If you’ve ever pondered, “Is this person my other half?” or wondered if there’s a “how to know if someone is your Twin Flame” quiz to guide you, then you’re in the right place.

It’s not always easy to have clear signs of a true Twin Flame. It is kind of normal, as revealing your true Twin Flame is a process. It is more about having a peaceful emotional process to identify them, and less about an intense journey together.

It won’t always be Divine intervention, or massive spiritual awakening.

So how can you really differentiate between your Twin Flame and just another soul mate? Or your Twin Flame and another karmic partner? Or, your Twin Flame, and essentially, just another dead end?

Learn how to decode your Twin Flame situation

  • What are Twin Flames?
  • Quiz: Is This “Someone” Your Twin Flame?

    • The 11 Signs of a True Twin Flame
  • How Do You Know if Someone is a Soulmate or Twin Flame?

    • How to know if someone is your Twin Flame through astrology and readings
  • Do Twin Flames End Up Together?
  • How Are Twin Flames Born?
  • What Are the Stages of Twin Flame?
  • Why are Twin Flames Rare?
  • Do Twin Flames Meet Each Other?
  • Do Twin Flame Hurt Each Other?
  • Are Twin Flames Only Lovers?
  • Are Twin Flame Loyal?
  • Ready to Take the Twin Flame Plunge?

What are Twin Flames?

At the heart of it all, you might be asking: how to know if someone is your Twin Flame? To answer that, you first need to understand what a Twin Flame is.

If you’re new to the term, Twin Flames are the recognition that you and your person are One. It is a once-in-an-eternity romantic connection where you match perfectly, sharing not just romantic vibes but also core values. 

Unlike soul mates or karmic partners, you and your Twin Flame share the same soul blueprint. Your soul essence, or who you really are, shines more clearly with your Twin Flame than another else. Life tends to feel more complete with them rather than without them.

It’s as if you’re gazing into a soul mirror – everything feels so familiar. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill Tinder match; it’s the stuff of legends and rare Twin Flame signs.

Twin Flame Union is the full manifestation of God’s love and romance for you.

Despite whatever society says, you are the most happy with your true Twin Flame.

If you feel at all incomplete in your love life, trust yourself and your intuition. You can follow the good feeling all the way Home to them.

how to know if someone is your Twin Flame

Quiz: Is This “Someone” Your Twin Flame?

Curious about whether the person you’re with is your Twin Flame or not? Take this quiz below to find out?

  • Do you feel a deep sense of spiritual love, comfort, or familiarity with this person?
  • Did God lead you to this person?
  • Does this person mirror you perfectly (i.e. feel you and respond back to your vibration perfectly?)
  • Does this person share the same core values as you and wants in life?
  • Does this person share the same vision for their life as you?
  • Does this person feel like a perfect physical puzzle piece to you (i.e. your perfect physical match)?

If you said “yes,” to 4 or more of these questions, you may have met your true Twin Flame!

The 11 Signs of a True Twin Flame

How do you differentiate a deep romantic connection from THE Twin Flame bond? Here are the signs to look out for:


  • Your life paths, values and your vision for the future match and complement each other.
  • If your Twin Flame shows who they really are, there can be no one else for you.
  • They continuously reveal themselves to you as your perfect complement.
  • Your spiritual path points directly to them, and never points you away from them overall.
  • You don’t fall in love with them. You remember and keep on deepening the love that was always there.
  • When you make love, it is perfect. It is exactly what you needed deep down.
  • You continue to choose your Twin Flame and you are genuinely unable to reveal them as anything but your true Twin Flame.
  • You naturally grow together and you never stop growing together.
  • You are instant best friends.
  • The love you share is amazing and the relationship is perfectly balanced.
  • They mirror everything to you and, when you look honestly, you understand exactly what is happening.


how to know if someone is your Twin Flame

How Do You Know if Someone is a Soulmate or Twin Flame?

Many wonder about how to know if someone is your Twin Flame. Are they just a soulmate?!

