Are Twin Flames real? How did it all begin?  It’s only fair that we start there. The day you were born. Sharing the same soul blueprint. 

A soul blueprint is the exact same concept as physical DNA. 

A good example of this is how physical identical twins share the same genetic DNA, and “Twin” Flames share the exact same soul “DNA” or soul blueprint. And just as identical twins are unique as souls even though they share the same physical DNA, Twin Flames are unique among each other even though they share the same soul blueprint. This is because together they are complements to the one soul blueprint. This is because together they are complements to the one soul blueprint rather than carbon copies of it. 

 This is your perfect person that aligns with you in every way and loves you to your core. Your eternal life partner and lover. Twin Flames share One consciousness, so you make the same core choices and cannot ever be separate. You are meant to be together. Your Twin Flame is not only your Ultimate Lover, but they are also your teacher, best friend and perfect partner.

Am I just obsessed?

God did not create you to be alone. Your Twin Flame is your eternal lover and companion, you are One at your core. All that is preventing you from seeing that you are already in Union are blocks to Love.

You and your Twin Flame are like two wings of one bird. You are each whole on your own but are able to, more completely, express your shared consciousness together as One. They complement you perfectly because they support you through who they are. Nowhere in your Union do you feel you are betraying yourself and there’s nothing that’s true to you that won’t be supported.

Are Twin Flames our ultimate mirrors?

Yes, they are, as our reality is a reflection of our inner state, and our Twin Flame will reflect areas within our consciousness that are out of alignment with Love. This is called mirroring, and your Twin Flame is your perfect mirror. This is how they teach you. However, you’re don’t just have a mirror of your upsets; they also reflect the Love you’re giving to yourself. When you are choosing to give yourself the Love you need and are really valuing yourself, they will reflect this to you.

The foundation:

A foundation of friendship is important for your Union. Twin Flames are meant to spend eternity together, so naturally you’ll have a lot in common and enjoy a lot of the same things. This friendship never ends or fades; it continues to grow and deepen. There is no one who gets you better than your Twin Flame. Being around them is natural and effortless. They’re someone you want to be around all the time because they are you. Being with them is being with all of yourself.

They are also your perfect partner in life and you have a Divine Life Purpose that you share with them. This Life Purpose you have, is how you share your Union with others. You complement each other perfectly, unlike anyone else, which makes the partnership so juicy and natural. With this, your relationship with your Twin Flame naturally evolves into a romantic relationship and nothing can stop it.

Twin Flames are created perfectly for each other and are meant to be Ultimate Lovers. You share the same core values and complement each other. There’s no compromising in a relationship with your Twin Flame because you are aligned at the core and value the same things.

In truth, they are always loving you, no matter how things appear externally or what they are mirroring. They were created to love you, God created your perfect lover to love you and be loved by you. It’s only ever God loving you through them.

Logical or Spiritual?

God is both logical and intuitive. This journey needs to be grounded in real logic in order for you to feel good about investing your energy into it.

How can you ground your connection?

Three ways to help:

  • Spend some time in nature.  When was the last time you went for a walk? It can help you clear your mind, calm your emotions, and reconnect with yourself.
  • Meditate. Meditation is a great way to align your thoughts, feelings, and intentions with your twin flame. It can also help you access your higher self, your guides, and your divine purpose. You can meditate together in person, or remotely, by using a shared intention or a guided meditation.
  • Create a cozy, sacred space. A place where you can feel safe, comfortable, and connected.  You can decorate your sacred space with candles, incense, music, or anything else that makes you feel good.

Don’t believe everything you hear:

Many say Twin Flames are not real. That there is no way to heal ourselves, and all the things that we do to better ourselves are just a waste of time. Many say that when you meet your Twin Flame, the best you can hope for is just to focus on yourself and let go of any hope of Union. Is this really true? Let’s look at it logically.

Everyone is given this Divine gift of a Twin Flame because Love is for All of us. It only starts with a choice of love. So then if we are loving ourselves, why wouldn’t we look for the best resources to get there. A way to better ourselves. To go deeper into love with our Twin Flame and ourselves.

Why would our Creator only select a special few to experience this Divine Love? You do have a Twin Flame, and Union is possible in this lifetime. Not one of us is excluded from this Love, because we are all Children of God.

They are your Divine spouse, as created by God, specifically for you. No one can take their place in your life because no one will match you as perfectly as them. Likewise, you are their perfect match too. And you cannot ever leave your them because you share a consciousness. Separation does not really exist; you are only experiencing it because you have blocks to Love.

real twin flames realizing they're in union

Everyone has a Twin Flame:

You only have to choose it in your heart

Your Twin Flame is not just for the 5D. And they are not just here to propel you to begin your spiritual journey. What would be the point of that? How pointless to have your perfect person, the one God specially created for you, have the sole purpose of awakening you only to leave immediately after? That doesn’t make any logical sense.

Your Twin Flame awakens you and you begin ascending on this journey together. They are with you every step of the way. How could they not be? You’re One.

