Are you being friendzoned by your Twin Flame? Or maybe you’re the one friendzoning your Twin Flame and you’re not sure why this keeps happening?!

The Twin Flame friendzone can be a rough place to be on the spiritual journey. You know you’re meant to be experiencing deeper and deeper Divine levels of love with your beloved, but you can’t seem to break out of the friendzone.

What’s going on? Is there a way to breakthrough? What more does your Twin Flame need to see from you so you can finally get the results you want with them?

For all the answers and more, read on!

What’s Really Happening in the Friendzone

To better understand this situation, let’s take a closer look at what’s really going on.

First, what is a “friendzone?”

Friendzone: /ˈfrend.zəʊn/

1. The state of being friends with someone when you would prefer a romantic or sexual relationship with them. (Cambridge Dictionary)

2. A particularly aggravating metaphorical place, that people end up in when someone they are interested in only wants to be friends. (Urban Dictionary)

It can be very frustrating when one Twin Flame is blocked, out of touch, or just not able to fully receive what the other Twin Flame is trying to give them.

In a friendzone situation, one Twin Flame seems to desire something more than their Divine counterpart. Twin Flames always desire to go deeper together at the core, so, on one hand, it makes sense that one Twin Flame would be leading in the area of romance.

On the other hand, Twin Flames are always in perfect agreement at the core, so how can this be?

discussing how to get out of the friendzone

Because we’ve identified the problem, we can solve it. In order to fully answer the question, let’s first dive into what Twin Flames really are.

How Twin Flames Were Created

Twin Flames are created as One by the Divine. Just as you have physical DNA traits, so too do you have spiritual DNA, or soul traits. These traits are expressed as part of you and your Twin Flame’s shared soul blueprint. Two souls that essentially share the same soul essence; you and your Twin Flame are two wings of one bird. You are already married to your Twin Flame in Divine truth, and on the Twin Flame journey, you are deepening your awareness of this fact.

In contrast, a soulmate can be any person you meet and connect deeply with. Soul mates can be teachers, mothers, fathers, friends, coaches. You can even have soul pets. Soul mates tend to come into your life for a certain period of time, because you can only go as deeply with them to a certain point. A soul mate could never complement you as perfectly as your Twin Flame does. Your Twin Flame is meant to be by your side forever.

Jeff and Shaleia’s book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover goes more in depth about this topic.

Can Twin Flames be “Just Friends?”

No. Based on how you were created, it doesn’t make sense that you and your Twin Flame would ever be “just friends” or remain in the friendzone forever.

Twin Flames may certainly have a solid foundation of friendship, but that is more likely the base upon which you grow your relationship and deepen your romantic love.

You can never be in a Twin Flame friend-zone with this person because friendship could never encompass all that your Union was designed to be.

– Jeff and Shaleia

Friendzoning You = Loving You?

moving from friendzone to union

Yes! As the only person to share the same soul essence as you, your Twin Flame is your perfect Divine mirror. While it may not seem like it at first, when your Twin Flame friendzones you, they are actually loving you.

“Hold up, that is not what I wanted to hear! They’re actually LOVING me?!”

Yes. When your TwinFlame friendzones you, no matter how uncomfortable or upsetting their actions may be, they are mirroring back to you a block in your Union. A block is anything uncomfortable or upsetting to you because it is out of alignment with your natural state of Divinity.

Healing through the Mirror Exercise after your Twin Flame triggers you, always leads your Union into deeper and deeper levels of Love.

You know you’ve healed the upset at the core when you feel peace, relief, and completion within. After the Mirror Exercise is complete, you and your Twin Flame always move into deeper and deeper levels of Love in your Union. I am in awe every time my Twin Flame and I go deeper into Love together. It is wonderful, truly Holy and humbling.

The True Divine Order of Your Twin Flame Union

If you are at all experiencing dissatisfaction with your Twin Flame, it’s because somewhere deep down you are falsely believing that they are the Source of your good.

Imagine if you fed all of your power into upsets, instead of healing them. You would be putting upsets at the center of your Union instead of God, further driving a spiritual wedge between you and your Twin Flame.

Your Twin Flame can not ever be the Source of your good, because God is the Source of your good.

Whatever you are wanting from your Twin Flame, you’re actually wanting from God.

The order of priorities based on the Teachings of Union is:

  • God
  • Yourself
  • Your Twin Flame
  • Everyone else

This makes sense because God knows All and can provide perfect clarity and order in your life. Putting God at the center of your life makes everything a whole lot easier.

If the word “God” doesn’t really resonate with you, using the word “Source” or “Universe” instead may help.

Deeper Friendship = Deeper Love

All in all, no matter what’s going on in your relationship with your Twin Flame, you must respect what they are showing you.

When you commit to healing the upsets they trigger in you, you commit to having a truly Divine Union and a truly Divine life.

I understand this can be challenging to do sometimes. Maybe your Twin Flame has said some pretty hurtful or intense things to you in the past, and it’s brought up a lot of hurt.

But the Mirror Exercise is designed to help you heal any and all upsets your Twin Flame presents to you, so you can have the happy, healthy Union you know you deserve.

When enough Love has been applied using the Mirror Exercise, the block dissolves completely. Every healing you complete reinforces the proper spiritual foundation for you and your Beloved.

When you realize your Twin Flame is your teacher first, friend second, partner third, and lover fourth, then everything falls into place.

When your actions align with your true Divine inner self, the Love between you and your Twin Flame grows effortlessly. The relationship is so effortlessly, unspeakably perfect and delicious.

It’s simple and it’s brilliant. Committing to your inner healing work truly makes you a hero in your Union.

completely healing the twin flame friendzone

What is Harmonious Twin Flame Union?

The more you purify your consciousness on the Twin Flame Ascension path, the closer you grow to the Divine. This automatically deepens the Love in your Twin Flame Union.

As you and your Twin Flame dive deeper into Love with every block healed, you naturally vibrate higher and ascend spiritually as One.

Harmonious Twin Flame Union is a state of being whereby you and your Twin Flame acknowledge that you’re Twin Flames and genuinely choose to live life as One (Marriage is a natural and automatic component to this).

In every Twin Flame Union, Harmonious Union is the goal.

married after healing the friendzone

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, you know you’re going to continually return to this person. Why not go all in with healing what they’re showing you? Loving both yourself and them unconditionally will always mean huge rewards for you. When all the blocks are healed and you only experience pure Love with your Twin Flame, it won’t matter how long it took you, how hard the journey was, or all the things you wanted to give up. You’ll know how long it took you, how challenging the journey was, and this will all contribute to deeper meaning and deeper Love. Persist and commit – your Harmonious Twin Flame Union is worth it!

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Written by Briana Manalo