not be able to draw closer. And how the path to Union begins with your own inner journey.

Reason 1: Healing Inner Closeness

There are reasons why he’s not able to come closer. And this is something that I have personally experienced. And know that it can be healed, shares Kanisha, student of the Teachings of Union . 

And the first reason why your Twin Flame is not able to come closer to you, is because – well the answer is literally in the sentence! There’s a place where you’re not allowing yourself to be close to yourself within. And that means that there is a part of you that is denying closeness, intimacy, love within yourself and towards yourself. And this is what your Twin Flame is mirroring to you.

Your Twin Flame serves as the mirror to your own internal landscape. If you find that your Divine Masculine is not drawing closer, consider whether there might be a hidden unconscious place within you where you resist getting close, intimate, and loving with yourself. The barriers you construct within you will reflect in your external reality. Blocks create the illusion of distance even when the connection is inherently strong. 

You have the power to heal all misaligned beliefs, blocks and barriers to Love with the Mirror Exercise healing tool.

The Power of Self-Love

Now, your Divine Masculine cannot come into that space close to you until you love yourself and heal. Recognize that it’s actually safe to have intimacy and closeness in that space. And so as you explore how it feels to be close to your Divine Masculine, is there some fear? It’s safe to acknowledge your true feelings.

Is there fear of being seen, of being vulnerable, of being honest and open? These are things that you’re really going to have to ask yourself to get clear and honest in that space. Because if you feel a certain way and you’re not aware of it, your Divine Masculine has to mirror it to you. This is how Twin Flames help each other to heal. Then you can align in that space with unconditional love and peace.

Use the Mirror Exercise to find those places within where you are not being close and authentic with yourself. Your Divine Masculine will set boundaries with you  so that you can love yourself instead of seeing him as your Source and making him the reason why you feel good and loved inside.

Your Twin Flame cannot fully enter the space in your heart where you haven’t yet embraced and loved within yourself. Is there a fear of vulnerability, of revealing your true self? Recognize that the space you create within yourself must first be welcoming of closeness. Embrace the truth that intimacy and love are safe, both with yourself and with your Divine Masculine.

Aligning with Unconditional Love

Your Divine Masculine loves you by mirroring to you. He is your Ultimate Lover, your ultimate best friend. But he is going to teach too. He’s going to be your ultimate teacher. As your teacher, he’s going to point you to this place in your consciousness where you may be seeking something from him, but not giving to yourself in the first place.

So, I would highly recommend giving to yourself everything you desire to receive from your Divine Masculine. If there’s a certain way that you want to be loved by your Divine Masculine, are you loving yourself that way?

If there are gifts, maybe flowers or a nice dinner that you would love him to do for you, have you done that for yourself? It’s really important that you recognize that your Divine Masculine is going to help you have a healthy relationship, not codependent relationship. 

So, if you feel that he isn’t coming closer to you, you’ve got to use the Mirror Exercise and allow yourself to get clear. Align yourself with unconditional Love from within first.

As you navigate the complexities of being close to your Divine Masculine, ensure your intentions are pure. Are you seeking external validation or love from him, while not providing it to yourself? Remember, your Divine Masculine is both lover and teacher. He’s  guiding you to cultivate self-sufficiency in Love. Break free from codependence, allowing your relationship with yourself to flourish and your Union will naturally manifest.

Divine Masculine knows it's not over

Reason 2: Unlocking Barriers to Love

The second reason why your Divine Masculine may not be coming close to you is because you have a place within you that is actually very closed off to Love in general. So you’re going to have to ask yourself, is there a place where you’re not willing to even look at or even love yourself?

Maybe you’ve been really avoiding being with yourself, or avoiding listening to yourself. Kanisha adds, “Even though my consciousness was giving me answers and reality was also giving me answers. There’s just a part of me that just was not ready to look at it.” And that’s okay.

You’ve got to be compassionate with yourself and you have to be honest about where you are on your journey. This could be anything from childhood trauma or something that happened in your past. This trauma might result in you not wanting to be close to someone, including your Twin Flame, or just close to God in that space.

