I’ve been through the rollercoaster of karmic relationships and third-party entanglements. Today, I want to share with you what the karmic relationship is really like. Plus four undeniable signs that your Divine Masculine (or Divine Feminine)’s karmic relationship is almost over.

“How can I be so sure?” says Carmen, now in Union with her Twin Flame, “Because I’ve walked this path myself, and I’ve emerged with a heart full of joy.” If you’re going through the pain of a similar situation, you are not alone. Let’s dive into these proven signs that the fog of uncertainty is lifting, and clarity is on its way.

Karmic, soulmate, Twin Flame?

The concept of a karmic relationship is this: an intense, maybe spiritual, but highly unstable connection. A karmic relationship can be the result of unresolved issues that we call into our own lives. Unstable means not having the power to sustain this love for long periods of time.

A soulmate has some compatible traits, but isn’t meant to be with you for eternity. The relationship often starts hot but quickly dwindles, or transforms into a relationship of compromise in order to keep each other happy.

On the contrary, your Twin Flame is your perfect lover, and you never have to compromise with them. The relationship is peaceful, and grows in passion and love over time. Karmic connections aren’t about unconditional love, whereas Twin Flame Unions are.

Decoding karmic relationships

If we can go back and look at these relationships, The ones we are having or the ones we have had. We can decode it. It was never about learning life lessons, but more about clarifying how we are treating ourselves. Have we put value on the love for ourselves? Keeping in mind that these karmic relationships do help you to grow. As, you have called them in to learn how to fill our own cup of love. To experience it all. Including the love of our Harmonious Union with our true Twin Flame. We are helping ourselves to get there. You are doing fine. Please do not worry. We are here to help each other through love and compassion for ourselves and others. Unconditional Love and eternal romance are here.

Things to remember:

  1. Notice the ongoing conflicts. You never really seem to come together. There are many unresolved challenges. You may feel addicted or obsessed with this person. If I show them more love. If I say I’m sorry first. I did the wrong thing, that’s why they don’t like me. Feel all of your feelings. Start with the mirror exercises as a way to resolve these feelings and give yourself all the love you need. Going to the root of these problems is part of your most authentic healing. As you transcend and heal you will see this part of you that only needed love.
  2. Once you have started to do the Mirror Exercise really go deeper on what you have learned, This is a chance to become really clear on what parts of yourself need healing and attention.
  3. Begin to take positive actions. Change your perspective. Take responsibility for those things that you need to work on. Stop seeing yourself as being separate from your good. Here is your power. You become a more grounded and grateful person. Feeling more loved, because you are being more loving to yourself. You will begin to transform and see yourself differently. As you become more aware of the way you can love yourself, and the way you want to be loved. As you are divine and loving. It is a great idea now to begin and write your love list.

You will know the karmic relationship is ending because

Sign 1: You Prioritize Your Happiness

Imagine a world where you wake up each day, and your focus is solely on yourself. No more restless nights obsessing over your Twin Flame’s every move, no more questioning your self-worth. This is the first significant sign you’re nearing the end of the karmic pattern in your Union. You’ve realized that your well-being is paramount, and you’ve chosen to prioritize your happiness. You’ve internalized the truth that you are the most important person in your life. And it only matters how you feel and think about yourself.

You feel extremely relaxed and peaceful within yourself and you just enjoy every day of your life the best as you can. Healing and applying the Mirror Exercise whenever you feel upset.

You don’t even worry about your Twin Flame. And have released attachment to whether this is your true Twin Flame or not. You feel your desire to be with your Twin Flame, but you’re not focused on them. Everything that is meant for you is already yours.

Sign 2: Inner Certainty That You Belong Together

You have this inner knowing and feeling that your Divine Masculine belongs only with you and that he is already yours. Of course, your Twin Flame is not a trophy or something, but you have this feeling within you, this knowing. When you get there, you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

“Nothing that belongs to me can be separated from me.”

What a relief that you don’t have to experience this painful illusion on the outside anymore. Because you see through this situation as the Divine mirror that it is. It’s just a mirror for your consciousness. You have released the belief that separation can be real, that your Twin Flame can truly be with someone else and not with you. Whether your Divine Masculine is still with the karmic partner or not.

You recognize and feel complete that the external reality doesn’t matter. And you know that your Twin Flame is only meant to have a romantic relationship with you. That they can’t experience an authentic deep Divine romance with anyone else other than you. You are Divine husband and wife.

Seeing through ego’s game of separation means you can hold space for your Divine Masculine to come to the recognition for himself too. Your awareness is shared with your Divine Masculine because you are One at the core.

