“For what is prayer but the expansion of yourself into the living ether? And if it is for your comfort to pour your darkness into space, it is also for your delight to pour forth the dawning of your heart.  And if you cannot but weep when your soul summons you to prayer, she should spur you again and yet again, though weeping, until you shall come laughing.”  -Kahlil Gibran



This reading is going to share with you a secret that not only pertains to achieving your harmonious Twin Flame Union, but to achieving overall happiness in your life.  Many of you reading this will say to yourselves, “I already know all of this.”  But if you truly know what Spirit is about to share with you, then perhaps you have already blocked your higher learning, because there’s always deeper learning and levels of Mastery to achieve, and as soon as you say to yourself, “I know this,” you have become unteachable because you are not open to receiving further knowledge and growth in a particular area of your life.



The love you’ve been asking for in your life is coming together.  Energies are shifting and moving perfectly to align your harmonious Union to you, even if you do not “see” it, embrace the reality that your Good is forming together in perfect Divine Order.  Your past actions are now in the phase of bearing fruit, and so now you’re in the position of achieving your goal with the matters of your heart.  Your dreams are ready to manifest.  Allow all the pieces of your harmonious Twin Flame Union to gently fall into place.  Do not resist – just embrace.



To further support and manifest your harmonious Twin Flame Union, the Universe appreciates hearing and feeling your appreciation. Appreciation is actually the highest form of love, because to be appreciated is to be really known, seen truthfully, and loved unconditionally. Blessing and appreciating what is good and Divine in your life and in the life of other people, allows that loving energy to return to you manifested 100-fold.  At first you can practice this as a “selfish” act to help you quickly manifest your desires, but because the vibration of appreciation is so high, you will eventually realize and enjoy how loving and compassionate it is to bless and appreciate the Divine, and the Good in your life and in the life of others more frequently.  You will embrace creation with your Whole Heart when you bless and appreciate and SEE the Divine in your life by recognizing it with true appreciation.



By being aligned with the energy of appreciation you override the negative pattern in you of “nothing is good enough, and/or what I get or have in my life is not enough” which is such an extreme lack mentality and creates more of that feeling of lack within you.  This negative pattern you’ve been repeating to yourself is an indication that you do not see correctly the Divine in your Life, or trust that you are loved, supported, and that the Universe is delivering all your dreams to you.



There is a Divine Order that the Universe follows in order to manifest your dreams with and for you, but you stifle your manifestation by being negatively focused on lack and what you don’t have in your life yet.  Your Good comes within you, and your external Good is a realization of your inner world of thoughts, choices, and feelings, which become manifest in the outer world.  We also know this as the Law of Attraction which is a primary Law of Creation.  If you choose to learn and master the Divine Law of Attraction by means of appreciating the blessings and good in your reality, then you have mastered your life.



In Appreciation for the Gift of You,

~Jeff and Shaleia~



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Today’s reading is courtesy of John Holland’s “The Psychic Tarot of the Heart Oracle Deck.”

Jeff and Shaleia are true Twin Flames in harmonious Union.  This is currently a very rare experience on this planet although their pioneering work in Twin Flames is changing this statistic.  In their Twin Flame Ascension School they are teaching the truth of Twin Flame Union as a direct Ascension Path to the Divine.  Committing to your harmonious Union is in actuality committing to your spiritual path of Ascension, in other words, dissolving your ego and claiming your Divinity fully at the right side of your Mother/Father God.

Jeff has his BBA from Western Michigan University and has created businesses in the past based on self-development and lifestyle design.  Shaleia attended Laurentian University for Psychology with a minor focus on Women Studies.  She has a degree in Graphic Design and graduated with Honors in Digital Photography and Imaging at Georgian College.  She consciously began her ascension path when she was 18 years old with her studies in Taoism, A Course In Miracles, Channeling, Reiki certification, and other forms of energy healing work.

Shaleia met her spiritual teacher in Sedona, AZ in 2012 where she began healing separation from her Twin Flame with the spiritual tools and knowledge that were passed down to her.  Jeff joined her sessions later on and they have now mastered their harmonious Twin Flame Union which has enabled them to teach it to others.  They got married in January 2016, and have a sweet golden doodle puppy named Charlie.

They are authors of the beloved Twin Flame book: “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover,” on Amazon.  Jeff and Shaleia also developed two ecourses to assist you into your harmonious Twin Flame Union: Their first 24 lesson course guarantees harmonious Union is “Twin Flames: Dreams Coming True.”  Their 8 lesson course called “Twin Flames: Romance Attraction” teaches you how to develop true love within to increase your magnetism and beauty for manifesting and deepening your Twin Flame Union.  This course also guarantees your harmonious Twin Flame Union.

You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.”  -2 Corinthians 9:11