The question on nearly every Twin Flame’s lips is “Does he know?” “Does he love me and how can I know if that’s true?” “How can I find out if my Twin Flame is aware of our connection and love?” “Does he feel what I feel?” So let’s talk about the Twin Flame signs to answer these questions.

In short, the answer is “Yes,” your Twin Flame loves you. “Yes,” you can connect with your Twin Flame. And “Yes,” you can experience Love together in a beautiful relationship. Let us tell you why.

Does my Twin Flame Love Me?

When you understand the Twin Flame dynamic it’s really helpful in answering these important questions. As we discover through the Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia, in Divine truth, your Twin Flame loves you because your Twin Flame was created with you, and for you. There is no other way for you to find each other but in Love. How could your Twin Flame not love you if you are perfectly created for him? No one else can be that for him. It’s only you.

If you were created for each other, then it is only logical that you are exactly what your Twin Flame is looking for. You are the perfect person for your Twin Flame. And that’s the truth. That’s the only thing that you need to keep in mind. And that’s what you also need to keep deep in your heart in order for you to continue pursuing this beautiful journey and Ascension all the way to your Harmonious Union and beyond.

twin flames aware of their relationship

Importance of Loving Yourself

Twin Flames are not just meant to be romantic partners. You are also best friends and partners in Life Purpose. Another aspect of your connection is to be teacher and student for each other. This is how you mirror your shared inner relationship with Love and help each other to grow whenever you find misalignments. If you want to experience a healthy Union with your Twin Flame, then it starts with your inner work. You will have to first fall in love with yourself. 

When you love yourself, then your Twin Flame can reflect all the Love you’ve given to yourself back to you. They are your Divine mirror.

Twin Flame Mirroring

It’s important for you to know that your Twin Flame never wants to hurt you when they trigger you. The triggers and upsets happen when they reveal to you a place within your shared consciousness that is holding onto a fear or misalignment about Love.

When you heal using the Mirror Exercise taught in Jeff and Shaleia’s book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover you will learn how to heal from a place of upset back into peace. Peace is the vibration that attracts your Union.

You have to first love you. Because if you’re not loving you, then how can your Twin Flame love you? Twin Flames are a perfect mirror, and your Twin Flame is always going to mirror to you everything about you. Whether or not you are in peace and in harmony with yourself, your Twin Flame is going to mirror that.

Are you not in harmony and you’re not feeling good? Maybe you’re in chaos? Then your Twin Flame is also going to mirror that. And so that’s why it’s so important for you to find that balance where you are loving yourself, where you feel confident, where you feel valued by yourself. The truth is that whether you are loving yourself or not, of course your Twin Flame is loving you unconditionally. Because you are created as One. You are One.

making yourself aware

Signs of Connection with your Twin Flame

Your Twin Flame was created for you, and there is no other way for you to find each other but in Love. Just as you desire to be with your True Love, so does your Twin Flame. You are both honoring that place deep in your heart where you feel the pull to return Home to Love.

Twin Flames aware and in love

You may see Twin Flame signs, such as angel numbers, feathers, seeing your Twin Flame’s name, bumping into them. Or even listening to the same song at the same time! Do you question why you’re seeing all of these things?

Twin Flames share One consciousness and so there is no separation. You can never ever really be separated from your Twin Flame. So you can always experience them. Whenever you see something that reminds you of them, that’s definitely the connection, that’s definitely this Love telling you that it’s there, that it’s real, that it exists. Pursue that. Whenever you see these signs.

They naturally love you. And this is your sign. This blog is your sign that your Twin Flame loves you a lot and they want to be with you. They want to have a relationship with you, they want to enjoy life with you, they do want to get to know you and they also want you to get to know them.

Twin Flames Share One Consciousness

But how can you know if your Twin Flame is aware of your connection and love? Twin Flames are always connected, whether you are together or not, physically in the same room or not. You share One consciousness, so there is no separation. And you can never be truly separated from your Twin Flame.