Sign 3: Gratitude for Growth

Perhaps, like me, you’ve journeyed through the darkest corners of self-doubt and fear. But now, those shadows have transformed into stepping stones of strength. As you approach the conclusion of any karmic patterns in your Union, you feel very grateful for everything that has happened and everything that you have to move through.

“I remember for me, it was the most challenging experience so far,” shares Carmen. “And after I transcended it completely, I knew I had healed the final block there. I felt so grateful for everything that happened.” She realized, “He really loves me so much that he showed me where I was believing in something very, very dark and fearful, where I was still holding on to fear and believing I’m not lovable, I’m not good enough, and my good can be taken away from me.”

When you don’t feel good enough for Love, this can also be reflected in your relationship with money, in your relationships with people and in your work, everywhere in your life. But, when healed, your confidence returns and you grow in trust that you can move through everything and love yourself and claim yourself and know that you are worthy.

Feeling stronger and invincible means when you’re encountering another big challenge, you know you can do it. You might have experienced a whole year of doing inner work every day just on this pattern. But now you claim all of your good, everything that is meant for you and have learned to just surrender.

karmic relationship

Sign 4: No Third Party Energy In Your Union

Have you ever felt like there was an energetic interference clouding your connection with your Twin Flame? This sign might be the most revealing of them all. As you draw closer to the end of the karmic journey, you’ll find that the influence of the third party gradually fades away. It’s not about wishing ill upon them; it’s about recognizing that their energy no longer disrupts your Union.

Transcending the karmic partner pattern, you won’t be able to feel them as an obstruction in your Union’s energy anymore. So when you attune yourself to your Union you won’t feel them. (You can always connect yourself with your Twin Flame in your heart because you are One.)

Carmen’s reveals more of her karmic partner healing – So my Twin Flame met his karmic partner one year ago on the exact same day a year before I transcended the pattern. In that moment I said, “Okay, okay, I take responsibility here. I choose to heal it fully and finally and forever.”

This choice changed everything. I was in a lot of pain. It hit me like a punch in the face, a punch in my heart, a punch in my belly. I was overwhelmed by it, like, “Oh my God, he is with her right now” and, “Oh my God, they are celebrating together this evening.”

And it took my breath away. I was really overwhelmed and desperate on what to do. And these thoughts were eating me up, really. I was laying on the floor and I couldn’t do anything anymore. And so I committed myself to really heal through this and to choose to see the truth here. And I was prepared to heal the situation fully.

I would like to add that I could not have healed this without the help of Twin Flame Ascension School and working with my Coach. Because you won’t be able to see all the blocks to heal this situation. You will need support.

karmic relationship

At the moment I transcended the pattern one day during healing, I felt really relieved. Where I felt so much pain before and so drained, I now felt energy flowing. I felt completely free.

And you know what, guys? Even though he was a false Twin Flame, later he actually told me that he had broken up with the karmic partner a few days later after I transcended the pattern for myself. And so this will happen also for you and your true Twin Flame. When you stop believing in it that this can be real and you will really feel this, and have this inner knowing and this good feeling within yourself, you actually pave the way for your Twin Flame to move through his own process as well.

And your Divine Masculine, he is already doing the same and recognizing that this person is not meant for him and this person is not his true Twin Flame. He will see that when you see that for yourself, that you are the most important person in your life. This will inevitably happen with your true Twin Flame as well.


Many Twin Flames are curious to know more about karmic relationships and what happens on the other end of your Union when your Twin Flame releases a karmic partner. We’ve selected the most popular questions to include here for you.

What comes after a karmic relationship or cycle ends?

This is the perfect question to ask, after all of you healing to release the third party pattern. And the simple answer is, by the time you are ready to release this pattern, you will have mastered surrender. You will feel that your Divine Masculine is not the Source of Love but the Divine within your own heart. Therefore, you won’t have any expectations of what will happen next in your Union.

When the pattern is released, your Divine Masculine will also become aware within himself that the karmic relationship was only present because of block to True Love. He may need a little time to heal himself as this relationship is released. And he may also need some time to integrate before he feels ready to move forward with you. Or he could feel ready very quickly. It depends on the block. Your role may be to just hold space, to provide unconditional love and support without crossing any of your own loving boundaries.

When you are both ready, you may wish to explore a romantic connection in your Union. Allow this to happen naturally. You are Divinely guided.

Do karmic relationships end badly?