“Twin Flame vs soulmate” is a debate of the Internet. Soulmates can be fun for a little while. But who wants a soul mate when you can have the real thing?
Your soulmate isn’t your complete match. Only your true Twin Flame will be your perfect match, because true Twin Flames are each other.

How to know if someone is your Twin Flame through astrology and readings

We said it earlier: revealing your Twin Flame is a spiritual process. Astrology helps greatly. However, it will not give a confirmation of the feelings you have. 

You must find that validation internally. You build confidence through healing in order to arrive at that revelation. The same goes with readings.

Do Twin Flames End Up Together?

Yes, Twin Flame always end up together. This is because you can not actually be separate from that which God created as whole. Sometimes it looks like you won’t be able to have your Twin Flame Union, but these couples did it and tell you how they arrived at that result.

The general belief is that not every story gets the Hollywood ending. But Twin Flames are meant to be together. It’s not just for a lesson. Twin Flames are forever. It’s that lingering feeling inside you that you’re meant to have a perfect love. One of the many signs Twin Flame is thinking of you.

How Are Twin Flames Born?

Yes, Twin Flames are created from the same soul blueprint. They may incarnate in different places on Earth, at different times. But there is nothing that can separate you from your Twin Flame. Every block is an illusion to remove from your path.

No need for a Twin Flame spell when you’re already meant to be together!

What Are the Stages of Twin Flame?

The Twin Flame journey stages are cyclical and not linear. They don’t actually start with a meeting, but with your own decision to end toxic relationship and be with your One True Love forever. Stages include:

  • Decision
  • Meeting
  • Upset
  • Unconditional Love

Why are Twin Flames Rare?

Old, outdated Twin Flame ideologies will have you believing that Twin Flames are rare. This is simply not the case!

Twin Flames are in fact not rare at all. Everyone was created with a Twin Flame. They have always existed but right now is truly the age of reunion. The planet’s vibration has been raised so that more Twin Flames can see each other and reunite more easily and harmoniously than ever before!

Do Twin Flames Meet Each Other?

Yes, only one Twin Flame needs to make the core choice to be with their Beloved. As you do the spiritual inner work, you naturally align together. And you always make the core choice to incarnate on a planet at the same time. It is inevitable to cross paths.

Do Twin Flame Hurt Each Other?

Your Twin Flame is your perfect mirror. In being your perfect mirror, they will always reflect back to you the state of your consciousness. If you love yourself, are thriving and happy, your Twin Flame will reflect this back to you. If you are not doing your inner work, struggling in upset, your Twin Flame will also reflect this back to you.

Your Twin Flame Union isn’t meant to hurt. Your perfect lover is only (and unconsciously) showing you the upsets that are already in your consciousness at this time. Know that the situation isn’t meant to last and you’re meant to have an easy relationship with your Twin Flame, in Harmonious Union.

Are Twin Flames Only Lovers?

Twin Flame pairs are always lovers. Always. They’re not a karmic lesson, a temporary thing. You’re created at the same time as your Twin Flame! You are meant to be together eternally, in all ways.

This means they are first your teacher, and best friend. They are then your partner and lover.

Are Twin Flame Loyal?

Yes, because you’ll always be together in the end. However, if you are not making the choice to be loyal to yourself, don’t expect it from your Twin Flame! They’re your mirror, and not loving yourself or focusing on yourself means that you can attract these types of situation:

  • Your Twin Flame not caring about your Union
  • A third-party relationship

If this is the case for you, don’t fret! Know that all of these situations are temporary. But accept the spiritual lessons you are having from these.

Ready to Take the Twin Flame Plunge?

With all this knowledge, are you ready to find out who your Twin Flame is, right? Remember, while quizzes, astrology can guide you, trust your intuition. Use logic to explore a relationship, take your time. Your heart will know when it’s met its mirror.

how to know if someone is your Twin Flame

Written by Briana Manalo and Yoreen Marcin