How would you describe Twin Flame dreams? Could it be vivid, exciting, sexual, or healing? They can seem to be so real, because they are! Dreams are so full of life. It’s because your inner world is very real. It is your spiritual reality.

Feeling everything, as there are things to heal. There is no ego here. Just unconditional love,  nestled within our deepest thoughts.  You can be your true authentic self. The mind is being led by pure love. Flourishing to dream. At times giving us what we need. That next step. A Twin Flame love story. Beautifully etched in time. It’s a blessing dear ones.  Each dream is a reality of our very own guided healing, within ourselves.

Why are there Twin Flame dreams in the first place?

These are spiritual messages. This journey is all about releasing the belief of being in separation. Dreams help you to do that. The Universe has given you the opportunity to heal and claim your Union with your Twin Flame, Healing is a big part of that. Twin Flame dreams may tell you how your Twin Flame is progressing in their journey. They may be communicating something of great importance that you need to know. They may even give you the next piece to heal on your journey. You may begin to awaken from these dreams.

Remember when you were younger and wanted to stay up late, you fought going to sleep because you were afraid you were going to miss something. Not anymore! You may not know when the dreams are coming, but it is a part of your healing when they do. Time to discover, going deeper into your Twin Flame dreams and your own spiritual journey.

What will we discover about our Twin Flame dreams?

  • Do Twin Flames dream of each other before meeting?
  • Who knows about the Twin Flame connection first?
  • Can you have sex with your Twin Flame in your dreams?
  • What is the purpose of our Twin Flame dreams:
  • Signs of a Twin Flame:
  • Does my Twin Flame dream of me too?
  • Points to remember about Twin Flame dreams and what it means to you the dreamer

Do Twin Flames dream of each other before meeting?

Twin Flames are meant to awaken each other. So yes, at times you will dream of each other before meeting. Dreams awaken you to deeper levels of your transformation,  It may be  a faceless soul connection until you meet,  To fill a void you never knew existed. Sometimes dreams hint at timeless encounters. Imagine meeting someone who felt eerily familiar, and then it hits you: it’s the person from your dream! A meeting orchestrated by destiny, through that dream. An instant knowing. It’s as if every twist and turn has led you here. To a destined moment.  It’s not just a dream.  It’s the adventure of a lifetime.

Who knows about the Twin Flame connection first?

Twin Flame dreams are deeply personal and often linked to how you feel. Imagine two souls intertwined yet housed in different bodies. That is the mystery of Twin Flames. It actually happens simultaneously. All Twin Flame couples are unique so you can never compare yourself to someone else’s journey. As each Twin Flame is awakened, but sometimes in different ways, both individuals feel the connection deeply. One Twin Flame may awaken and know about Twin Flames, while the other Twin Flame may just begin to realize the connection, but can not put a name to it.

In saying this Twin Flames are a soul connection, so thinking of it like a normal connection is impossible. There are also many parts of awakening that Twin Flames can go through. It’s your awakening. A song sung in your deepest of dreams. This isn’t your everyday love story: it’s a soulful symphony, waiting to be uncovered, you only have to first choose it. It can be as easy as closing your eyes.

Here are some of the spiritual awakening connection symptoms

You and your Twin Flame might feel these symptoms. Here’s what to do.

You may feel some doubt at first. but do this instead: Realize this is a true authentic journey. It comes to you from the divine. It is meant for your highest good. It is real.

You may feel a separation from your Twin Flame, but do this instead: Start feeling all of your feelings, This means going to those places that maybe you have never been or never felt before. Start to do the mirror exercises.

Continue to discover your self awareness by doing this: By continuing to go deeper into your life’s purpose. Discovering what makes you happy. Finding your true calling and going deeper into that self discovery.

Heal and co-create and be in Union with your Twin Flame by doing this: Learning about yourself. Making you a priority in your life. Finding your passions, making a love list and healing anything out of love as it comes up.

Can you have sex with your Twin Flame in your dreams? 

Yes! Dreams of Twin Flames are more than just night time visions. It’s an electrifying dance of spiritual intimacy., leading both towards divine self-realization. It is between the Divine Masculine and  Divine Feminine, as they are discovering all aspects of themselves. It can tell you that the soul of your Twin Flame is reaching out to you.

What a message they are bringing you! It’s a shared experience of intimacy like you have never felt before. It’s a step into sexual consciousness. Reaching out to your divine selves. This is so important. It’s a feeling of not just physical pleasure, but spiritual, emotional and mental as well. It’s an exchange of energy as you can feel every part of them.

This is also a sign. Your Twin Flame is showing you the way you were always meant to be loved in every aspect of your life, Showing you what unconditional love and what true closeness and caring awaits you. It can also bring up blocks to heal about the way you have viewed sex and what things it brings up inside of you.This is your soul’s way of guiding you towards the love you have always been designed for.

What is the purpose of our Twin Flame dreams?

