Friendzoned by your Twin Flame? Is this even possible? What really a Twin Flame Friend-Zone is? Can Twin Flames just be friends? And if so, what happens with the intense attraction and romance you feel for them?

Everyone deserves to experience the depths and juiciness of their Twin Flame Union. And, as Jeff and Shaleia have seen this question a lot in the Twin Flame community, they  decided to shed light on this topic. 

The truth is that there is no such thing as a Twin Flame friend-zone. Yes, you can have a friendship with them, but Twin Flames share such a profound and intricate connection that it goes beyond just friendship. And, while life’s complexities sometimes steer you two towards a platonic dynamic, the universe has you destined for way more.

What is Twin Flame Friendship?

While friendship is one of the building blocks of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, it is not the final destination. There’s one caveat: your relationship with your Ultimate Lover must be built on friendship first.

There is more to your Union than just being together. The true relationship between Twin Flames is first as teacher-student, then friends, afterwards partners, and lastly, lovers. These are the aspects every Twin Flame couple develops in their Union. This doesn’t mean you have to “take it slow” by any means. It’s very natural for things to move quickly within your Twin Flame relationship, as you are One being. This means you will be working in all these aspects at the same time, as you grow closer together.

These aspects are a more accurate representation of your Twin Flame Union and journey. Better than the popular “runner/chaser dynamic” model, which is a complete myth. Jeff and Shaleia did not go through a “runner/chaser” phase and you don’t have to, either! They did, however, experience a period of separation because of the thoughts and beliefs they were harboring at that time. When they finally met, they were friends first before they became lovers.

Can Twin Flames be just friends?

Many ask themselves this question, and yet, the level of intimacy and connection that Twin Flames share goes beyond just friendship, as we previously mentioned. 

Jeff knows he could never just be friends with Shaleia. Neither does he see how anyone could just be friends with their Twin Flame. Yes, you can have a friendship with them, as it is certainly one of the facets of your relationship. And, yes, your Twin Flame IS your best friend in the whole wide world. But, as you two share an eternal connection, there is absolutely no way you can remain in this “friend-zone”.

Since you share the same Soul Blueprint, you and your Twin Flame also share the desire to be more than just friends. If you find yourself in this friend-zone, don’t worry. Navigating the Twin Flame Friend-Zone calls for patience, honesty and open communication. It’s a chance to cultivate a deeper connection, as you build your relationship towards deeper levels of closeness and intimacy.

Twin Flame Friend-Zone

The Only Exception

First, we need to start with some basics about the Twin Flame dynamic. That is, there is only one case where this great, Eternal Love can be non-romantic. This happens when there is a multiple Twin Flame set. Don’t worry, most people on the planet, about 99%, only have one Twin Flame.  However, there is a rare exception when Twin Flames come in a set of three or more. Jeff, Shaleia, and their third Twin Flame Grace are an example of this. 

Jeff and Shaleia are created as lovers, while Grace is their child. This is how their Union is designed to be. There is a natural friendship that Shaleia experiences with both her Twin Flames. But only the Union with Jeff is a romantic one, while the Union with Grace is a mother-daughter bond. 

Multiple Twin Flame sets can go from three to no more than seven people. In these Unions it may be appropriate for some of the Twin Flames to be just friends, or like in Jeff and Shaleia’s case, children. However, these are the very rare exceptions. You don’t need to worry about this, as you are unlikely to be one of these exceptions.

The Norm

As we said before, most people only have one Twin Flame. They are both your greatest teacher and student, your best friend and your ultimate lover, as we shared. Therefore, you can never be in a Twin Flame friend-zone because friendship could never encompass the depth of your relationship.

Friendship is an aspect of a Twin Flame Union, but not the entirety of it. As you experience a closer friendship with your Twin Flame, there will always be a deep desire for more. Why? Because, You and your Twin Flame are designed by God as lovers.

This is the reason why you both have this deep desire for more intimacy. You are meant to be romantic and experience -and enjoy- sex together too. Not “friends with benefits” sex, but “I want to romance you forever” sex. This is a level of intimacy you will only be able to experience with your true Twin Flame. 

Unless you are one of the rare exceptions mentioned above, your Twin Flame is your Ultimate Lover, not just your friend. But, what if you feel things are not working out between you two? That you’re just going to be friends? Well, that means that you’re either with the wrong person or you’re not perceiving the relationship accurately.

Overcoming Twin Flame Friend-Zone 

While being best friends with your Twin Flame feels amazing, it is also true that you may feel like you are stuck in the Twin Flame friendzone. If this is you, you have nothing to worry about. You can certainly overcome any barriers preventing you from experiencing a deeper connection to your Twin Flame.

Ending Twin Flame separation

During her search for her Ultimate Lover, Shaleia went to many psychics and did many card readings, and to her dismay she got the same answer every time: that she did not have a Twin Flame. This made Shaleia really sad and she thought she would have to resign herself to a soulmate relationship. But, that psychic information came through only because Shaleia was holding thoughts of separation in her consciousness, and these thoughts were out of alignment with her Twin Flame Union.

Refusing to settle for less, Shaleia worked with her spiritual teacher to clear those thoughts that were out of alignment with her Good. The spiritual tool Shaleia and her teacher used was the Mirror Exercise. In no time at all, she manifested her false Twin Flame. This experience allowed her to speed up her healing process, bringing her closer to Jeff sooner than she thought.

Twin Flame Friend-Zone

After meeting each other online, they established an immediate friendship. This friendship deepened and grew into the lasting, romantic Harmonious Union Jeff and Shaleia enjoy today.  You can have this too, even if you experience mixed feelings about your Ultimate Lover and want to put them in the Twin Flame friend-zone. This just means you are holding thoughts that are out of alignment with your Union. When you resolve these outdated beliefs using the Mirror Exercise, you will effortlessly vibrate to the frequency of your Union and magnetize it into your reality.

Stepping out of the friend-zone and from Twin Flame separation can be easy. You are not alone, and the Universe desires your Union as much as you.

Twin Flame Friend-Zone

Adapted from the video “CAN TWIN FLAMES JUST BE FRIENDS?” by Jeff and Shaleia, October 2018. Edited by Déborah Bassow, August 2023

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