Your Twin Flame has broken up with you, now what? Is it over forever? How can you ever reunite with your beloved?

Breakups are hard and full of lots of emotions that can be difficult to deal with and your Twin Flame is no exception. It’s important to feel all of your feelings to allow yourself to process and heal this experience. This isn’t the end of your journey or relationship with your Twin Flame. 

There is a way forward and into Union. Let’s get into some questions you might be asking yourself right now.

Why do Twin Flames break up?

So, if Twin Flames are meant to be together why do they break up? 

First, let’s get clear on what Twin Flames are. Your Twin Flame is your teacher/student, best friend, perfect partner and ultimate lover. You were created from the same soul blueprint and share one consciousness.

Your Twin Flame is also your perfect mirror and they will reflect the healed and unhealed parts of your shared consciousness. It’s not to hurt you, it’s to love you by showing you all the places in your shared consciousness that are out of alignment with love. Without the tools and teachings to move through the upsets they mirror to you the relationship can become very intense. 

Sometimes it’s more compassionate to work on yourselves before coming back together. To learn the lessons needed to clear blocks to love. When you are ready for Union your Twin Flame will naturally come back into your life. You become ready by doing the inner work. Using the Mirror Exercise we can heal our blocks to Union.

The Mirror Exercise is a four step process that guides you to the place within your consciousness that is needing Love so that you can love yourself there. The goal is to heal and go deeper in Love. You want to be moving through your upsets rather than avoiding them. Giving yourself the Love and everything you need is easy and instant. When you have loved yourself completely in the place that was feeling hurt you will find a deep sense of peace and feeling of relief.

Does Twin Flame separation end?

If you are experiencing separation from your Twin Flame it is simply manifesting from a choice of separation that was made in your shared consciousness. And if that choice was made, then you have the power to make a new choice of Union and Love. 

and You are, in truth, never separate from your Twin Flame and are in Union right now. The experience of separation happens when we have blocks to love and it will dissolve when we heal these blocks using the Mirror Exercise. To create meaningful change, it’s crucial to identify the core block that perpetuates the dynamic with your Twin Flame. Understanding this block empowers you to be aware, heal it, and move forward. With this awareness, you can make compassionate changes, experience miracles on your journey of Ascension and end Twin Flame separation forever.

When you don’t give separation your power and attention, then it will begin to lose its grip and you will feel more at peace. Manifesting your Union requires inner healing and making new conscious choices aligned with Love on your Twin Flame journey. This is how you end Twin Flame separation.

How do Twin Flames feel when separated?

Your Twin Flame wants to be with you as much as you want to be with them. They don’t want to be apart from you but they also are going to reflect your beliefs and blocks to love and loving. Your Union with your Twin Flame doesn’t work like soulmate relationships. Transactions, conditional love, expectations and ego games won’t work with them. and 

It’s important to focus on yourself and give yourself the love you need rather than focusing on what they are doing. When you make sure that you are loving yourself, that you are taking care of yourself, that you are committed to healing yourself, then you are truly loving your Union too. Plus this is irresistible to your Twin Flame! 

When you focus on trying to find Love outside of you through your Twin Flame or others, you are looking in the wrong place for Love. This is what leads to the pulling away and separation. Your Twin Flame is showing you that you need to go within and heal. Cultivate a strong connection with yourself, and God. Union with your Twin Flame reflects the inner Union you foster within yourself.

Can Twin Flames forget about each other?

Many Twin Flames are left missing their Divine counterpart, seeking their presence. It’s not a shame to not be able to forget about them, thinking about them all the time. You can’t actually forget your Twin Flame. Because all Twin Flames are meant to come together in Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

There is no one more perfect for your Twin Flame than you. They can’t forget you nor you them because you are One. It’s impossible to get away from your Twin Flame and avoid this connection completely. We can numb out to our connection with our Twin Flame but they’ll never be forgotten.

At the core, both of you know that you’re meant to be together and there is no desire to be with anyone else. You are irreplaceable to your Twin Flame and they know this in their heart just as you know this to be true for yourself.

As you begin to focus on yourself and give yourself all the love you need you will become magnetic to your Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame can’t resist the real you especially when you’re loving yourself.

When is the end of the Twin Flame relationship?

Is there an end to your relationship with your Twin Flame? The relationship you have with your Twin Flame is eternal and unbreakable. The only thing that can stand in the way of this or “end” your relationship with your Twin Flame is the choice of fear or ego.

The ego has an agenda, keeping us separate from our Divinity, from God, and from our Twin Flame. The Twin Flame journey calls upon us to relinquish the hold of ego, to choose Love over fear, and to embrace our Divine perfection. It is a journey that invites us to surrender to the healing power of Love, allowing it to permeate every aspect of our being.

The only reason you are experiencing separation from your Twin Flame is ego. To have Harmonious Union there must not be any blocks to Love. Ego is a block to Love. You can’t take ego and your out of alignment patterns with Love with you into Union.

Leaving ego behind is not just a desirable step on the Twin Flame journey; it is a crucial one. The ego cannot accompany us into Union; its illusions cannot survive in the realm of pure Love and harmony. Through surrendering to Love, we find our way back Home, to a state of true Union with our Twin Flame.

Does your Twin Flame miss you?

Do you often ask yourself if your Twin Flame is missing you as much as you’re missing them? When you start the journey and are healing separation, it can often leave you longing for your Union and wondering if they feel the same.

One of the signs that your Twin Flame is missing you is their deep desire for a perfect lover. They desire someone who understands them on a profound level and complements their essence in every imaginable way.

As Twin Flames share a deep and extraordinary connection, there are signs that indicate when your counterpart is missing you profoundly. One such sign is the heightened sensitivity to energy. Additionally, feeling their presence is another significant sign. Despite the physical separation, you may sense your Twin Flame’s presence as if they were right beside you.

Dreaming of your Twin Flame or experiencing vivid visions of being together, is a strong indicator of the feelings your Union is experiencing at this time in the place within you where you are One. These dreams can bear messages and bring peaceful or strong emotions. When we dream, our subconscious mind has a way of unveiling hidden truths and desires.

The Universe has a unique way of sending messages through synchronicities and signs. It is a means of communication. These synchronicities hold profound significance, offering insights, guidance, and at times, reassurance along the Twin Flame journey. They serve as messengers of between you and your Twin Flame. They reveals the underlying truth that you are meant to be together. This sign is a direct result of the way Twin Flames work.

Get Them Back…

A break up is not the end of your Union because your relationship with your Twin Flame is eternal. You have an unbreakable bond with your Twin Flame and nothing will keep you apart permanently if you choose to be together. 

While a breakup might seem like a significant setback, it is crucial to remember that the connection you share remains resilient and enduring. You have an infinite amount of chances to be with your Ultimate lover. Nothing has been permanently ruined and there’s nothing that can’t be moved through with love. 

There is a way forward and there’s all the support you need there for you to claim for yourself. You’re not alone. Many have had this experience and moved through it. Healing is possible and everything you need is available to you. This is only the beginning of your journey. 

End Twin Flame separation

Written by Abbey Campbell

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