Individual growth

  1. Self Awareness: It’s all about you.
  2. Patience: Remember this is a not a race, but many lifetimes of healing
  3. Understanding: Show compassion for yourself

Self discovery and transformation

  1. Spiritual growth: Keep discovering more about yourself by going deeper
  2. Unconditional love: Love yourself unconditionally, you are perfect
  3. A higher state of consciousness: You were put on this journey to change the world

Becoming your authentic self

  1. Self love: You are your greatest love. Give that to yourself.
  2. Boundaries: Realize when something doesn’t feel good and putting a boundary there
  3. Surrendering: Letting go of your ego, and trusting in the process.

Coming into Union with your Twin Flame for the purpose of humanity

  1. Transformation of worldly old patterns: Seeing the world differently and how you are here for the growth of it
  2. Cultivate world peace and love: By loving yourself, you begin to show others how to do it too
  3. To inspire others to live in unconditional love: When you are in Union with your Twin Flame, people will see your unconditional love and put value on it themselves.

It all starts with you. Deep in your subconscious you have invited this into your reality. You made the decision and are calling this into your accession path on your spiritual journey. This is part of your foundation, to be in the truest connection with yourself first. To your spiritual awakening and then to your mission with your Twin Flame.

twin flame dreams

Signs of a Twin Flame

You may wonder if having Twin Flame dreams is a sign of a true Twin Flame. It can help but it doesn’t necessarily indicate a true Twin Flame. Here are signs that can help you with this, along with an extensive list in Jeff and Shaleia’s book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.

A sense of recognition: You have known them before

Similarities: You have experienced similar life experiences

Shared values: You have the same core values. You do not have to like all of the same things, but a lot will be similar.

Chemistry and strong attraction: You will feel a pull towards them. You may not see it at first but it will be there

Being able to feel each other on a soul level: You know them so well even though you may have just met

Shared dreams: Your visions for the future are similar

Seeing numbers and signs: You may see their name everywhere, numbers and messages

Meeting them catapults your life into major life altering changes: You desire to change to make yourself a better person. A false Twin Flame can help you awaken too so it is not a surefire sign

Does my Twin Flame dream of me too?

First, you will always have this connection. The most important phrase when thinking about this is. “Together, not separate.” In saying this, if you are never separated from your twin flame. then they are dreaming of you too. You are channeling each other’s feelings and emotions. During sleep your minds connect, so even during your sleep you are connecting. This is dream communication. Dreaming is one of the ways to leave everything and go into your true relaxed state as you sleep. This allows your dreams to come to the surface. The universe brings you together in this way, So yes, your Twin Flame is dreaming of you too. 

Like from the movie Cinderella: ”A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep.”

In Cinderella it was a wand. On your Twin Flame journey it is Twin Flame Ascension School. A part of your journey and an important way to have your dreams come true.

Points to remember about Twin Flame dreams and what it means to you the dreamer

This messages are meant for you

They will be so detailed, as your dreams are guiding you through your journey. It means that you, the dreamer is ready for your spiritual growth. An exploration of your deepest desires and wants. There is no one in your ear so to speak, telling you what they think or distractions during this dream state. So quite honestly, you receive all the spiritual messages you are meant to receive.

Feel all of your emotions

You will feel so many emotions during these dreams. You are ready to heal and love yourself completely. It means that You are ready for your transformation.Some emotions you may not be able to completely feel, but while dreaming you are more able to realize them, because you are resting.

Stay out of your ego

The Twin Flame journey is all about letting go of your ego, to find your true authentic self. Ego wants to control. Bring up fear and will confuse messages in your Twin Flame journey. So this means as the dreamer you are not bringing ego into your dreams, they come from an authentic place.This helps you to get to your true feelings, emotions and healing while you dream.

Write down your dreams

Writing down your dreams as you wake up from your dreams helps you, the dreamer. It can be a way to go back and look at them more intensively. What was the dream trying to tell you? It can keep you motivated to go deeper. As the dreamer it is a great way to discover more about your journey and the messages you are receiving during your dreams.

Building a solid foundation

Through your dreams, you the dreamer are building that solid foundation. You may have heightened creativity and messages about your own life goals, as they are to be shared with your Twin Flame. This being said means you are harmonizing through your dreams to build your life purpose, Helping you the dreamer to fulfill your mission with your Twin Flame here on earth.

Closing message

Can you believe it? The connection is so strong that it comes into our dreams. It gives you messages of hope, love, healing and unconditional love. The storms are over, Sometimes a brief crash of lightning, my true authentic self is telling you today from my heart to yours that it is all worth it. Apply the Teachings of Union. If you are just starting out, keep going, remember this is your accession journey, Your Twin Flame loves you so much that they want you to become your best self. If you are somewhere between healing and wondering what the hell is going on, don’t worry, everything will be alright. You are divine and this was brought to you through love. If you are healing and surrendering. You are realizing your own strength, that beautiful love,

I have been on my journey for five years. We are always healing, but I have surrendered, I have found that love inside of me. I realized it is alright to just be me, through all of my dreams. It’s like for the very first time I am really alive, and have found the greatest love. The Universe knows the desires of all of our hearts and placed them within everything, including our dreams, It’s all within you.

twin flame dreams

Written by Jenny Jenkins