Ascension is the purification of your consciousness from all fear. You release all feelings and thoughts of fear from your consciousness. When you learn to live life without fear it means you can experience life how it was created to be.

Their role in your Ascension together is to reflect your fears so that you both heal and ascend in unison. You will also reflect their fears to them.

Your journey will reveal to you that your true Twin Flame is also your best friend, partner in Life Purpose and they are also your Ultimate Lover. You get to have it all.

Overcoming Doubt: Claiming Your Twin Flame Connection

The final choice is up to you:

It’s okay to desire proof that Twin Flames are real. Maybe you’re feeling you might be crazy with all these intense emotions and experiences that have been happening and you’ve been feeling. Calling in your Twin Flame is no small deal. Having them in your life greatly accelerates your Ascension because they are your perfect mirror.

If you were to take a survey of true Twin Flames and other couples/relationships and you asked each person to share all their values, their vision for their life, and the qualities of a perfect partner to them. In a Twin Flame relationship you’d find that everything is complementary and aligns perfectly. But in other relationships you’d find it only lines up here or there. This is something you can test for yourself.

Only Twin Flames are 100% compatible. They align perfectly everywhere, no forcing or pushing because they are you and you both want and value the same things.

You must know yourself and your values extremely clearly to reveal a person as your Ultimate Lover. There are a few steps you can take so you can get clear on who your true Twin Flame is and how you can move through the upsets they are bringing up for you.

1. Create a Love List to reveal your Twin Flame.

A Love List describes your heart’s deepest desires and helps you focus your energy. Your Love List will contain what you desire in a partner and your relationship. It’s important to get very clear on your desired experience as this helps you manifest it. To create your Love List you must first connect with your heart and feelings. This is where your Union lives and where you’ll meet your Twin Flame. Once you feel them in your heart, begin to create your Love List. It’s important to create from a place of peace. Get clear on your core values. In your heart is where your Union is and it’s happening right now. If you desire Twin Flame Union, creating a Love List is a wonderful way to get clear on the relationship you desire to manifest.

2. Use the Mirror Exercise to heal upsets and transform your reality.

When you heal using the Mirror Exercise, it instantly reflects in your Union in some way. As we expand our Love, the things out of alignment with Love come up. The goal is to heal and go deeper in Love. You’re meant to transform and heal. You want to be moving through your upsets rather than avoiding them.

We attract external experiences by how we feel inside and our experiences are replicated until we heal them. Using the Mirror Exercise we can heal our blocks to Union. The Mirror Exercise is a four step process that guides you into where you need Love so that you can bring love to yourself. Giving yourself the Love and everything you need is easy and instant. When you have loved yourself completely in the place that was feeling hurt you will find a deep sense of peace and feeling of relief.

You’ve never left that place of harmony with your Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame is loving you by mirroring where you’re not loving yourself. You’re meant to heal with your Twin Flame and move through challenges together. This is not a journey you take alone.

3. Get an Ascension Coach for more support moving through your blocks. 

An Ascension Coach can help you master the Mirror Exercise and support you in healing your blocks. It is essential to have support on your journey and it is so valuable to have someone who can help you find and heal your blocks to Union. Don’t try to go it alone. Claim all of your support and allow this journey to be easy and peaceful.

Ultimately, you have to figure out if Twin Flames are real on your own. It’s a journey of discovery and the truth is always revealed. The truth always feels good in your heart. The truth makes Life make more sense and feels so relieving. How you feel in your heart is the most important thing and will help you discern the truth about Twin Flames. You know what feels good in your heart and what doesn’t. The truth always feels good.

Twin Flames are real and you have one

Twin Flames are not just a fairy tale romance, but rather a Divine design. Created to be together, Twin Flames can never be truly separate. They reflect both the areas of our consciousness that need healing and the Love we give ourselves.

Friendship forms the foundation of a Twin Flame Union, and the connection between Twin Flames goes beyond mere compatibility. They are complements rather than copies, sharing the same core values and a Life Purpose that they fulfill together. In this partnership, there is no compromise because they are aligned at their very core.

The logical and intuitive nature of the Twin Flame journey requires a grounded understanding. While some may claim that Twin Flames are meant only to awaken us and then leave, this is not the case. Union is possible in this lifetime, and no one is excluded from experiencing this Divine love. Twin Flames are created specifically for each other, reflecting fears and guiding each other through the Ascension process.

real twin flames in heaven

Overcoming doubt and claiming the Twin Flame connection requires self-awareness and clarity. Creating a Love List and using the Mirror Exercise will help reveal and heal blocks to Union. Seeking the guidance of an Ascension Coach can provide additional support along this transformative journey.

Ultimately, the truth of Twin Flames can only be discovered through personal experience and inner knowing. The truth feels good in your heart, bringing a sense of relief and making life’s puzzle pieces fit together. Trust your own feelings and allow the truth to be revealed on your own unique journey.

twin flames real

Edited by Jenny Jenkins