Are you wondering why your Twin Flame Union isn’t manifesting as quickly as you hoped? Perhaps you’re telling yourself that you have to do this alone, or you can’t afford to receive support. Let us show you the 7 reasons why you need the Teachings of Union and how to move through the blocks so that you too can have your Union.

When it comes to your own Harmonious Twin Flame Union, we know it means everything to you. We want to honor your desire by showing you how to transcend some of the key blocks and objections that may be just what you need to take that next step forward.

Reason #1 to invest in the Teachings of Union – The Secret of Harmonious Union

So many Twin Flame couples have come together through the guidance of Jeff and Shaleia and now have their Unions or Harmonious Unions. The secret to their success is the Teachings of Union.

The teachings are the guide, they work like a roadmap to show you every step of the way and provide all the support you need. It’s a very logical process where you will always have the next step to take. And best of all, you can apply the teachings to every single area of your life to see improvements. In finances, Life Purpose, relationships, family, home and, of course, your Union too.

How do we know the teachings work? Well, that transformation is apparent in all the many students that diligently apply it. It works for everyone, no matter what blocks you may be facing in your Union because through the teachings, you are guided by the power of Divine Love into alignment with your deepest desires.

If you are also wanting that level of success in all areas of your life, including your Twin Flame Union, then we invite you to try the Teachings of Union for yourself. Take that next step. Now is the perfect opportunity.

Jeff and Shaleia as our Perfect Role Models: Reasons why you need Teachings of Union

Reason #2 – As More People Find Out About The Teachings The Value Will Go Up

You have arrived early in terms of the world’s awakening to Twin Flames. You are at a huge advantage because there are still relatively few Twin Flames on the planet right now who are ready to go all in with their Union. They are still awakening to the truth of this Love. But, you who are reading this blog, you are at the dawn of a new era.

We are already seeing many more Twin Flames rushing to the Teachings of Union which means it will only continue to increase in value. You will thank yourself for being here so early and for having taken this opportunity. It is truly a privilege.

Jose and Michaila: Reasons why you need Teachings of Union

There is so much transformation that happens when you’re watching Twin Flame Ascension School classes. For example, you can see for yourselves how much Michaila transformed when she was in a Money Mastery Workshop and experiencing depression, poverty and separation, to now where we can see her thriving in her Harmonious Union with her true Twin Flame and husband, José.

These teachings show you how to love and heal yourself deeply. When you do this, you will find that you easily magnetize your Twin Flame to you. Without Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class, Michaila, who began her studies in 2017, knows it would not have been possible to achieve. You do have to commit yourself and do the inner work to see results, it’s like any high-level achievement or job, like brain surgery. You will have to learn new skills, it will take work. In fact, brain surgeons are a lot more common than Harmonious Unions at this time. This is even more reason for you to invest in yourself and one of the reasons why you need the Teachings of Union.

Reason #3 – “The Teachings of Union Transformed My Life”

For Cristina, a student of the Teachings of Union since 2017, her life has also been completely transformed by Love. Prior to the teachings, Cristina had been living a high-level career-driven life. Everything looked successful on the outside but her heart was desiring her Harmonious Twin Flame Union, so she dedicated herself to learning how to love herself.

There were many upsets and traumas to heal but it was worth every moment because Cristina is now living in Union with her true Twin Flame Daniel. They now share their dream life and Life Purpose together. Cristina believes very much in following your passion stating that this work lays the foundation for a totally different way of being.

Cristina realizes that some people think they can figure this out alone. But it is safe to ask for support. You can’t figure this out on your own. It’s a total shift from separation consciousness to Union consciousness and you will need massive support to be successful. That’s why watching the classes is so supportive, because you can follow the students’ healing and watch them having massive breakthroughs and healing.

What you need to vibe into Harmonious Union, is the attunement to Harmonious Union that comes directly through Jeff and Shaleia themselves as they conduct the classes. That’s priceless. Cristina can’t recommend the classes enough if you’re also looking for a life-changing teaching.

Daniel and Cristina

Reason #4 to get the Teachings of Union – Twin Flame Union Is A Lifestyle

“He started the Twin Flame journey and called me in,” shares Nicole about her Twin Flame Denis. Proof that it will definitely affect your Twin Flame when you start this teaching. It’s going to magnetize them into your life, whether you’ve met them yet or not. That’s because you and your Twin Flame share One consciousness, so you’re choosing as One.

Denis and Nicole

So if you’ve been wondering “When is the Divine Masculine coming home?” Or, “When will he end the third party situation?” It happens when you choose your Union. When you choose to work through the blocks that, energetically, appear to prevent you from being together. As you heal, so will your Twin Flame. Changing and aligning to Divine Love, means your Twin Flame will too.

Nicole is now living in Union with her Twin Flame Denis thanks to him starting to watch classes and heal. This is because everytime you watch a class, you are receiving deep healing and attunement to the very high vibration of Harmonious Union. You heal automatically and go deeper and grow. In fact, every single product is imbued with this attunement. It will teach you how to have a relationship with Love Itself, the Divine. Watch it transform your love life, finances, success and Life Purpose. Try it for yourself and you’ll see the changes.

Reason #5 to study the Teachings of Union – Huge Breakthroughs!

If it’s breakthroughs that you’re wanting, then focusing your intention correctly and making a commitment are the key. On the Twin Flame journey, you are only ever making one of 2 choices, one of fear, or one of Love. One creates separation and one creates Union. The teachings are what will reveal for you what you are choosing. Don’t you want to know where you’re choosing separation so that you can make a new choice of Love? Mina certainly did when she invested in the teachings.