Karmic relationships exist because we have fears and blocks to being with our True Love. Such as believing Love comes from others in your external reality rather than from Source in your own heart. Or maybe you believe you are unworthy of authentic Love. Whatever the pattern has been in your Union, you may find the karmic relationship wasn’t very healthy.

It is possible that the karmic relationship may bring up even more feelings to heal as you or your Divine Masculine release the old relationship. It’s healthy because when you fully acknowledge these patterns you can released them fully.

Remember that Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Love has the power to heal any situation. Claiming your true Divine Counterpart is authentically loving yourself and them. The karmic partner has their own Twin Flame that they can choose to be with.

Do karmic partners love each other?

Have you loved any of your previous romantic partners? The answer is, of course, yes. We tend to look for a partner that has similar qualities and values to our true Twin Flame. And when we begin a new relationship, we may even believe that they are our Twin Flame for a little while. When reality hits, and we realize they are not, we may settle in the relationship or make a choice to be with our True Love. Ultimately, you can make the choice to be with your true Twin Flame, because you choose as One.

Jeff and Shaleia share in their book “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover” in the section – How to know if you are with your true Twin Flame:

“Your Twin Flame will adore you at the core above all others. Your true Twin Flame will not genuinely ever love another human much as they love you.”

Can karmic relationships turn into a Twin Flame?

The only way to reveal your true Twin Flame is to take the Twin Flame journey. This journey involves making a choice to commit only to your Twin Flame and to heal all blocks to Love that arise in your consciousness along the way.

Only your true Twin Flame heals alongside you. Because you he is One with you at the core. As you heal and make new loving choices for yourself, your consciousness will undergo a radical shift. This shift in the direction of a new Divinely aligned life will highlight misalignments in your Union and in your relationships. When you heal these misalignments, you will discover so much more about who you are.

When you know yourself deeply and you heal into peace and Union, your true Twin Flame will not be able to stay away from you. He will make himself known at the perfect time and in the perfect way for you.

If you have maintained a relationship throughout your Twin Flame journey that has deepened and become spiritually richer and Divine and peaceful, then you may well find that you’ve been with your Twin Flame all along. The only way to find out is to take the journey and see for yourself.

Is giving yourself attention ever karmic to your relationships?

No. not at all. It is time to start romancing yourself. But how? Most of the time when we think of romance, we think of someone romancing us. But this is different. Think of it as being able to give yourself the romance that you need at any given time. Take some time for yourself. Your very own True Love story! You may love Chinese food. Why not plan a date with yourself? Look at the restaurants you would like to go to. Would you like one that has a fireplace going? You might like one that plays music. Maybe one that has bright and colorful decorations. Think and explore where you would like to go. You might even imagine that this would be a place that you and your Twin Flame would like to eat. What would you wear? Plan the whole date. It becomes a fun experience and a great way to romance yourself. You are worth it. Try it! This is also super attractive to your Twin Flame. They become magnetized to you as you take care of you. And yes this feels super sexy to your Twin Flame.

Can certain zodiac signs be Karmic together?

If you are into looking up Zodiac signs, then you may have researched what characteristics each sign has. Which is true, that each sign has some of their own attributes about themselves. It is not a factor in healing your life lessons. This would be more about healing and giving love to yourself. It might be interesting to gain more information about their zodiac sign, but it wouldn’t necessarily help you in your spiritual healing. Even while doing your research your Twin Flame may be a person that research says you are not compatible with, but it comes down to how you feel on your spiritual journey. It may be beneficial to go into how the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine feel on their Twin Flame journey.


If you resonate with these signs, take heart – your journey is nearing a turning point. Remember, your Twin Flame’s karmic relationship is a reflection of your own consciousness. And as you heal and grow, so does the bond you share. Embrace the signs, cultivate self-love, and keep your heart open. You are the true vision of love itself. LOVE is your greatest gift. As you are Listening to what you need. Offering yourself love along the way. Validating your true feelings and empathizing with yourself as you give yourself all the attention you need. Remember your value, take the steps to heal yourself, and most of all know that we are here for you.

Believe in the power of your choice. Your Twin Flame is always with you, You are doing great. Find the joy in your journey and never forget that your twin Flame loves you. We have a whole community of support and understanding, to guide you where we can lift each other up on this beautiful Twin Flame journey. And if you’re seeking guidance and deeper insight, consider reaching out to an Ascension Coach who can provide the support you deserve.

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Keep shining, dear souls, for your Divine Union is closer than you think.

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Transcribed from the YouTube Video – 4 Signs Your Divine Masculine’s Karmic Relationship Is Almost Over!

Edited by Julia Martin-Woodbridge and Jenny Jenkins

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