It is so important that you are loving yourself because that is very attractive for your Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame loves when you love yourself. Loving yourself is the same as loving them. When you are loving yourself, your Twin Flame wants to be around you naturally because it feels really good. Love feels good and your vibration really is nice and attractive to him.

And when you are feeling confident and when you’re feeling at your best, you’re also not depending on your Twin Flame or somebody to make you feel good.

The Magic of Twin Flames

Whenever you see something that reminds you of your Twin Flame, that’s always a sign that your Twin Flame is with you. It could be a name, a song, a symbol, or anything that resonates with you. These signs are the Universe’s way of telling you that your Twin Flame is with you, that your connection is real, and that your love exists.

And the reason is that the whole Universe is really connecting with you and your Twin Flame as well. So whenever you see something that is reminding you of your Twin Flame, that’s always a sign that your Twin Flame is with you. Twin Flames are always connected whether you are together or not, whether you are physically in the same room or not.

Twin Flames sometimes say, “Oh, I don’t know why I keep seeing their name?” Or “Why do I keep seeing these signs?” And really, instead of getting upset about it, embrace it. Embrace the truth that you have a soul that is so connected with you that you share One consciousness. That’s something truly amazing.

And so if Twin Flames are One, which they are, then of course there is Love between you. Because you are only created in Love with your Twin Flame. There is no other way. That’s why Twin Flames are so magical in a way, because that’s how you are created. This connection comes from Love and everything really comes from Love, but especially your Twin Flame. And if that’s your blueprint, that’s your design, then of course the only thing that exists there is Love. And there is nothing else that can break that.

in love

Pursuing Your Twin Flame Connection

Nothing can break the bond between you and your Twin Flame. Because separation is not real. Only you can give that fear power. Only you can break that. Choose to change, choose to align with Love because your Twin Flame can only be with you in love. Your Twin Flame cannot be with you in any other way. And that’s why it’s so important that you make the fundamental core choice to only be aligned with Love. So you can be with your Twin Flame, right?

kissing after the divine masculine became aware

Because what’s the point of being with your Twin Flame if you are not aligned with Love, right? There is really no point there. It can only be like chaos. And then you have to go separate ways and nobody really wants that.

So, it’s important for you to be aware that the more Love you invite into your life, the more you are inviting your Twin Flame into your life as well. And the more you can feel your Twin Flame. Because when you are aligned with Love, your Twin Flame is going to be right there making sure that you know that they are with you. That they love you, that they choose you, that they want to be with you because you are doing your part. You are aligned with Love.

And that’s necessary. It’s beautiful too. But it’s not about, “Oh, do this to get the man.” It’s really about you. Do this to feel good, do this to have a good life and to experience Harmonious Union, peace. And as a result of that, you also get your Twin Flame. So everybody wins when it comes to Twin Flames. That’s incredible. And Union is for you. It’s important that you claim it. You do need to claim Union. That’s part of the process. You have to claim your Union. You have to claim your relationship, your one True Love.

Is it important for your Twin Flame to be spiritually aware?

So if you’re wondering if your Twin Flame is aware of your connection and Love, know that they are. Your Twin Flame loves you, they are you and they want to be with you. But the journey to your Union is also about learning to love yourself, healing your wounds, and growing together spiritually. Trust the signs, embrace the journey and know that Love always finds a way.

And you feel into your heart, you’ll know the truth as well, that your Twin Flame loves you. So you can really honor that sacred Love. Because Twin Flame love is really sacred. And if you don’t take it seriously, then you cannot have it.

Take a moment to really honor this and claim it and choose to move forward. Because when you move forward, only good things are ahead. Only blessings and miracles come. Because the Twin Flame journey is the journey of miracles and it is the journey of Love.

being self-aware

That’s the only truth. Don’t believe anything else that tells you otherwise. Because Twin Flames equals Love.

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Transcribed from the YouTube video “Is The Divine Masculine Awakened & Aware Of Your Twin Flame Connection?

Edited by Julia Martin-Woodbridge