We all have fears, but what sets apart the students of the Teachings of Union, is that they are actively choosing Love and moving through their blocks every day. Mina suggests that you can use the fear to guide you into healing. When you feel upset is when you need to apply the Mirror Exercise, it’s the powerful healing tool used throughout the Teachings of Union. What you fear the most is actually what you desire the most. So do you choose to allow yourself to feel better and more peaceful? Will you allow yourself to receive the healing that leads to your Union?

Students of the Teachings of Union experience miracles and blessings in every area of their lives on a daily basis. Take a moment to look at your life, become aware of your fears and realize that you can make a new choice of Love. If you are not sure what to do, talk to an Ascension Coach. They will be able to offer you a 50% off discount on your first Introductory Coaching Session, or they can guide you to the perfect product to set you on the path to your Union. You are supported all the way, you don’t have to do it alone.

Mina Sanchez

Reason #6 – You Can Do It!!

Yes you can! You really can have your desires! They were given to you by the Divine because they are already yours. Working with an Ascension Coach is a very good way to get clear on your blocks and work through them together. There are one-to-one sessions and group coaching too if you enjoy meeting other Twin Flames on the journey just like you.

So many Twin Flames are now investing in themselves, just like Fabian who has been healing his Harmonious Union over the past few years. He experiences a much deeper foundation of peace in his everyday life now and has a deep and intimate connection with his Twin Flame who is his perfect teacher and guide.

Your Harmonious Union requires a solid foundation for it to thrive. It really does take a village to birth and maintain a Harmonious Union and that’s exactly what you will receive when you claim the teachings for yourself. We are a wonderfully supportive community that loves unconditionally and helps each other to grow and become their best and most authentic self.

Twin Flames are going global and viral at this time. So don’t hesitate to join now. There is a place here for you with your name on it. We would love for you to join us on this beautiful journey Home to Love and Heaven on Earth.

Reason #7 – You Have To Maintain Your Union And Learn How To Take Care Of It

Laurentiu and Alexandra: Reasons why you need Teachings of Union

When Laurențiu and Alexandra joined the Twin Flames Universe community, they thought they had already arrived in Harmonious Union. Laurențiu feels that this could be true for others too. After all, how can you really know if you are or not?

For Laurențiu and Alexandra, they had previously studied many other spiritual teachings and were working hard and trying to do everything on their own. However, after watching the classes and receiving the teachings through Jeff and Shaleia, they came to understand the truth of Harmonious Union and the depth of it. They made a new choice to release their arrogance and chose humility and openness to learn instead.

They went all in with the teachings and within a very short time, achieved their Harmonious Union. The teachings worked! They trusted with their whole hearts and gave it a chance. So if you want real success, they recommend you do the same. Let the Teachings of Union transform you. Find out for yourself if it works. You’ll only know if you do it for yourself and not for anyone else.

How To Get Results

What you put in is what you receive.

When you put in a half-assed commitment, then you’ll receive half-assed results. Going all in is the only way to show yourself if the teachings really do work. You have to try it for yourself, it’s the only way to prove that it works. However, everyone who sincerely pursued the teaching, has been successful.

It is a process. You can only go step-by-step along the way.

Common Blocks

The first most common block to investing in the Teachings of Union is finances.

Every sincere student who is awakened to their Twin Flame Union and arrives at the Teachings of Union will receive miracles and support. You could not have been guided to this teaching if you could not afford it. This is one of the very important reasons why you need the Teachings of Union, as it will support you in all areas of your life, and not only with your Twin Flame Union.

God simply would not bring you here if it was impossible because that would not be compassionate for you.

In the Teachings of Union, financial miracles are normal because it’s all about healing the blocks.

The second most common block is not believing it will work.

How do you know if the teachings will work if you don’t give them a try? The only way to find out is to trust and go for it. This block is resolved through making a loving choice for yourself. Making progress on your Twin Flame journey feels very good indeed. Investing in the teaching feels wonderful because it’s a huge energetic step forward. It brings so much relief to align with your desires.

Do you want to feel Love, or do you want to feel stuck in the block and feeling bad? This is a choice only you can make.

Reasons why you need Teachings of Union

Take Action

The Twin Flame journey is an active one, not a passive one. It will require you to make a choice to move forward.

Otherwise time will pass by. Changes won’t happen through waiting because you are One with your Twin Flame. You’re just waiting on yourself. Prices will go up, so why not start working on your Harmonious Union today.

The reasons why you need the Teachings of Union are completely logically grounded and are truly the best investment you could ever make for yourself. Learn to heal your life at the core of your being so that you can enjoy a life of perfect love with your beloved Twin Flame as you were created to be.

Be the cause in your life, not the effect.

Be the reason for your own success.

– Jeff & Shaleia Divine

If you would like to receive support to take that next step, then we are ready to help you. By filling in the form on our Ascension Coaching Page, we will put you in contact with one of our expert Ascension Coaches who will assist you in finding the perfect products to support your journey and success. And don’t forget to sign up for the free Twin Flames Introductory Course too. We desire your Harmonious Union just as much as you do. It is our honor to help you.

Inspired by the End of an Era Live video – Twin Flames Universe: Open Forum

Edited by: Julia Martin-Woodbridge

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