You might have blocks to Union that might also be rooted in your willingness to accept Love in general. If there’s a part of you that resists self-love, it can obstruct the flow of Love from your Divine Masculine.

Why does the Divine Masculine run away?

If you’re Divine Masculine is running away from you, he is showing you what you are doing to yourself. Maybe you have a place in your heart where you feel hurt and you’re not willing to be close to God in this space and heal. Your Twin Flame is a direct and faithful reflection of your relationship with God.

Sit with your feelings, are there places within that you are not allowing yourself to have a close relationship with God, Source, the Divine, the Universe, Mother Earth? The Mirror Exercise will help you to locate all those hurt places within that your Divine Masculine is showing you.  

Kanisha shares, “As the Divine Feminine, I allow myself to be close to nature, to be close to myself within, feeling my feelings, having that time with God. Really creating that quality intimate relationship with God, it actually attracts my Divine Masculine. And he wants to be in my space because I’m fulfilling my own cup with Love. I’m really loving myself unconditionally in these places. I’m allowing myself to be my own best friend.”

And doing that for yourself, you will actually find that it’s easier for you to receive your Divine Masculine because you can receive your own love. So if you’re receiving your own Love, of course you can receive your Divine Masculine because you are One. If you’re not receiving your own love, guess what? You actually can’t really even energetically receive your Divine Masculine because you have a block there. And they have to mirror that back to you.

What does the Divine Masculine Twin Flame feel?

Your Divine Masculine’s feelings will also reflect the shared block to closeness that you have. His block may show up differently in his life than for you. But as you are both One at the core, if one of you has a block to intimacy, then both of you will experience that and mirror that to each other. Sometimes they can’t even love you in that space because you have yet to love yourself in that part of your consciousness. But once you heal it using the Mirror Exercise, you’ll see it shift.

Divine Masculine knows it's not over

So you really have all the power to be able to have a close relationship with yourself, with God, with life, with your Divine Masculine. But the change starts with you first. And so it’s important that you let go of looking for validation and reassurance from your Divine Masculine.

The Divine Masculine knows it’s not over. He wants to be with you. He adores you above anyone else. You’re the only one for him. You’re created perfectly for him. And so allow yourself to really ground that truth and really receive all of the Love that you desire. It’s easy, for us Divine Feminines to just give Love. We are very loving, nurturing creatures, but it’s not always so easy for us to receive Love.

And so if you find that you’re having a hard time receiving Love, or even just receiving your good, receiving finances, that means that there’s a place within you where you’re not receiving your own love or receiving God’s love.

How do you awaken the Divine Masculine process?

Many Divine Feminines feel their Divine Masculine has not yet awakened to their connection, or isn’t as spiritually advanced. But in truth you are One. 

The way you can really help your Divine Masculine and your Union is to commit to healing the blocks that you feel. That’s what will help your Divine Masculine to align to Love from within himself. That’s how the Divine Masculine knows it’s not over.

So as you make a shift there and you heal, you’ll see your Divine Masculine come back to you. And he knows in his heart that there is no one else for him and that it’s not over and that he desires to be with you. That’s how he was created, in Oneness with you. You are one Divine Soul, one Divine Union. So choose to heal, claim all the support you need to make that happen.


Remember, Divine Feminines, your Divine Masculine is bound to you on a soul-level connection that transcends time and space. He knows, deep within, that your journey is far from over. You choose as One, so take ownership of your own self-love and healing. By addressing the hidden barriers within you and nurturing your bond with the Divine, you pave the way for your Divine Masculine to draw closer.

And so, as you journey forward, hold in your heart the certainty that you possess the power to heal, to unite, and to love unconditionally – within and without.

Thank you for reading! If you’re seeking further guidance on your Twin Flames journey, explore the resources at Twin Flames Universe, where a community of support awaits you. There’s also a wonderful free Twin Flame Introductory Course to get you started.

May your path to Harmonious Union be filled with self-love, growth, and the undeniable knowing that your Divine Masculine is forever connected to your soul.

Divine Masculine knows it's not over

Transcribed from the YouTube Video – Your Divine Masculine Knows It’s Not Over!

Edited by: Julia Martin-Woodbridge

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